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bweeeeh I'm gonna go cry for a bit thank you so much :,>

Curious to know, what alternate control scheme would you prefer if you don't mind me asking?

thhhhank you :>

Thank you thank you! Would you happen to playing on a mac?

Thank you thank you! That is in fact a setting we were thinking of including!

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Daw shucks

Thank you so much!   :>

Unfortunately the game is built from the ground up and intended for mouse and keyboard.  Sorry for the inconvenience :<

haHAA that was a delightful lets play thank you for sharing XD

And yea times are tough my dude, gotta get paaaid

We are currently working on some tweaks for the MAC version, stay tuned for more news!

In the best way I assure you XD

Omg. I'm crying. 

Thank you for the lets play and all the feedback! (we really appreciate constructive criticism here at the Possum House) And yea glad you liked it and there is oh so much more to come....


you actually can kill the mirror monsters ;)

super thank you :>

gon getcha 

Thank you so much for playing! We will be sure to keep you posted!


AAAAAAH thank you for playing and thank you so much for sharing the lets play! That's too cool

thank you thank you :>

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we tested it on a few macs on our end but you bring up a very good point. We'll address this to the best of our ability!

Thank you so much! we are hard at work adding as much as we can before release, currently up to 60 plus levels and shooting for more!

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Thanks for letting us know! We'll see what we can do about that bug! Glad you liked it and for release we are planning to have an option to toggle the bullet counter on and off. We want the game to be as... challenging as possible >:) 

We are still working that out but sooner than you might think... (Summer 2020)

Oh hey Cooper, good news that was not a bug, that was only the DEMO!!! that big red guy is a sneak peak of whats to come in the final game! so stay tuned!

Sure thing! feel free to drop a line at !

We cannot say thank you enough, we are so happy that our game resonated with you in such a way, and that you picked up on exactly what we were going for. It was only a 2day game jam game, but we put a lot of thought and intention into it. 

So from the bottom of our little possum hearts, thank you for your kind words and thank you for playing :>

Ngl durpy dog ai sounds amazing

Thank you! We will certainly keep doing our best >:)

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Thank you thank you! :>

Oh wow that's super cool! Never had anyone do a video of our games before! :D

Aaaaah thank you so much! So happy to hear your enjoying our simple little game. :>

And yes the music was made by our resident music man Baschfire!

You can find more of his stuff here: 

And who knows, maybe we'll get around to adding a doggo in the expansion pack XD

Oh wow, thanks for the lovely comments guys! Just made our day :>