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My Legs Got Tubed

Your doctor just threw away your legs. Have fun! v1.6 out now! · By Unnerved Studios

Secret room

A topic by Rosscoe created Sep 08, 2018 Views: 3,051 Replies: 25
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i found it am i special now mom?


Yes. Yes you are

I found the secret room in H-Tube... It had an odd picture


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how did u get there and to the makerers WHY IS THERE A SHADOW BABY DOLL IN THE CHARACTER


To get to that secret room, jump off a box into the roof in the htube system. You can see it done here in DanTDM's video on the game (old version, but still applicable).

As for the baby, it's name is Broderick. In the final build of the game, it will have your legs; it will be the final boss. You can find it hiding in various other places. For example, those with a good eye may be able to spot it watching you in the train tubes and h-tube system. Have fun with that and I hope you look forward to the next update!

Are there only 2 levels? Because this game is amazing and should have more.

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Yep. There should be 3 levels, but I've only made 2 so far. Level 3 is a big boy to make.

Spoilers ---> you assassinate a dude

Edit: Level 3 is done. Go play it now! There is now 2 more levels and a boss fight planned. So in the end the levels should be: 1) Hospital | 2) HTube | 3) The Complex | 4) Train Tubes | 5) The Collection (+Final Boss)


Interesting.... I WANNA KILL A MAN.. once I get my game working.

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There is now a reward for getting into the secret room

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Wait the character named Hmm , did you get the inspiration from markiplier when he fell in the hole

i found that there is a baby in character select... is that normal?


Yes, it’s a teaser for the next update



hi i can not get past the 3rd or 4th checkpoint on the 3rd one


There is no fourth checkpoint. Here’s tips for the different checkpoints

  1. Wait for the train to pass before jumping down and hiding in the pit. Wait for the train to pass again before jumping out of the pit and onto the pipes above the train track. Go right from there.
  2. After you traverse the pipes below the track, wait for the train to pass before you jump back out into the tracks. Make a dash to the right from there.
  3. Continue right and traverse the pipes. If you can’t get over the large hole, try jumping from the small platform or putting your arms on top of the small pipe and swinging to the right below the pipe. When you get to the end, jump into the big pipe.

Hope that helps!

it does help thxs a lot

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i can not get past the 1st checkpoint some reason


if you’re running directly to the right, that’s why you can’t get past it. You can jump on top of the tubes above the track to avoid getting hit. There is a graffiti on the wall that points to it. You can also hide inside of the pit on the floor to avoid getting hit before you jump on top of the tube.


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How do you get the ladies man character? plus, what level is the secret room?


The ladies man is unlocked when entering one of the two secret rooms found in the HTube system

Hint: look at the roof


ok thanks