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Great. I recently finished a solid prototype with Locomotion + Hands (with interactions). Now I’m reworking locomotion to make it even better.


Windows Defender and other antivirus software will show a warning when you download and open software that isn't from an identified publisher.

For Windows Defender, you can click 'More Info' at the bottom of the text to reveal the button to open the program.

It's good to be sceptical about stuff, but I haven't found anything sketchy with it. :)

Operating systems are like Windows, MacOS and Linux. Which one of these does your computer run on?

What operating system are you using?

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Hey, I’m currently working on version 2.1 of the game and am doing a complete overhaul of all the game’s systems. Also I’m probably gonna discontinue distribution through gamejolt and use itch exclusively. Unfortunately with this redesign, I’ve chosen to go with performance over graphics as most people don’t have a dedicated gpu, and I’d like to push more of an artstyle to substitute. I’ll go through the what you’ve suggested and the problems you’ve had and give my thoughts for each

  • I cannot set MSAA, FXAA nor SSAA — I’m greatly expanding on the setting menu and adding much more user choice in an ‘advanced’ tab. A parameter within this is Anti-aliasing, but I’ve chosen to go with FXAA for it’s integration with Unity’s LWRP. I will look into adding the other AA’s, but at the moment I don’t see it as much as a priority.
  • I can not set music or sound off — Part of the new settings menu will be sound controls. A lot of the sounds are being re-done in this update aswell.
  • PlayStation 3 Gamepad not tested — I’ve never listed support for PlayStation 3 controllers, the only options at the moment are Xbox, PS4 and of course a mouse. I may add support for it in the future, as I am upgrading the game’s input manager. Unfortunately, I don’t have a PS3 controller to test with, so I can’t tell how long this will be. I will happily add it to the roadmap for you though.
  • ESC button does not quit game in menu — Never thought of it, but I’ve added it in and should be ready come next update.
  • 3rd level is unplayable hard — It is hard. I may post a tutorial soon to give advice on clearing it. My advice for now would be to take your time and look for other ways to get through the different obstacles. Running to the right in hopes of making it in time won’t work.
  • Player hands are sometimes twitching — This is usually caused by performance issues and is one of the reasons why I’m aiming for performance over graphical fidelity.
  • Intro movie have twitching hands of doctors — This was left in intentionally because I thought it was funny and doesn’t affect gameplay
  • Please add physx particles — There are already physics particles!!
  • Please update game to directx12 — This would be a request for Unity, not me. I don’t really see the benefit of directx12 for the game either. 
  • Please add tessellation — What would need to be tessellated in the game? As I said before I am pushing for performance in the next update, and there’s nothing in the game that would receive a noticable enough improvement with the addition of tessellation for it to be justified.
  • When I go back from from settings screen the screen blinks — I’ve been really annoyed with the screen flickering between scenes aswell. In the update I’m currently working on, the whole scene management system has been recreated from scratch and you shouldn’t have this isssue after the update
  • Game is not translated in Slovak — I would personally love to add support for multiple languages! But unfortunately, at the moment, I can only feasibly provide options for English or Japanese by myself. Translations for other languages would need to be crowd-sourced and I don’t know if anyone willing to do this. Hopefully in the future I can support it. 
  • Right mouse button does not catch things — No it doesn’t. You can’t catch in this game, only slappp.
  • I cannot break glass — In the fourth level, you should be able to push some glass off a roof and break it. Should come next update or the one after.
  • Please add daynight cycle — Sorry, I can’t for performance reasons. I hope you didn’t stare at the sky too long to find out that there wasn’t any cycle.
  • Please add weather effects — Sure, Ill give it a try.
  • Jesus say to eat him in church to have eternal life — This is some profoundly provocative stuff. Beautiful
  • God bless you comrade

Hope this answers everything! This next update is really big and is taking a long time to prepare. Thanks for leaving your feedback, as it is always appreciated and helps to make the game better :) 

Have a good

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There’s two secret rooms in the H-Tube system. One has Broderick hiding in the back (the baby) and the other unlocks the ‘ladies man’ character.

Here’s a hint for finding the other room: Look at the roof

Thanks for playing

Because you unlock the character by finding the other secret room in the H-Tube System

To get to that secret room, jump off a box into the roof in the htube system. You can see it done here in DanTDM's video on the game (old version, but still applicable).

As for the baby, it's name is Broderick. In the final build of the game, it will have your legs; it will be the final boss. You can find it hiding in various other places. For example, those with a good eye may be able to spot it watching you in the train tubes and h-tube system. Have fun with that and I hope you look forward to the next update!

The ladies man is unlocked when entering one of the two secret rooms found in the HTube system

Hint: look at the roof

I have no clue what you’re talking about


It's r/comedyheaven material. I'm just using every opportunity I can get to tell people there a more levels coming. There are more levels coming!

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Unless you update the game it is irrelevant! You haven't even beaten the train tubes!

Now I've got photogrammetry it's gonna get strange. But there's meaning behind it all.

if you’re running directly to the right, that’s why you can’t get past it. You can jump on top of the tubes above the track to avoid getting hit. There is a graffiti on the wall that points to it. You can also hide inside of the pit on the floor to avoid getting hit before you jump on top of the tube.

looks like you just missed the new update when recording this :(

There is no fourth checkpoint. Here’s tips for the different checkpoints

  1. Wait for the train to pass before jumping down and hiding in the pit. Wait for the train to pass again before jumping out of the pit and onto the pipes above the train track. Go right from there.
  2. After you traverse the pipes below the track, wait for the train to pass before you jump back out into the tracks. Make a dash to the right from there.
  3. Continue right and traverse the pipes. If you can’t get over the large hole, try jumping from the small platform or putting your arms on top of the small pipe and swinging to the right below the pipe. When you get to the end, jump into the big pipe.

Hope that helps!

Yes, it’s a teaser for the next update


There is now a reward for getting into the secret room

Why not?

This update was a side effect of

Also, what where who why? What? this stuff

I don't currently have a discord server as I don't see much demand for it.


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I declare war

The game is still in development. I'm making a third level now

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Part 1 is still in development. 


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The screenshots in this post are of a much older version (the first version) of the game. Go to the game page to check out the updated levels, graphics and physics. In-browser version is no longer supported.

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I just made this for you
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This place is for posting your best times

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Sorry, probably won’t be too soon. I have to balance my homework and game development. But, I’m trying my best.

(edit: what do you mean by "the game without legs is funnier"?)

freakin' awesome