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Thanks for playing! Character selection is already planned, and you suggesting it just confirms it's a good idea, but I'm waiting until the gameplay loop is tighter before working on another character, though I already have 2 character ideas.

I agree things start out a bit too fast, but I'm hoping new players don't give up after dieing once or twice while learning. I'm still trying to find the right balance between hectic fast paced action and being able to strategize. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! A couple of people have pointed out the boring overworld sprites, I might have to work on those soon.

Thanks for playing! I might keep the checkered abstract assets for a "digital" level but eventually the idea is to have better themed levels e.g. Forest, Mountain, etc. so I think you're right about needing levels that "pop" more.

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ugh sorry about that haven't gotten around to implementing remapping. Didn't think there would be many people with AZERTY or whatever here. I'll make sure to get that done before the next demo day.

Was a lot of fun, though I bet this would benefit from analog controls so much for the legs. Ai would sometimes start the point upside down, and unable to serve, but other than that didn't see any bugs.

Thanks man appreciate the feedback! I think healing cards are pretty overpowered, will probably try a combination of making them rarer, making them cost more or have a drawback like 1 use per fight (or maybe per game even).

I thought I had fixed the frogs but doesn't seem like it will look more into it.

What's your screen resolution? Also did you try holding down 'c' to better read the cards? I'm still trying to find the sweet spot of between totally real-time yet letting players read their cards and make decisions.

Once again thanks for playing!

Are these available in multiple angles or just the one?

Hey man, thanks for the feedback! One thing I need to figure out is how to display card information more clearly to players. Right now you can hold 'c' and it'll slow down time and you can actually read the cards, but this isn't said in the tutorial so no one tries it, plus I'm not even sure if it's a good mechanic.

Nonetheless thanks for trying my game!

Yeah game is still pretty rough, thanks for playing anyways!

its a bit unclear which cards you can play and u cant play most of the time

Mana is in the top left of the screen, and mana cost is in the top left of cards. Also certain cards cost scrap though it isn't always clear. For the moment you can press and hold c which shows you all of your cards during battle, but I haven't added that to the tutorial so no one ever does it.

i got to the end of the first stage and nothing happened, unsure if thats a bug or just where the demo ends

That depends, there are 3 floors and a boss, if you finished the boss yeah it ends there otherwise nah that's a bug.

the shop hitbox is way too big and clunky, it was hard to move around it

A lot of the isometric hitboxes are wonky, will fix eventually.

some battles would randomly start already finished, giving me rewards for free

Yeah still haven't been able to reproduce reliably and fix this.

also if you open a menu while walking the last direction the character keeps moving on its own to the last direction u were walking before opening it

hadn't noticed, will look into this, thanks for mentioning it!

As others have said, the idea is great, pretty addicting but it's a lot of trial and error because I'm having trouble visualizing my moves ahead of time.

Thanks for playing, how come it was bugged as shit? Can you explain a bit what was going on? 

As for the card descriptions I'm adding a way to see them in game, but I'm not 100% sure how I want to do it. You used to choose the cards before battle so that's when you could read them but I'm in the process of changing the whole thing which is why it's in a weird state.

Oh shit really? I knew it was barebones but I didn't think UI was bugging out. Can you explain what was happening?

If you have Java installed it's just a matter of double clicking. Hopefully for next demo day I'll wrap the whole thing in a .exe.

Only played one game so far, died at the crazy wizard. I feel like there's a lot of good things going for this game, I really liked it. Like a mix of Fire emblem and Slay the Spire. There are a lot of minor things that I would change, but I'm betting a lot of them you're already aware of.

  • It's hard to tell the range of spells, the black overlay is very hard to see. Something like bright red would be a lot better.
  • Moving characters around is kinda clunky. Also I would add a movement range when clicking on characters.
  • Since moving characters is kinda clunky, sometimes I would misclick and move my units to the wrong place. An undo movement button would be a godsend.
  • It's sometimes hard to click on the correct units. For example, at one point I wanted to direct my healing spell to my main character who was one hex away from an enemy, and I ended up healing my enemy.
    • A warning popup "Are you sure" before doing something which would seem only to benefit the enemy could be useful (like in MTG Arena)

However, all in all it's a great game, and I can't wait to play the final version. I really liked the pickpocket ability, I was really surprised when I used it on the beehive and it let me summon bees. Makes me want to add a similar ability in my game.

Remove the paywall.

Thank you so much for playing my game!

Thank you! Just curious, what kinda bug?

Yeah I'de be down! Ill be able to start in about 18 hours if you want.