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shoshinsha, hello and sorry for the late reply!

I hope that I understood your question correctly. In order to integrate Elm with keyboard events, you need to use Browser Events and write a decoder from the event to your message type. So, if you want to handle arrow keys, the following decoder should work well for games

Let me know if this was helpful or if you have any further questions!

Thanks! Sound is probably a post jam item. It would be nice to have music that changed its tempo based on the speed of current. I can also imagine different sounds for different kinds of plankton.


It is! I borrowed the name and the design from this JavaScript implementation.

Wow, thank you!

Thanks! 9/10 is good enough. What do you mean by a reward? You do get bonuses for clearing multiple lines

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I asked folks in the #gamedev channel on Elm Slack for package recommendations and also searched for different talks and podcasts related to game development in Elm. Please suggest more packages or other helpful resources!  At some point we need to synchronise this with Awesome Elm Game Development




@Jupiter_Hadley thanks!

@Odd_Mutant thanks for the positive comment, it makes me want to continue working on the game and improve it further!

@puligames thanks!

@kakus, thanks! It was a challenge to properly scale the pixels in the shaders code, and took quite a lot of time.

@stuartlangridge thanks for at least trying it! I know its really far from being perfect, I didn't have enough time to participate in the jam and focused more on building the engine from scratch. I have a lot of ideas on how to improve it and sound is definitely one of them.

I really wonder how could you get trapped in the corner, this never happened to me. Have you got a screenshot by any chance?

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I spent about three days in total implementing the engine from scratch and tinkering with the WebGL shaders to properly align the pixels. For me this is also the first jam and I'm pretty happy that I've been able to deliver an MVP of the game, that is actually playable.