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hey, this game is super cute! i really love the mechanics of cooking and foraging and the skills that interact with the overworld, and i'm already fond of the characters ... i just wish they weren't so likely to walk into dangerous obstacles or into the water. please, children, develop some self-preservation

i assume you know that the quicksave function crashes the game, but it also crashed when i tried to make topaz's special dish while at francis' house. tragic : (

dangit frie i'm GOING to make you like me

Thank you for playing our game!

The calzone glitch we have found and fixed in an unreleased build. The quicksave crashing however is new.

Please replicate this issue and send us the error message.
When the quicksave glitch is fixed, we will release a new version with the bugfixes.

looks like it might be a simple fix, at least? just a file that got lost somewhere?

Thank you for providing the error message. It should be a rather simple fix. Turns out that the Snapshots folder was deleted from the 2.0.1 release build.  

We shall make sure that the next update includes this folder.