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Hm, happened to me as well at level 5, but it was a much larger level, so I kept thinking it was my fault.

Played/read your story, and it was a great one. It feels very real - and you indeed said it's "mostly true". Thank you for writing it~

To anyone else who finished once: one of the three endings is completely different from the other two, and is worth playing again for.

Minor nitpicks for the author:

* The intentional waits were a tiny bit annoying on the repeated playthroughs

* I'm not a native speaker, but I think the verbs used with gender-neutral 'they' should work in the same way as plural 'they'. For instance, "They doesn't notice you" should probably be "They don't ...". Same with "they hurriedly begins speaking". (

Wow I finished the best path -> choose to become the new Greenmother, and became a giant .. tree? Does it matter whether I choose to be the New Greenmother, Purplemother, or Greatmother?

Fun story! Chuckled at the not-too-uncommon "I'm the owner" cat jokes.

I found 3 different endings (spoilers below), is this all of them or I missed something?

Ending 1 - find the cape, don't trick the cat, and get to choose between becoming the new Greenmother or growing up in the garden. I chose the latter, but I assume the former is the same as ending 2. (Also, I believe there was no "The End" and the end of this one.)

Ending 2 - don't find the cape, and run away from cupboard, ultimately failing to save Elsa or bring back the Tear. Become the new Greenmother.

Ending 3 - find the cape, trick the cat, and return with Sun Tear. Stay in the garden to learn further.

What a sad end :D  Does this go on forever, or there is a finish?

Don't know if you're in process of working on this, but no matter who shoots, the second player is the one losing health every time.

That aside, baller game. Maybe add sharks and seagulls crossing in the middle.

I found my end in the gloomy stables... Is every building supposed to have a quest page, and is it always on the last floor? I couldn't find one in Gloomy Stables, and floor 5 is just too bonkers to roam around, even though I was abusing what I believe is a bug (see below).

I think there might be a bug with damage calculation that leads to sometimes gaining one type of life while losing another. Once I got this +4/+2 samurai armor, I started noticing my Spirit increase when fighting some E's. Perhaps a max(0, damage) check is missing?

Hey there! Love the aesthetics of your game, including music, look, and stories! I haven't gotten past height 4 yet, so probably a lot more to see!

Wanted to let you know that there seems to be bug with inventory (happened to me after dying once). Essentially any weapons/armor I pick up is invisible, and equipping it doesn't seem to change my stats. Screenshots attached below.

Another question I had was regarding the numpad navigation. I have an external keyboard for Mac, and when I try using numpad in your game, it doesn't work. Instead, the additional End/PageDown/Home keys take me in DL/UR/UL directions, and no key moves in DR direction :/ The keyboard seems to work elsewhere, so I'm a bit confused.

Okay, I understand that only a fraction of people who join the jam actually make a submission, but we are currently at 1900 participants, so it's safe to assume there will be a couple hundred submissions. Does @charlmes just play ugly games non-stop for the following month or something?

Oh yay, I got suspended in pitch black silence!

I really dig (heh) the "admit you're Big Digger" ending - probably some foreshadowing could improve it, but it still feels like an epic homecoming story to me, where all the disconnected ramblings suddenly come together, and player comes to understand why they are spending the time tidying the Sombreronos of some old man.

Got any other interactive fiction projects I could check out? :)

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I rather enjoyed following the story, although the half about Dayna and the half about warpwar days seem to be quite disconnected. It still comes together nicely if you trigger the right ending!

[Spoilers ahead]

Is there essentially three endings - the one where you ask about Patty and Cretaceans, the one where you admit you're Big Digger, and the one where you miss the moment to admit it? Or did I miss something major?

I thought the constantly changing spelling was a humorous element to signify the player's utter confusion about what the hell the Sombralunos actually is

Tried the game, had fun! Some feedback, and winning screenshot below.

-I love the uniqueness of the art. It has a feel that I'd describe as cartography even if the word wasn't in the game title already!
-Great job on supporting multiple control mappings; a lot of games only allow numpad, and I struggle with my built-in Mac keyboard :/
-Lol'ed at Gold trap joke
-"Oh no" is awesome
-After a bit of confusion (more on that below), the game became engaging enough that I'd play it for much more than 3 levels

-I won the game without actually understanding what the unreliability was. I assume that either the unexplored map starts lying to me, or the traps are mismatched? Probably the game needs to be harder to force the player to figure this out precisely; in the current state, I just accurately traversed the map, jumping over all traps, and happily ascended.
-The gold indicator doesn't reset properly - extra digits are left in place, so it looks like I restart with non-zero gold

You sir/ma'am are a wise person. This game mirrors real life so faithfully, if only a bit cynically.


I became a ninja and found the (rather unsettling) HELL message - are these the two secrets? Finally ran out of patience and ended here:

I think the zip file contains Windows executables only - is there meant to be another archive for Mac, or am I just blind?

Is there a win condition or any indication of progress? I bravely fought for several minutes, but ended up like this:

This game introduces a surprising amount of decisions to make and things to master: orienting yourself in the dungeon, choosing whether to take trash to the bin or vice versa, getting used to the controls, and not getting stuck in doorways when you're dragging a body =)

The humor and the overall feel are pretty Grue-ling. The contrast with the music is on point.

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Cool concept! Swinging my triple dancing swords like a keychain was a lot of fun xD

One downside was the random duck positioning: with no way to move it, the duck falling in the middle makes the game MUCH easier than the duck far to the left. Or did I miss something?

Also, it seems like all waves only consist of small and large kubes (or so it seemed after ~50 waves), which gets kinda repetitive :)  With more enemies, this can be very addicting!

"All good things come in threes" (I have a third sword but it's not very visible)

Fun to play for a while, but once I got all the upgrades, it became kinda purposeless :(  Great soundtrack and nice job overall! Keep using that muscle =)

Unfortunately, I haven't - it has happened both when I entered coves/towers, and when I explored them.

Another issue that happened to me once was that CPU spiked to 100% - it happened specifically in one cove/tower, and reproduced when I left it and came back. That cove had an unusually long corridor, might be worthy of note :)

Happened again :(  Here is the backtrace:

Thanks a lot for the quick turnaround!

The game launches on Mac just fine - but I think the crash still happens; I got the beachball of death after playing for several minutes. Will try to attach the log if it spits anything out.

I'm quite enjoying this game, there is enough generated content to keep returning every time I get butchered in some dark cave :D

I'm playing on Mac using Wine though, and the game crashes pretty often. This could be a Wine issue - I can't really tell. Here are a couple of stacktraces in case you want to take a look:

Hello again :)  I'm back to your game - tried to go to the coordinates provided in the second radio message, but there seems to be nothing there :(  Is it meant to be another alien nest, or something else?


66 but still confused about many things - especially the bread and boots! xD

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I wanted to see a game like this for a while - even the tutorial was fun to play. Liked the little bits of Deacon's seemingly failing marriage. Keep, ahem, hacking at it!

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I broke the tower :(

First, I started gaining hp from enemies' attacks (I think there is a `player.hp -= damage - defense` written somewhere that leads to the player gaining hp when they have high defense), which let me ascend a couple levels for free. Then, I hit this when ascending to the next level:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "", line 270, in <module>

  File "", line 186, in main

ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list

Actually perhaps Goblin was just hiding behind a Mushroom - is that a thing?

I died a couple of times in a weird way, where it seemed like there is no enemy next to me, but the log showed that a Goblin hit me. First I thought that the game lagged due to network and did not show me the updated view, but second time around I got an impression that logic on the server might not be 100% the same as in the client. Is it possible at all? For more info, I'm playing the Windows build inside Wine, and the situations always involved me walking into mushrooms and walls prior to getting mauled by a nonexistent goblin.

I tried running it on Mac, but after the initial Unity logo, the screen just turns white :(

Eventually couldn't get past 62 points and 95 years:

Spoilers below:

I think theoretically it should be possible to get 10 (telemarketer) + 20 (seagull) + 20 (yendor) + 10 (fat man) + 10 (president) + epsilon, but one has to get really lucky.

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Thanks a lot for playing and taking the time to write this up!

"died to a herd of rhinoceroses, which was a novel strategy gaming experience" - LOL

The feedback is on point; I spent way more time with map generation and AI than I intended, and didn't get to polish the visuals as much. The next version added a "Side" to the info sidebar letting you know which side the unit belongs to - certainly can do better, but it's a start. The biggest update in 0.2 is really the balancing - I didn't get to test it enough during 7DRL itself, so 0.1 turned out a bit tedious to win.

I'm having a lot of fun with this one, although nothing much happens after I pick a profession - still yearning to find out if it's always this way, or there is a path that has more interesting stuff. Also "three handed weapons like tentacle foci and subway saxophone" whahaha I can't xD

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Throwing baskets on top of baskets is somehow weirdly fun xD But there is a bug that sometimes makes baskets on top of bouncers invisible, and they look like they aren't caged from afar. Throwing more baskets on top of them looks like this:

I had to commit suicide because my housemates weren't happy with the sounds bouncers made xD

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Did you make the alien nests harder by any chance? I got 3 golems on the very first nest, and just generally (seemingly) more enemies on each.

That aside, my submarine came to a complete halt after sustaining some extensive damage. Even though my batteries are full, the current speed bar in the maneuvering system is just shimmering at one block:

Is that intended? I feel like it has to trigger a loss, otherwise the player is just stuck in limbo :)

Actually I realized that was the last level... I was lucky enough to only fight one dragon, and won:

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Pretty cool game! Reminds me of my own a bit, but with a different focus. The UNIX process tree-like action log is awesome ;)

I thought I was doing great, until I got savaged by 4 dragons :(

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Honestly I'd rather call incredible how much stuff you managed to implement. The larger the scope, the more opportunities to make bugs :)

Will dive back in later this week!

Wow thank you for the quick turnaround! Also, this is incredible amount of work for a week - amazing job!

I finally got to destroy some nests :D  The way that mode is structured is incredible - the real-timesness gives a sense of urgency, but pausing still lets you pick tactics. It's more dynamic, and in some ways plays even better, than X-COM.

The downside was that after destroying 4 nests, I didn't know what to do - going next to the bases did not let me disembark into them, and I was receiving no new radio messages. So it felt like my submarine lost its purpose xD  (Maybe the second radio message I missed had some clues? More on that below)

Bugs I spotted (I'm playing on Wine, but I don't think it would introduce this kinds of issues):

- The radio buttons (both < and <<) scroll to the earliest message (and similarly, > and >> scroll to the latest), and since I had 3 messages to listen to, I never managed to listen to message #2.

- Alien nests don't disappear from the sonar after I destroy them, and keep suggesting to disembark

Other things:

- It's rather tedious to switch between different systems on the submarine - it would speed me up a lot to use key bindings. Although I understand that you probably don't want to overload the player with 20 different hotkeys either :)

- AI starts doing weird things when your crew members die, as if it doesn't realize they're dead - like hanging around them and ignoring the rest of my team

- The logic of auto-repair + assignment + return to positions is hard to control: I think I need to turn off autorepair, and ask to return to positions for them to do the right thing. I was confused when I kept assigning them to positions and asking to return but they kept running around the ship.

- No matter how much the enemies damage my submarine, it doesn't sink, and all the systems seem to work anyway. Is it meant to be this sturdy?