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The creation system is here: build your own lair.

I've been working on inventory and the interior of the buildings, the player can now go inside them.

I quite like the overall graphics of the game

Ive been using my tool Tile Editor to create this game, Hobo Hero,  so I've been adding more features to it as well.

I'm creating this game to be an RPG with craft and exploration elements.

Hi everyone, I just released this simple yet fun puzzle game.

I had this game growing up and I thought it would be fun to recreate it to play it the browser 

Your goal is to arrange the numbers in the right sequence (top to bottom, left to right, in crescent order). The button scramble, as it says, scramble the numbers and the drop down selector next to it define how big is the board. 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 (difficult)

just click "Run tool"

Or you can also use this direct from my website:

Tile Editor community · Created a new topic Update

Some small update were added to the tile editor. Hope you like it. Also, please take a look at the new video:

Hi everyone, I just published my 2D tile editor on You can use this tool to create and export maps in JSON format or as a PNG image (useful for generating table top RPG maps). Consider supporting this project if this is useful to you.

Hi everyone, I'm building this tower defense game and I would really like your input on two things: What do you think of the game and what would be the best way to monetize it?

Hi there, really glad you liked it. You can read more about the way I used GA on this game here:

Not exactly a dev log, but a new video for sure.

Add boring but necessary UI elements. Also, pirates will chase you more agressivly if attacked.

Hi, I was new to this community so I end up posting on the wrong place. Now I'm posting my progress under the "Dev Log" session. Check it out. 

Here's what you missed so far:

Combat is almost done. Now space pirates will shot you but you can also shoot back.

GeniusSimon / Genius

Follow the sequence

Simon or Genius game I made a while ago. The goal is very simple, you just need to follow the sequence. When I was programming this game I thought that different people perform better with different sequences. Some people might remember larger numbers, others sequences of letters, directions or even sound. So I accounted for all that on the game. You can play it on mobile or desktop. Hope you like it.

More space pirates and rings around planets. It was a small update, cause I had a busy day.

nothing is impossible. is just a matter of work / fun. how much work resource this feature would take to implement versus how much fun it is. I was thinking about you having a home planet as well, but nothing building things. I'm kinda aiming for a action rpg with resources management kind of game.

Introducing Space Pirates. Maybe you can shoot them.

that's what I'm working on now. should this game be more like rpg and have combat or more like transport tycoon where you can buy resources from a planet and delivery it to other planets... im figuring things out

For now you must go to the quests building to get or to complete a quest, making money. with money you can buy better gear for your ship, fuel, food... on the repair building you go to repair your ship, due to a bad landing. But I'll still figuring things out. I'll might introduction some other mechanics as well

add Wind and debris on the planets atmosphere.

Now when you land on a planet you see it as the space hover, not the space ship, so things looks bigger. Also planets are unique and procedurally generated. 

Hi, I intend to have a playable demo by the end of the month, I'll let you know.

New update:

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I don't know if this is the right place to share, but I'm working on a new game. I got a lot of mechanics implemented and also some visuals.

I'm releasing dev log after each iteration. 

Thank you. I'll consider your feedback on the next update.

Space Explorer will be my next game. I have some cool ideas for it. I'm posting here to get feedback about the mechanics and how the game works on general. I'm also accepting suggestions on how to better monetize it. I'm new around here and I just published my first game, so it's a market I'm getting to know yet. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you a lot. Really funny review. =)