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Replied to pTs42 in Rankr comments

We add 3 more characters on the next update if you want to play a third time! Btw thank you for you videos!

Replied to axletime in Rankr comments

Thank you for playing! We have push a new version with improved graphic! Feel free to give us feedbacks!

Replied to PhiVlix in Rankr comments

We encourage you to try the game because the clickbait picture are made on purpose. It a critic to Tinder and all kind of indecent profile pic you can find.

And if you play the game you'll understand that behind a pretty picture can hide weird character...

But We understand without playing you can imagine we only want to be a clickbait game. It was the risk with our choices.

Feel free to try the game and tell us what do you think =)

Replied to GameGabe in Rankr comments

In the new 1.2 version we had some music and fx sound =) Feel free to try it and give us feedbacks!

Thank you very much!

Replied to Kawber in Rankr comments

Thank you for you nice video! We have a new version with better graphic. Feel free to try it!

Thank you! Alex is a special boy who don't like the actual world! You can help him to change it or try to stop him =)

Oh that's weird! Did you try to restart the game? On what plateform are you?

Replied to Ginjih in Rankr comments

This is the complete version! If you want to have access to the two lock character you just have to win some ranker coin by unlocking ending with others characters! Thank you for playing and feel free to give us feedback!

Hello everyone! Released few days ago here is Rankr!

Rankr is a Tinder simulator where you have to chat with differents characters to unlock all 17 endings! We were inspired by the very nice "Emily is away" game!

Play Rankr!

For now we have created 6 different characters who are all a little bit crazy! Feel free to give us your feedback :)

Thank you for your video!

Hi Thundegunner! Thanks for your comment! We are more than aware of that. We are currently working really hard to add more content in the game! Stay tuned !!

Wow thanks Lieutenant! Trust me we're working really hard for the next version!

Replied to pTs42 in Rankr comments

Such a fantastic video !! Thank you so much!!

That's actually what we're aiming x) Thanks for the video!!

Try this button and then you can make a donation or get it for free by pressing "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"

Enjoy =)

Replied to Kawber in Rankr comments

Thanks for your vid "Thisisascam" x) 

Replied to Novato in Rankr comments

Thanks Novato or should I say Skinny Pete XD !! We laughed so hard xD.... promise Nic Cage is gonna be on the next update!! Your video is so gonna help us improve the game! PS : Can you add Rankr's page link in the description of your vid?

Thanks Teensslumber! II think that your username totally match the core message of the game :) We'll keep you in touch!