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Twine is fun! Hope you keep learning and writing!

Very cute little story. I enjoyed it.

Yes. Animalesis works differently. 

Only certain prompts can let your progress. If you can't yet move on to the next Act, that means you need to keep going (it's always the Knight Queen King prompts, which also contain key information).

Thanks, I'm not too well versed in solo games either but I know there are a few others out there with digital components.

I've found that Twine is really handy for TTRPGs and I plan on including digital components to all my future games as play tools.

Yeah unless you have like the premium discord thing those links only last a few days, its annoying.

Cute style! It's just beginning so I really have nothing to say except I like the angular style of the characters and their expressiveness. A great way to get back into drawing! also the discord link on the tumblr doesn't work atm.

What a cute game! Reminds me of one of my favorite anime, Rinma 3/4

Ah, the GM-less mode refers to the solo play mode. But it is also a very easy system to play GM-less by using the Ommatidia tables to generate new bugs and taking turns making scenes among the players. 

If you email me or message me on twitter, I'm happy to send you a download link of the game so you can try it.

Ack sorry I kept meaning to resond to this and forgetting.

The bugs illustrated in the book don't have any perticular characters to them, but I do like to use them as refrences when making new NPCs for games. Those ideas might make it into another adventure module one day, but that still won't be their 'official characterization' or anything. All the art is for player insperation, and I love to hear the stories you imagine for them.

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Thank you so much, I love your excitment and I hope you have a fun experince playing it with friends.

For your question, NPC bugs don't use moves, but NPCs can still gather Webs. Just as player can use Webs to reroll unfavorable results, a conflicting NPC can use thier Webs to reroll the players favorable results to try to oppose them, or spending Webs to power their features. NPCs with lots of Webs could be highly knowlagable bugs with vast amounts of connections and leverage. Webs are like Cuticorium's leveling system in that way.

The Scar move is the exception to this, if there is an NPC bug that initiates a hostile physical attack on the players. But generally Cuticorium wants the players to be the active force and the NPCs are reactive to the player's failures and successes.

Yeah this is a commission request. I'll message you on twitter about it.

Can you do the tarot major arcana?

Wonderful and lovely TF content, I'm so in love with this style. The only problem is that it won't let me pay you for it!!!

Oooo this was really cute, and just as hot. Very fun read.

Pumped to see what you're cooking with here!

Just played the demo and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the full release now!

I don't know these characters but your sketches are cute and WLW wooo!

This was a nice zine, well put together. Though it was short, it made me feel a lot more then I expected. Thank you for everything you shared, please be proud of it

The best game of 2021 in my opinion hands down. A new horror RPGMaker classic that deserves to be spoken in the same breath as OFF and IB. Its been months and I still can't get this game out of my head, I offer to buy it for my friends all the time. Yes I want to fuck beetle.

Totally! If there was any ever a chance of expanding the story, I'd want more of Magda's and [REDACTED]'s meetings and conversations to deepen their connection before the finale. 

The design and composition of the scenes was amazing. Even though the story felt a little 'two note' at times, the game is easily worth the price for such amazing writing and interface. Using dialogue bubbles and motion during the cutscenes gives it such an immersive first person feel unlike any other visual novel I've played. You really get into Magda's head. Loved the ending a lot, it was exactly what I wanted. 

Interesting game. The spritework is great and separates it from typical fair. I'm glad the music sections are not very challenging cause otherwise I would not be able to complete it. It has some nice charm and doesn't overstay its welcome.

Wow this is actually really cool! I want to try making one now.

About to challenge The Bear again. This game will come in handy!

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I have this in print, it's an amazing accomplishment of worldbuilding. You have never seen vampires done like this. The options and ideas here will overwhelm you with possibilities, and it's all backed up by a very strong system. Even if just for inspiration, I can't rate this game highly enough. Well done on all fronts.

i liked when i saw the thing that I recognized

Fun lil' fellas.

I Read This Module Over and Over Until I Died and All I got was This Stupid Officially Sentenced to the Eldritch Tomb No Fun Corner

This game is so delightful, I love how the playbooks worked. The editing is actually amazing, reads wonderfully, and makes you smile with every line. So much care went into this, I can't wait to play it and create my own silly playbooks.

Cute concept. Big fan of d4 of course, and I like the cumulative mod idea, it fits the theme here to a tea. Seems like a fun one.

This is really cute and honestly pretty mechanically interesting. There are a lot of cool ideas here about games where there is not really a good /bad ending, just a desired one.

A ttrpg dev asked me to name the best product made in the last 10 years, I instantly said this game. Turns outs we weren't taking about ttrpgs, just products in general. I still stand by it.

It is back in stock now!

I fyest on the four (4) cheese of lost kings!

Bit of an anti-climactic ending but very intriguing. 

Ring a ding ding! More physical copies are in print right now as we speak. They will be available in the IPR store again very soon, as well as at Gencon and Origins in the IPR booth. 

I think it's one of the strong suits, though I don't mean to take away from the GMless system itself. I'd adapt the Blight and Composure system as a means to track the inevitable collapse, if you think of certain events or the passage of time adding ticks of Blight, pushing players against the clock to understand their situation before the breaking point is reached and they tumble into chaos.

Not a day goes by when I don't think of that game, at least how it was relayed to me. I could not be more pleased to be so surprised.