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ah yeah that happens from time to time. I'll replace it in a bit, here is a link for now:

I appreciate that the C button has no function other then to make me feel like more of a bug. Thanks! 

Oooo I love that it was able to capture that feeling for you! My next ttrpg book is a whole campaign in this setting. 

Yes! We have a growing discord server where people reguarly run games and post journals. In fact we just started another change cross swap for November, so never a better time to join.

Fuck these are some hard picross's

I add a community copy after every six purchases, so they are available every so often, but usually disappear quickly. Good luck!

Totally my intention, and so glad you enjoyed it!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience of journaling your transformation! Exploring, and exalting, the magic of transitioning is our greatest joy. I would encourage you to check out the To Change discord where we share lots of solo scenarios.

MONSTERS was my Judges choice for the TF TTRPG Jam. Shoot me an email at and we can see about getting you some signed books, cards, or whatever!

Oh uhhh. If you paid for it, just email me at and ill send u the code file.

Email me and maybe we can work something out.

Fantastic update! I've done a fast 180 on this game and now I really want to run a session of it using everything that's been added!

Oh yeah, getting someone else to GM is always the best playtest method whenever possible. I'm going to try to run games of all the tf jam submissions, so I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. 

Narrative freedom is important, but it feels strained because both the Beliefs and Monster Traits are points to keep track of, so to be mechanically grounded while narratively absent just makes them feel abandoned. I see easy fixes for that though, and this is a cool starting place with a lot of potential.

YES. If the players are the ones orchestrating the central transformations of the game, that is totally acceptable to call transformation a core theme. One could even imagine that the keepers themselves take on a more insect apperance with each change they assist in.... possibly. Your idea sounds lovely and I cant wait to see it.

THIS GAME FUCKS! Nasty and sexy in unison, I ever knew how much I wanted an eldritch-red-light-district-isekai. The moves are great, the zones/spots are evocative, the characters bleed charm/sleeze, and the Curses are delicious. With the right group of freaks, this game looks really fun.

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(EDIT: The V2 update, added right after release, fix all of my surface level gripes below! There are now some excellent random tables with lots of fun options for transformations and fractions. I have a great feeling this game will only continue to develop and solidify) 

A nice little system for post-apocalyptic wanderings. I like the core dice shifting mechanics, and I'm interested in the Belief track, but it seems like an afterthought without support in game. The infectious transformation selling point is even more of an afterthought (Monster Traits don't even have a spot on the character sheet, nor any example Traits). There is some setting descriptions, but only for the starting area, a place the players would presumably not spend the majority of their time if they are to be adventurous. The small Module that comes with the game is a nice saving grace, but if you are already familiar with the Breathless system, there is very little that is new here. The transformation idea needs to be more fully fleshed out before I could recommend this game as something special. However, for a designers first TTRPG, its preforms its roles admirable and cleanly. I'd look forward to see how the author pushes system boundaries further with future updates or new projects.

Looks great and excited to read it!

So many more are interested then you know. Myself any many others would jump to help out with realizing a good TF idea. But I'll be looking forward to what you come up with on your own first!

I did this last week, but I figure I should let people know here too since there are no notifications on jams. The deadline for submissions is extended, now going through May! We want to make sure everyone has time to make something cool.

Also, if you are trans, consider making a duel submissions to the Trans Fucking Jam, which also just got its deadline extended through May.... I promise I am not ripping Sasha off, I did it first!

Hi Amy! Thanks for the follow and excited to see how your project works out! Always love to help a fellow TF creator.                                

What a cute read! The drawings are a nice plus too!

I think that is a cool idea, as 'dub con' is certainly an important kink aspect where loss of control may be something a player is ok with, even as a bad ending. I would make sure that first, you make it very clear to the player that this game will involve aspects of involuntary mind control. Then secondly, make sure to include some type of 'safe word' style safety tool, like Script Change or X-Card. This gives players a means to jump in and call a stop to things if the play goes beyond their comfort zone.

Ah the illusive 'sex move'. 

No NSFW is too NSFW. I know people working on games for the jam with basicly pornographic art. Just make sure that if it is intended to be a multi-player game, you'll need to have strong safety rules for tables to use. Intimacy involes vaunerability, so make sure players feel safe and in control.

I helped make a video review of the game!

That sounds great! If the mechanics support the player's crustacean transformation (or literal carcinization in this case), then I think that fits perfectly in line with the jam's theme! Maybe other seafood themed metamorphosis could be possible as well.

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The shipping issue should be fixed now. If it's still high for you, we do have a second distributor, Knave of Cups. Shipping though them should be cheaper for you. To Change will be added to their catalog this Friday, but their stock is limited and I suspect they'll sell out fast. 

I might work on securing an European distributor in the future.

Actually, you make a good point! I will amend the guidelines to allow for new systems too. Go for it!

Saved this one all the way for the end. But that's not entirely true! The music tracks were what I used for ambiance in every other playthrough the jam games throughout this month. 

However, the story of the audio play gives new meaning to each melody. Weaving a dark story of isolation, hubris, and longing. Each act caps a nice little episode, beginning slow and curiously before leading to the next crucial clue step. The voice acting was topnotch of course, pounding emotion and reverberating epitaphs. It feet authentic and raw, amplified by the haunting music. What a way to close out these reviews; this is really a gem of the entire Jam, for me. It shows how Anamnnesis was able to fuel such creativity from so many creators. Every game dreams of getting such a touching send off. Goes without saying, but fantastic job from TinCanAudio!

Trash furry bait game, it doesn't even use the Anamnesis system well. Author just used it to promote their own stupid system. Lowest rated game in the jam for a reason.

No project page so I can't tell anything about the game.

Not much to see just yet. There is a sample of one act's quotes, and a playlist suggestion list. Seems like music and sound is a very important part of this journaling experience, which makes me very interested in how the final version will shake out. All the art looks cool though, and apparently there is room for up to 6 players? That's awesome! Congratulations on funding too!

Baffling but intriguing. The spreads being in the wrong order really threw me off, but the rules are also fairly complex, asking you to also incorporate physical movement and mapping into the game. The flavor text and word clouds were nice, though I don't know what to do with the Appendix list even after reading all the rules. In terms of the quotes, they're very general and some even strange, asking questions to you the player, and not any character. I wasn't actually able to finish this one, yet I could feel it carried a suitable weight nonetheless.  

Surprisingly cute! Adding prompts that can add and interact with characters is a genius move honestly, and it goes a long way in making the stories feel alive. The prompts were excellent too, very fun, and some that totally blindsided me with their creativity. It allows the journal to bend in lots of fun directions, weaving your way into the hazy night. And I'm not even much of a drinker!

One of the more mysterious submissions, at least in the mood it presents to you! The prompts have a great weight to them, and there is a lot of room for interpretation in a way that creates exciting loose ends. Captures a genre of story that I don't usually get to interact with much, which made it feel extra fresh. Some spot art or illustrations could have been nice, but the game does fine without all that. A solid hack!

Yep, all fixed!

Is something going on with the page formatting?

The rules are intended for all players share the same Future Deck, but all players using their own deck would probably work just fine as well, in longer sessions.

Awesome concept, as expected from the master of Anamnesis! Love the use of upright and reversed, adding more characters to the spread, and the excellent progression of the acts. So pumped to see what prompts act 4 will contain, and how new prompts will interact with the Author. Not much else to say about this teaser, just super excited for the full version. Death of the Author Jam next year?