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this is really fun! exactly what i needed to kill time before work this morning. more caviar, mr. bezos

more seriously this game was SUPER fun and full of twists n turns. ya really had me like 'how in god's name do you do this in zzt' at first

i can't believe you've done this to me.

this is so charming, but i can't even get past the lighthouse island because my character keeps ending up walking under the water and then i can't swim back to the surface, so i drown!

i'm REALLY liking this game. delighted to see on finishing it that i have a whole new game plus mode to explore! this is super polished and fun. let's see if this lady throws me right into the sun

started playing this and thought 'oh, i don't know what i was expecting but this isn't it ... well, i'll give it a shot anyway'

that was, uh, six hours ago. 

it's simple but i kinda really like it for that! i'm a sucker for games where you Dig In The Ground but this is just cute and neat. and i want to mention how great the clothing design is because i can feel the love you put into the tail-friendly pants 

i feel like cave ins happen SO much though. sometimes even when it doesn't make sense... oh well!

if it helps, the green vertical wall on the right was allowing me to climb onto it fsr!

looks like it might be a simple fix, at least? just a file that got lost somewhere?

i really love this so far! just extremely cute though i do get very nervous every time a rabbit goes into the water

that said i think i uh, shouldn't be able to get here, because i sure can't get out, even by resetting the room

hey, this game is super cute! i really love the mechanics of cooking and foraging and the skills that interact with the overworld, and i'm already fond of the characters ... i just wish they weren't so likely to walk into dangerous obstacles or into the water. please, children, develop some self-preservation

i assume you know that the quicksave function crashes the game, but it also crashed when i tried to make topaz's special dish while at francis' house. tragic : (

dangit frie i'm GOING to make you like me

this feels EXACTLY like all the IF games i grew up playing, even down to the hints that have hints for puzzles don't exist. nostalgic and sweet!

i keep playing this. i know there's no big twist or new mechanic or anything waiting for me after this round but i keep playing it. it's so simple and calm and lovely ... even if my sheep are more a danger to themselves than any potential predator ...

the music, by the way, is GORGEOUS. was it made by the team? it's incredible! i keep leaving the tab open just to listen to it; it sort of has that sims 1 build mode vibe to it

this man needs a dog.

i kept thinking 'oh, eventually i'll hit the credits,' because i'm a fool who didn't realize that in fact the names of the makers of the game were the credits. 

it should tell you that i was into this that i've only realized this at 562 tiles

this is really really cute & fun! i only have two things --

1. when i was doing the duel at the end, I lost a few times because it took me so long to page through the forms that he gave me 3 strikes

2. this one is really embarrassing. somehow i managed to not learn the rock form through the whole game -- mostly because i thought i learned it from the ruby rocks at the very beginning -- so when it came to the end i ... couldn't win. but then i couldn't go back, either! i was trapped at the end without being able to win. so i never actually finished the game, because i didn't want to have to redo the whole darn thing... well, it was fun for the duration, anyway

this game is SUPER clever and thought out but I did get stuck after collecting a crystal in what i guess is an unintended way, since the respawn point becomes the crystal and i couldn't get out of the area it was in... rest in peace

10/10 house VERY empty

more seriously i'm very into your games so far; i played furthest reach and i've got pc_001 dled and they all have a great vibe

my only and largest criticism with this game is that i cannot buy the assassins out so that they will also kill me, jeff bezos, at the end of the game, ending my, jeff bezos', reign of terror

I built a park-within-a-pen for my girls :' )

... of course, they seem to prefer to swarm weirdly in front of it, but... we're working on it...

love this game, love chickens, love nothing more than checking the game and realizing one of the chickens is leading a yoga class 

gameplay notes: the progression feels just a little slow, to the point where I'm gonna admit that I went ahead and uh fudged my numbers a little just so I could have a pseudo-'sandbox' mode. I just couldn't find the patience to wait for a whole million. And I wish I could zoom out just a little more so that when the camera was in overhead mode I could see the full level 3 farm, but that's just minor stuff

though sometimes i'm tempted to forget the chickens and sell these spontaneous giant pumpkins instead ...

pressing i to access the inventory (which i mostly did... out of habit, I think, not because it was stated) and examining any item with a number results in you getting a duplicate of that item. 

this was really lovely though and i'm very curious about where it's going

the nits of the round table podcast was honestly my favorite favorite part of this it was HILARIOUS

this was really really fun and honestly soothing? it felt challenging in a way that wasn't too demanding and easy to get into without it being handed to me on a platter ... i really enjoyed it. also that is a large spider

i loved this but i think anita leaving a heart in my fridge was a little rude so I hope she reads some books on how to woo people

ooo i liked this a lot. a good atmospheric horror without relying on jumpscares (something that i personally appreciate 100%). i found the visuals really engaging and took like 1 million screenshots as one does. i'm very curious about the pointed use of books about tesla... hm