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Why not?

This update was a side effect of

Also, what where who why? What? this stuff

I don't currently have a discord server as I don't see much demand for it.


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I declare war

The game is still in development. I'm making a third level now

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Part 1 is still in development. 


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The screenshots in this post are of a much older version (the first version) of the game. Go to the game page to check out the updated levels, graphics and physics. In-browser version is no longer supported.

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I just made this for you
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This place is for posting your best times

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Sorry, probably won’t be too soon. I have to balance my homework and game development. But, I’m trying my best.

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freakin' awesome


I can’t really understand what that means, but I assume you’re asking why there is no ending. That’s because this game is still in development. The final level will be added in the next update with an ending.

If you’re on windows, right click the .zip file you downloaded and choose “Extract All...”

After you have extracted the files from the zip file, open the folder and open MLGTWindows.exe

Never seen this kind of glitch before. Thanks for sharing! I'll get onto fixing it


Good for you 3399433834

Right click the .zip -> Extract All...


Play it through the desktop app


Yep. There should be 3 levels, but I've only made 2 so far. Level 3 is a big boy to make.

Spoilers ---> you assassinate a dude

Itch keeps on murdering it. Hold on a bit longer



Yes. Yes you are


The new update should make everything work. No more 'case specifics problems'

The game was great and I really liked the way that you used your obstacles. It had a great learning curve, introducing your movement and obstacles progressively worked really well. By the time I had reached the end I had mastered the plank walk.

My experience with your game really benefited from a controller. The joystick really helped in getting precise control over the ball's velocity.

Another thing that I really like was the 'level' transition. The area popping into existence was a nice suprise for me and was one of the most memorable parts of the game. I would have liked to see this be used more in gameplay aswell as a nice transition. The sections where you used the new level to change the old one worked really well and I would have liked to see it more.

Overall a really good game. It had a beautiful use of simplicity and everything just worked wonderfully. Good job.

Thank you! The Download should have much better performance than the HTML. I'm going to release the new update after I finish creating my new website.

I like this one's colours more than the first one's.

Hey! Thanks for the response and video! Also the game was made 2 weeks ago. 

There was some strange issues that I noticed in the video. Pressing start in the menu took too long to load the scene. In the cutscene, the music plays twice and the characters arms and legs sometimes aren't attached properly. In the rest of the game, going through doors/pipes takes a while. Finally, the tube system area is way too dark. In my tests, none of these things have happened. Could I know what platform you're playing on and some specs? I want to get these kinds of problems fixed before the update.

p.s The game was made 2 weeks ago, not 2 years ago.