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Viajante dos Sonhos

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Saudações ,quem seria ?

Ty Melon :3 ,these game will be half complete soon to one internacional game festival and me and one of the people of team we will join a business rounds 

Thanks Melon, thank you very much. ;~) , me and Kaio says thank you , now we in Brazil are scared and sad cause one homophobic will become president of Brazil :~(

Para jogar


voce precisa baixa o toca fitas e o glossário para jogar

Hey guys i'm very busy with another works too and sorry if not a game but a story ,enjoy the story

Hey guys i'm very busy with another works too and sorry if not a game but a story ,enjoy the story

Ty for play buddy ! dont forget share mine game ! i working with ideias all the time and i create unique experiences


Yes ! XD, ty for playing, please share mine game

if you think "world friendly" is unique, cause many games people don't translate they games

hehe ,someone catch the jokes , ty for playing ! share the game

made to game jam named Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018 with the theme GENRE, but you can’t MECHANIC.

one text adventure without words you must need download the external pdf or will be extreme confuse in game

mine different factor here is make one universal game in text-adventure and one many another languades manuals to anyone can play this game , the game use factors of puzzles transforming the game is more than a text adventure, one game to use logic and  logical reasoning

in game page i put the instructions of How Install and play the game, one subtitle to help the player, 

i'll continue adding languages to the game so more people can have access to the game

Soy el Daniel Minoh Giampaulo del Brasil y estoy en la lucha el aborto ser legalizado en Brasil,  !Luchemos! , es bastante absurdo que el aborto en Brasil sea un crimen, y estoy harto de esta decisión del gobierno.

eu conheci esse pessoal e eles merecem de verdade ,seguiram o tema da unicef certinho

very simple to play, one good party need card games

Ty for download, any questions be free to ask





More playable Races now

and more 3 Races in progress


i made a game to a game jam named Paper Jam and i think transform into a game with enormous proporsions a new Tiny Army War are incoming, will be free but i accept donates toonew style of art and new races and mechanics ,enjoy the game jam edition and the complete edition with more races

Ty agian for review one game i made Jupi :3

always a plesure see people smile playing

the movie os horrible and hilarious , and ty for playing :D

i'll be glad if you guys play in Part 2

Almost, hahahahahaha

(1 edit)

:~D dont forget share the game


hahahahahahah ty so much for playing :D

hey lava i test here and is work all good

i'll fix it, hold on

Full Version fill coming with manual of ever card to nobody be confused and ty for review

OH YEAH ! 30 seconds,i new record ! also i suscribe in you channel

I joined this Jam for Fun Etra, the intension of game os onde party game who' anyone can Join, i undetstand you point and remmenber people do Crazy things when become drunked 

Yeah :3

Ty buddy, i am dedicaed and audacious

Some programmer need a paint artist ? ,i really terrible in code,someone wants mine style of art ? if yes ,use Discord and found me with nick 


you and one more,two more,tree more or four more play together ,after the game jam i'll write one more clean document of rules ,i am in rush of serch jobs and try pay one pos gratuation theses weeks,hard times to me ok

Celiaak ok , is rock paper sciccors with the 3 symblos i create , the table can work overclock or counter clock