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Well that was a neat little experience, the scene was very pretty and I definitely was not expecting the ending! Wish there was more!

Journey through an atmospheric dreamscape and avoid your worst nightmares in Dream Well, a new narrative arcade horror game from indie studio Vicimus. What will you do when dreams become nightmares?

Chapter 1 has been released, purchase it now and get the following chapters free of charge when they come out!

Thanks for your input! Always love the critiques you give us and we'll take all of this into consideration as we fix up Chapter 1 and work on Chapter 2!! The last dream was actually a bug that got missed :( it's not supposed to let you back in haha. We plan on adding plenty more monsters of different varieties and we can break up the monotony of the coin collecting in the next build thanks to your input! Again, always appreciate your playthroughs!

We're looking into adding a demo of sorts!

Controls felt really good, nice use of multiple detectors to pinpoint the treasure rather than just one

This gave me a good laugh haha

Really loved the mechanics behind the balancing, was a little weird to figure out at first but was fun! I would have kept playing for a highscore but the music cut out around 600 points :(

I really enjoyed the mechanics for this one, was very unique and smooth!

Thank you for your review! It's very good insight into what things we still need to work on for final production!

Thank you for letting us know, we didn't get to fully test on an Ubuntu client yet so we will look into that for future builds! Sorry for your inconvenience!

Cool concept, fits the theme and looks very nice! You've probably seen this comment already but some checkpoints would be nice :D

I'll be sure to watch it, and yeah it's pretty short right now as the current version was made for the gamejam, but we are hard at work at making it a full on game!

Thanks sinci! We definitely plan on adding labels to the cameras among other things so stay tuned!

Thanks for playing stinkrat!

Glad you liked it! We got some major improvements on the way for it!

Super lit, thanks for playing!

Thanks for the rate my mate!

Thanks for playing! We have a LOT more work to do so stay tuned!

Thanks arquam! We gotta lotta work ahead of us!

HAHA perfect!

Thanks Leantha! We hope it'll be the game you're looking for!

Thanks Zoombah!! We definitely are hard at work on it ;)

Too spook 4 u?

Love the idea!

Well hopefully you got a spare pair lying around XD

Thanks a bunch Keyblader!

Haha this was actually super enjoyable!

Thanks phantom!!