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Hello, sorry for taking so long and thank you for the Linux build!

The only problem I've encountered so far was that the tutorial level doesn't load, it just displays a black screen, but I could navigate back to the menu just fine.

I've managed to talk with the NPC from the third mission with talkable NPCs just fine. I'll do the next missions and I'll keep you posted if anything goes south.

Thanks again for making the Linux build!

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Hey, this game seems cool. Any chance you'd consider making a Linux build? I've tried wine but when I pick up a weapon its texture fills up the display.
Edit example:

Edit: I've managed to run it through Wine using "Quality: Fantastic", absolutely love this game, but there are still two problems: (1) when I leave the screen's focus I lose all keyboard input, which doesn't allow me to record gameplay; (2) on the third mission with talkable NPCs, when I try to talk with the NPC the screen freezes and only mouse inputs work, making it impossible to achieve some of the story endings.

Are the graphics from Abuse (95's DOS game)?

I ran into a bug: On the first room after I picked up the MGs, I walked backwards into the door and got stuck there.


Thanks, maybe I'll try to expand upon it for a small mobile/web game with more levels or with procedural generation of infinite levels. ^^

Nice one, if you continue developing it clear the rain before respawning the player. And, is it possible to outrun the lava?

Really nice idea, it would be nice to see further ahead on the ability queue to be able to plan better.

Really creative use of the theme. Being able to go out of the screen was a really nice touch. I'd love to see this game expanded!

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Nice game, the music is beary catchy. However, I had difficulties controlling the character with the way the jump works. Good luck on finishing the other minigames!

Pretty nice! Having the mouse while still using one button was something I did not think of. Congratulations on doing all of this in 2 hours!

I would only suggest you to change the text from "Select!" to "Deselect!" when a dice is already selected, other than, nice job on the project!

60 moves, before the song finished.

Really creative idea, and smooth song.


Maybe if the light was directly up and it'd be easier to see where the enemies would fall.

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Pretty good to get the procedural generation in two hours. Almost got to 5k gold but died in the end. =(

It would be nice if you could control the movement with wasd or the arrow keys, though.


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Hello, how is the linux build supposed to work? I tried downloading the windows version and running the linux executable inside the windows executable's folder, running it outside, changing its name, etc. (I've also tried using wine but the game was all black except for the esc menu)

I'd really want to give this a try, it looks amazing!

I get the following error:

./PenitentDeadLinuxV1.2.x86_64 Set current directory to /opt/penitentdead/linux
Found path: /opt/penitentdead/linux/PenitentDeadLinuxV1.2.x86_64
no boot config - using default values
(Filename: ./PlatformDependent/LinuxStandalone/main.cpp Line: 497)
There is no data folder

And if I copy the windows or mac's data folder to the same place as the executable, rename it as "data" and run it comes out with this error:

./PenitentDeadLinuxV1.2.x86_64 Set current directory to /opt/penitentdead/linux
Found path: /opt/penitentdead/linux/PenitentDeadLinuxV1.2.x86_64
Unable to load mono library from /opt/penitentdead/linux/Data/Mono/x86_64/
Failed to load mono

Thank you!

I really like how you made it accessible for everyone by making it browser playable. Thanks!

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Really cool game, really well polished as well. What's the trick for levels 16-25?

Thank you for playing it. ^^
You could try and see if the hard AI isn't too much of a pushover.

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Works like a charm! Thanks for making the build! ^^

Btw, I spotted some weird things:
Do units lose health after they attack?
I killed an enemy king and reached game over.
If I end turn before the explosion animation plays, the unit doesn't attack at all. Maybe delaying the passing of the turn until all animations played would solve this.

Other than that, congratulations on the game! Nice twist on the chess genre. ^^

Gotta catch 'em all!
Really nice game you've got here. Unfortunately the AI for the first boss fight froze and didn't play any cards. Congratulations on this game! ^^

Nice game. Took me a while to understand how to pass the blue puzzle.
The only complaints I have is that the ressonance's center is a little bit upwards (if you ressonate below a wall nothing happens, for example) and that I had to restart the puzzle all over again sometimes, moving all the pieces again, maybe having the pieces reset after some time and having a cooldown for the ressonance would work better.
Anyways, had fun playing it! Congratulations on the game!

Nice game. I'd just suggest you to change the bindings for the browser version. Whenever I use the up and down arrow keys the browser page also shifts. =x
(Using Firefox)

Nice game!

It'd be really cool if you could see your full tower after losing. =)

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Pretty addictive, and it is highly satisfactory to see the cards stacking after a big combo.

One can put more cards in the thrash than the counter says so, is that a bug? Should be an easy fix, though.

Pretty cute game. I think that maybe adding boundaries near the end of the levels would be nice. I zapped past the end many times. =/

Sorry, but I can't seem to find it in the game or submission page. Where did you put it in?

(I tried downloading the zip but it only contained .exe files, did you rename the file to .exe?)

10/10 would give another treat.

Very nice game you have here, you managed to make car parking fun, and that's quite a thing. I also really liked the lighting and the SVG graphics were really smooth.

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Hello, I see your game was made in Unity. Could you please export it to Linux (or web) as well? I'd like to give it a go. ^^

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I made a new year resolution to participate on a Jam every month, and this month I'm trying to finish a chess game for TIC80 that I started last year. If anyone can check if the AI is too dumb or if anything is going too wrong, I'll be hosting the game on the official TIC80 site while it's still WIP:

If you could be so kind as to tell me how many you've won/lost against the "medium" (face) and "hard" (angry face) and how good a player you are, I'd be very thankful (so that I can decide whether I should stop improving the AIs)

(The TO-DO list is there as well)

Hopefully I'll finish it this time and finish many more this year!

Thanks and good luck to everyone!