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glad you liked it fisher2470

thanks for playing FaQndo

thanks for playing dav :). All feedback are noted and I plan to fix them in the next update.

thanks for playing UnsungHero

So sorry for this but it has now been solved

Sorry about that. The bug has been fixed now.

I love the gameplay and the art as well as the music. The gun shooting and reloading is really satisfying too. I feel like you should reduce the time for when you die or show an timer for how much time left because I thought the bomb was never going to detonate.

Amazing job! Great use of the palette and the animations are really clean. I  found the cat pounce to be a bit difficult, but it's still a cool mechanic nonetheless.

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Love the art and the controls although the spikes were a bit hard to see. Would love to see more. Great job

Thanks for playing Kalterrier. I'll add a checkpoint when the jam is over

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thanks for playing Goofyot!

Thanks for playing NUTT. My plan was to keep the game length short so I could actually finish it.

The fun gameplay, good music and the implementation of the theme is excellent. Great Job.

Glad you liked the game Kosmo and thanks for the feedback. Falling to send you back to the first level is intended, but yeah, I can see how it could be annoying for other people.

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The menu loading bug is fixed now. Hope you enjoy the game :)

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Really useful tool especially for game jams. Keep up the good work :)

thanks for playing skymouse :D

thanks for playing :)

glad you liked it Team-Bobbo :D

sorry for that Dodooligist. I suggest you should switch to a different browser to see if the same error still occurs. thank

appreciate the feedback jflex. We really don't know what could be the cause of this but glad you still played nonetheless.

glad you liked it Nikkilite!

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thanks for the feedback Innarq. The controls not working is a common issue but if you scroll your mouse while while maximized, it should work.

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Such an enjoyable game. The sfx for the swapping and clicking of the cubes are really satisfying and I really love the music. Great job!

I noticed the first one and had no idea about the second one. It's really a level breaking bug lol. I appreciate the feedback and I'll fix it on the next update. Thanks for playing NeurodivergentGames!

Really nice concept. I loved all the games and the music is good. Great job!

Had an absolute blast playing this. From the gameplay to the really entertaining dialogue. Solid 5/5. Great job!

It's a fun game. Loved the physics and the menu song is really good. Too bad there isn't any in the game. Enjoyed the game nonetheless. Great job!

thank you very much shizuniik!

thank you for playing Haru.

It's a nice game. I like the gameplay and the lore at the beginning. My only complaint is that when you get close to a wall or a platform you can't jump and that kind of annoys me and like others, I didn't know what to do once I started playing. Other than that, it's fun. Great job!

Such a simple and fun game to play. Nice job!

I'm glad you liked it Bartlien

Sorry about that AmazingAngo I noticed that but didn't have time to work on it. Thanks for playing

thanks for playing creativetherapyco

I noticed that too, but there wasn't much time left to adjust it. Thanks for playing nonetheless.

No problem the game was still fun to play.

Nice game. The music really adds to the game feel and compliments the concept and gameplay. Great job!

thanks for playing Electric butter

I love this game so much. The end credits really was the finishing touch. Great job!