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Thank you!! This was so nice to read I really love the nature of artists getting inspired by other artists, thanks for commenting this I hope you’re having a nice day too! :)

Thank you!! and yeah the puzzles are pretty hard ^^; it was our first time making a puzzle game

thanks !!

Oh thank you!! that’s so nice of you to say !

I replied to u there just now btw!!

Hey! That’s not something I would know too much about, how people get access to their game is handled on’s end, but here’s a link to an itch help page about it:

Also, if worse comes to worse just DM me on twitter, tell me ur kapybeara and give me ur email and i can send u a key separately.

Oh! it wasn’t on twitch sorry, it was over discord.

I watched my friend stream this on discord to me, it was a really cool narrative and i really enjoy everything you did to set tone, particularly the art! (which whoa u did so much in the time span)

friend: “it was a very thematically interesting game, that was surprising and visually it was neat and audibly it was cool, the writing was good, i really liked the end. it was good. fuck, jeez.”

I watched a friend stream this and they had a lot of fun, it’s looks like a nice small puzzle game. I like your use of colour palette and sounds.

Thank you!! In particular what you said about the art I’m glad you thought everyone had character, it was something I really aimed for

i never commented here but this photoset is v good, I’ve used it for a couple things now! i rly appreciate that it exists.

also here’s a painting i made with it like half a year ago

oh i LOVE these, ty so much for drawing them and showing me these r so neat!!!

Hey! that’s not a silly question, also there isn’t one! (its an intentional part of the game)

I’ve also been meaning to fix issues with the games size on certain screens for a long while now, but i finally have more free time so i might do it

Thank you!! and if you do draw Fog i would love to see it!

aaah i somehow missed this but thank you!! i find how ppl engage with this game rly interesting and ur comment means a lot (u r completing the ritual!)

This is a v hopeful thing to write under this, so thanks for writing it!

thank you!


thanks!! and yeah they’re things i think about a lot

thank you! it means a lot

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aaah thanks again, im glad the feeling i was going for got across, and ty for what u said abt my style!!

also with being open about being desperate being valuable, i think like while i was posting this i felt a little bad about it not rly being a manifesto in a looking forward sense but like idk trying to walk through how i felt now. but looking back on it after it being posted for a couple days i am starting to be ok with it because i think trying to pinpoint these feelings has been helpful to me and seems to have resonated with some ppl which is rly neat

thank you!! im glad you like my writing style i struggle to think of myself as a writer and kinda often assume its holding back my other skills so ur kinda giving me more confidence with it.

also ty for what you said abt the other points in the manifesto its interesting seeing how they get interpreted. ppl looking for meaning in ur stuff is fun

i forgot to say but i really like this and like where its coming from in your life, also i can kinda see how it ties into the games of yours ive seen!

Thank you! Particularly on this it means a lot

this rules!! be slime!!!!

also the bit at the end is deeply relatable, including 2019 feeling like a really personally relevant year only to get hit with 2021

Aaaah! thank you!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it, the stuff you’ve said about this game rly means a lot

Aaah this is so nice, thank you! it means a lot

Thanks, and thank you for playing it!

this is so so neat

this is an extremely cool aesthetic aaaa

AAAh Thank you for writing all of this! It rly made my day, I am resisting the urge to just infodump what the game is about to you, but if you are curious I can tell u more abt what I was thinking while making it.

A lot of ur interpretations aren’t that far off! and there are a few I hadn’t even considered that are really interesting, thank u for playing/completing the ritual !!

Hey, whoa I don’t think I’ve ever come across that bug before (I do have a hunch about what it is though) but I can definitely look into it. I’ll also try and make the readability a little better if I can. Thanks for letting me know about all this!

extremely good and charming

Hey! whoa thank you for playing the game, we both think the games you make are really neat particularly with how you go about constructing horror so this comment means a lot :)