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Glad to be a part of it and thank you so much for the lovely review! :>

Heya! We're still working out some stuff with the end credits song,  you can snag the rest of the OST here!

Oh ty ty :>

We are still doing some stuff to set up the OST   b u t you can find most of the tracks here on youtube :>

Sorry we built if from the ground up for mouse and keyboard :x

Oh man thank you that means a lot q-q but yeah no pressure we know that feeling. But yea keep an eye out for our regular sales


Oh! you should be able to draw your gun with the S key as well. Sorry for not dropping that in the tutorial >_>'

ty v much :>

Ty ty! :>

We'll get there soon, hopefully @_@'

<3 <3 <3 

Just tweaked it so it shooould go full screen when you start it up now

Thank you so much! :> The shooting through walls does come in handy in the full game cuz o o f it only gets harder. BUT, we are planning on adding LOS as a difficulty option in a later update.

oooo maybe.... maybe...


Oh sweet thank you! :>

We are currently workin on that right now actaully! Stay tuned

n  i  c  e

Glad to hear it! Thank you! :>

Oh man, that means so much thank you Q_Q

Nice! Speaking of we were just at the virtual ROC Game Fest this past weekend! 


Oh man thank u v much :>

y thank you :>

Ah sorry, this game was built from the ground up for mouse and keyboard :<

Hi! Glad you like it and sorry you are having an issue with the reload. In order to do so you need to have your gun out. You can draw your gun to aim by holding down the right mouse button, the S key or the down arrow.

Sorry but the game was built from the ground up for mouse and keyboard :<

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Glad you liked it and thanks for playing! :>

And oh boy in the full game you need the gun to be OP cuz oof, it gets pretty rough @_@'

HAAAA YOU GET IT. I'ts a small thing but makes such a huge impact 

Full game only gets harder >:)

we like that you like it :>

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Hmmm, we are having trouble recreating this bug on our end but I'm creating a ticket and will sort this out ASAP.

Oh its available right here on the store page! Just have to scroll down a bit,  the button kind of got buried under all the text >.>'

Oh don't worry that was just the DEMO! We actually did do a lot of the things (and then some) that you mentioned in the full game XD.

Also that 2 shot exploit has been fixed in the final version. Still need ot update the demo... woops 

(but there is still only the one gun though... maaaybe we'll add more later)

But thanks for trying out the demo we're glad you liked it!

Thank you very much! We worked super hard on this :>

ALSO be sure to click directly on your targets to hit them. I hope that helps! let us know if you have any more issues!

Also certain objects, like boxes, can be destroyed when you shoot them

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Are you talking about the Demo or the Full version? Because they are slightly different. Do you mean that you are having trouble moving or jumping? (WASD, or arrow keys, and space bar) sorry that you are getting stuck :<

Waaah Thank you so much really looking forward to it!

That Demo is just a sneak peak of the full game! There are plenty of more levels and baddies in the full game that is available right now :>