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What are you talking about? Rattle is the best in the business! Haha thanks for playing!

We understand hahaha Rattle can be like that sometimes... We're glad you liked the game and the art <3

Wow hahah we loved watching your play through! Thanks for playing!

Hahah Thanks for playing! We appreciate the comments <3

Manage to finish it <3 I love the ending! Very nice!
It was really hard though haha very slippery but I like a challenge from time to time. I love the art style as well!

Really neat concept! I really liked the game! It's just weird that you hold the button to lessen the power, but it might just be me :) Good game though!

You guys made this in 3 Days?!? That's crazy! Good job! Love the visuals and the music!

I love the art style! Really cool :D

Thank you so much :D!

Thanks we worked hard :D Thanks for playing!

Thank you! We're happy you liked the game :D

Thank you so much! and Thanks for playing!

Amazing game with a very smart mechanic. The lights with the angles! AMAZING! Wish tit had mre levels

I loooooove the mechanics hahaha!

Great work! I like the ending hahaha, having to manually run to the sunset

Pretty cool concept! I like that you don't see yourself, but maybe it would be good if you can see the mouse when you get closer to the light but still very dark. Amazing nonetheless :D

That was pretty fun! I like the bribing concept hehe. Very cool!

Thanks for playing :D! Glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing <3 We're glad you liked the animations and characters :D

I honestly spent 30 mins trying to finish the whole game haha. I really love the concept. It's both an intense game and a relaxing game hahaha I love it. I especially love the tutorial levels, teaching you the basics with out really saying anything :D. Keep it up! This could totally be a phone game I would spend hours on.

Ahhh I get what you mean now, pretty good idea haha :D

The concept is GREAT and it looks so so good. I'd love to see more levels! The voice acting and comedy is 👌👌👌

I found a bug(?) that lets me hide and move if I hold on both O and P at the same time.  It lets me move around freely and get past guards. Other than that, I really like the alert music!

*hides as a bush*

Hahaha I really didn't think of it as an escort mission, but now that you mentioned it hahaha it really is. Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it

Thank you so much! Glad you like the story and art work. We spent a good amount of time conceptualizing hehe

That's good to hear! Yeah limitation really got us, when we had a solid idea. But we're really glad you liked it :D Thanks for playing!

Thanks you very much <3

Thank you! We tried our best to polish it hehe. Glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing :D!

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Thank you so much for playing the game! We worked hard it the gameplay and concept.  We're really glad you liked it! 

Thank you! Really happy you said that <3 We hope you do well as well and thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! We really tried our best to get the story right haha

Good concept and a pretty tough game haha. I tried my best but can't get past the bathroom part. It's a really challenging game. I like the crying concept, though find it weird that you have to make them not cry by changing states. 

I was able to to strategically camp on one gem and get its value to raise up by catching people and letting them catch me haha. I think a cool down period per returned gem would be nice. Otherwise I think this is a neat idea! Everyone's a robber and we're all in chaos. (This would seem so fun as a multiplayer/online game!)

I like the game play, especially throwing the cans hehe. Controls are just a little wonky imo. Though I got used to it after a while :)

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First impressions, I think the music is great! The script is cheeky and sprites are good too.  Good job 👍 I would love to have the names of the characters next to their sprites btw!

Neat concept! Really good actually. I'm not super into text based but it's really nice to see something unique!

Awesome! Love your graphics and models a lot. Controls were a bit tricky but I eventually got used to em. Would love to see more levels/maps in the future! 

It was pretty scary in an exciting way hahahah. I really tried but it was pretty hard. I like the "flashlight" and the infection effect thing where the others join the search.