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I built a park-within-a-pen for my girls :' )

... of course, they seem to prefer to swarm weirdly in front of it, but... we're working on it...

love this game, love chickens, love nothing more than checking the game and realizing one of the chickens is leading a yoga class 

gameplay notes: the progression feels just a little slow, to the point where I'm gonna admit that I went ahead and uh fudged my numbers a little just so I could have a pseudo-'sandbox' mode. I just couldn't find the patience to wait for a whole million. And I wish I could zoom out just a little more so that when the camera was in overhead mode I could see the full level 3 farm, but that's just minor stuff

though sometimes i'm tempted to forget the chickens and sell these spontaneous giant pumpkins instead ...

Woop! So this got lost in some follows so sorry for the late reply.
We can forgive the odd bit of fraud.. ;)  Thanks for the feedback, the bug in the picture is something we are tracking down, but also maybe they are just hanging out? No its a bug.
Most of the stuff people have said we couldn't agree more with, and it was literally a matter of not enough time. Over the next week or two we will be pushing a bunch of smaller fixes, and a major content patch that will hopefully smooth out that progression and just make the game overall a lot more interactive.
If we somehow get really lucky/create a temporal loop, we might even try and get something extra spooky out for the end of the month.