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i keep playing this. i know there's no big twist or new mechanic or anything waiting for me after this round but i keep playing it. it's so simple and calm and lovely ... even if my sheep are more a danger to themselves than any potential predator ...

the music, by the way, is GORGEOUS. was it made by the team? it's incredible! i keep leaving the tab open just to listen to it; it sort of has that sims 1 build mode vibe to it

this man needs a dog.

Oh wow, thanks for the lovely comments guys! Just made our day :>

Aaaaah thank you so much! So happy to hear your enjoying our simple little game. :>

And yes the music was made by our resident music man Baschfire!

You can find more of his stuff here: 

And who knows, maybe we'll get around to adding a doggo in the expansion pack XD