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Thanks for playing! 

Awesome! :D

Hello! We saw your comment and we're able to export a mac version! Please let us know if it works for you, and thanks for your comment! ;)

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your feedback!

That's a really cool idea! Thanks for playing!

The gameplays are very simple but polished. I really like this 3d pixel low-spec aesthetic!

It's pretty fun and polished. I was very confused at first, so having some tutorials would be nice.

It's so cute!

Wow! The physics works great, and the game feels very clean and polished overall with nice additional features. Great job!

The camera lag makes it hard to see where you're going, and not having a tutorial makes it kinda confusing, but it's pretty good for a simple nokia game! Nice job!

This is a really creative idea! I don't think the controls fit into the Nokia Jam restrictions but it's still fun to play around with.

Good game! The graphics are a little overwhelming at first, but after you start playing it, it's actually really easy to understand. The levels are nicely designed!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Spooky and fun! The level is well designed that I wasn't really lost. nice!

Very nice game! The intro and story are well done and polished. Reminded me a lot of those bullet hell game I used to play on my other feature phone. 

Wow I love this!! The music and graphics are awesome and I really like this kind of puzzle! Great job!

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to implement all the visuals and tutorials we wanted to given the time constraint of GGJ. 

As for the mechanics, you can only destroy triangles when you're a triangle, and you can only collect circles when you're a circle. If you destroy too many triangles you would also die. 

Love this game! xD So much fun

This is a very well done little game! The tutorials are well designed to help players understand the mechanics. Love it!

Amazing game!

Thank you so much! We're so glad to hear that! ^^

Nice game! Tanks sometimes get stucks in some places. The bullet ricochets make it very fun to play between 2 players. Good job!

Thanks! We will check it out!

Thank you! The level design does need more polish. ^^"

Thank you! The levels are a bit rushed since we worked mostly on the mechanics! ^^"

Thank you so much! Your game is really cute too! ^^

Thank you so much!

Love the old school arcade aesthetics your game has. The controls are pretty changeling. The camera doesn't rotate makes it looks like I'm watching a show on the tv. Fun game!

I love the fun background story and the font you used! The game's arts are super delightful to look at. And the mechanic combines makes some very intense actions. What a good game!

Nice!! The gameplay is fun, the arts are super cute, and it's super polished for a 48h game. Overall the game is super stunning! 

The game is quite chanlleging. It have very nice graphics and animations. The idea of plants giving you stats is really nice.

What an amazing game!!! The concept is soo fun and the executions are great! I cannot believe how good the the artwork looks! The dialogue makes me laugh so hard. 10/10

A very fun game! Arts are great and very fitting. This could make a great education game for kids or older folks to learn typing!

Love the music! And such a cute art style!

Amazing work!! The art is super good and it even got a story intro! The music fit in perfectly. The controls are very intuitive. Great job!

Thanks ^^

Thank you so much for your feedback! Those are very good suggestions!

The difficulty is pretty hard thing to adjust ^^" And thank you! @salas_games Our amazing artst did a great job!