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I saw Erkberg play the game and was really impressed with it actually. I love being able to get in and out of vehicles in games like this, I think it could be turned into a full game at some point, good job!

Really nice and charming! Growing the weapon is a unique idea, good job! Was fun to attack with the weapon

Really nice juice animations, well done! Was quite fun to play the platforming sections too

Was quite fun once I got into it! Was a bit overwhelming at first :D well done, nice mechanic to make you keep playing!

thank you so much :D

thats a new record, WOW! :O

"what happens when tree reaches full growth?" kept me engaged :D well done, i know you had some stress with this one so good job on making and submitting it! :)

Good job shawn! The tutorial bit was the most impressive for me for some reason, i really liked how intuitive it was :D lean by playing. Was fun and challenging! Well done

omg i thought, "ok i can do this, i played games like this before" - died instantly on lvl 1 :D haha. seems very solid and well done, good job!

Hi! The "play" button drops frog toys to increase the truck's happiness :) it also uses calories since it zooms quickly to pets, its kinda exercise!

Happiness also contributes to truck value and gives less chance of truck dying! 

Its generally just a trade off between that and food :)

Hi, your game seems to be password locked - is this intentional? 

thanks so much!

omg really? :D hahaha, what on earth. how big was it??

4930 score :D was very fun! Well done!

Wow nice, that is a great price. Your sweet baby truck must have been huge!! :O

Thanks you for this pack, I just used it in my Kenney Jam game All your music is inspiring, keep up the good work <3


This looks amazing!

Thank you so much! Nice to hear someone playing co-op! :)

Thanks for the indepth criticism :') If anyone else is reading, feel free to check out our hundreds of mostly positive Steam reviews, many of which have plenty of hours worth of gameplay - I believe this game is rare and unique enough to give you an enjoyable experience! Thank you

This looks really awesome! Well done

Thank you to our first sale! I can't see your username but thank you so much for your support! :)

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Developed by a two-person team, Steph and Tom! Steph did all the art, animations and level design - it was her first game!

Join Flewfie and friends on an epic side-scrolling adventure! Zap, beam, and fly your way through unique worlds and put an end to Uzzuโ€™s chaos!

- 35% discount launch sale!

- 3 difficulty modes to appeal to all types of gamers (warning, Hard mode gets HARD!)

- Every level has a unqiue set of graphics and song - we've had comments about the soundtrack being real thumpin' during worlds 3 & 4 :) 

- Challenging puzzles (the first few are easier though ;) )

- Unique card game with 100 collectable cards!

Thank's so much for looking!

UPDATE: have informed me the early-bird system doesn't work - so I've just set a launch discount instead. 

OK - really sorry about this, it seems like a problem with - I've emailed support for some urgent help with this issue and hope to rectify it soon. Very sorry, thank you for letting me know

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Update: Resolved, turns out the rewards system was broken - I've replaced it with a launch discount instead. Thank you
Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the Early Bird sale - I have contacted itch for support - very sorry for the inconvenience.

really? can you screenshot what it shows when you click the 9.99 button? when I click it it literally just says $9.99

Hi - when you go to the 9th Dawn III page - can you scroll down to the bit where it says "Early Bird for 9.99" and click that? If you do that, is it still asking for 15$?

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Launch Sale: - 35% launch discount!

9th Dawn III: Shadow of Erthil is a massive open world RPG/dungeon crawler packed full of content โ€“ featuring more than 270 monsters to fight and capture, a fun card game with 180 cards to collect, and over 1,400 unique items to hoard!


Gameplay by SplatterCatGaming: 

Steam reviews:

very challenging! a lot of stuff put into the game though well done! impressive!

It's the best, really

Thank you :D