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Hey man thank you very much. I have used your blue background for main menu for Precursor Universe:

So Precursor Universe had a real space photo as a background which made it look full of clutter and what not...

As well as ship colors. I changed colors of most ships to metal gray, I am not fully happy with this and might change it back but for now it is fine.

Thank you very much. I will look into that.

Hey thank you! Can you give me an example? I am not good at art...

Oh I see... 

Well I guess it is time to get on that!

I got this asset pack and I must say it is amazing.

I am adding planet exploration aspect of my game with it.

It is so colorful.

By looking at the screenshots and a trailer of my game:

Can you tell me what I can fix with art?

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So for a long time now I am trying to  sell of my game: 

I have no idea what is a good way to do it. I created around 1000+ posts on twitter and tons of posts on reddit and some other forums.

If anyone has some tip please give it, I am trying to make some money with a quality game, but maybe the way I present it is bad I have no idea...

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There is no worse feeling than thinking about how good you were in that particular game and suddenly you SUCK.

As an ex CS GO Global Elite player I know that very well. 

You play normally for a few minutes, and then BAM!

What happened? You are starting to feel emotional suffering, to tilt.

During that moment you start losing skill and think that you no longer have luck that you had a few years ago or anything…

The problem lies, literally, in your own energy…

The worse you feel, the worse you perform and attract worse outcomes.

And no, this is not another "one of those".

It is not another annoying "Just think positive man" sentence, it is a proven, working technique.

So, you have bad luck and get easily tilted.

What if I told you that there is an easy way to fix that?

Literally, start feeling better and watching out what you say to yourself.

That is THE solution!


, but doable!

But I have a 100x easier way to absolutely DECIMATE the bad energy which is causing you bad luck and tilt!

That is why, working with a therapist I have used the canvas technique to help myself absolutely get that good luck like I once had…

Oh and when I get tilted I just have this app open in the background to use it for few seconds and I am calm again.

I want calm voice chat, so please lets start feeling better.

You can get it here and thank me later.

Hey thank you, hope you enjoy it!


Thank you I will see what I can do.

Please check it out and tell me what you think:

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Thank you it is so beautiful!

Do you have gemstone packs or similar, are you thinking about making them?

This will be used here:

Thank you! Hope you enjoy new updates.

Thank you very much. It will be on Steam soon. Keep checking for updates. Soon is a mission update.

Hey everyone,

If you are creating NPCs and are tired of programming behavior tree manually my Easy Behavior Tree Creator will make it way easier for you. It has source code, visual editor and all you have to do is design the node based behavior and load the file and the program will auto code the npc for you bug free .

Easy Behavior Tree Editor

Players will now be able to edit the behavior tree of the drone that they can spawn from bigger ships that they own.

Univers X

Thanks for playing! It has just been updated . Please tell me what you wish to see improved or added .

Of course you are amazing

This is amazing I am polishing my game using these and will soon buy premium I need that glass flat panel looks dope:

Okay, the rules have been followed the screenshot added :).

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Explore, Own Ships, Own Systems, explore entire universe...

Or become the richest and most powerful entity in the universe.

Prime Universe is an rpg exploration based "simulation".

AI Have their own lives they can upgrade themselves or group up for epic battles across the universe.


-Walk inside your own ships

-Buy and own ships

-Fight powerful enemies like bosses

-Place different type of utilities wherever you go




This is still in development and more features are to come!

I enjoy working on space stuff and every day I am adding and improving things to the game. It is inspired by Star Citizen, Freelancer and Elder Scrolls(AI). 

I hope you enjoy the game and tell me what can be improved or what would you like to see added.

Here are the keys:

Link to the game:

This is where I used your planets and I gave credit: 

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Thank you very much! Also where can I learn to be master of shaders like you?

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Thank you this is amazing for my game. How did you manage to slow down the sprite animation like that and be smooth? 

So I've started doing some pixel art and enjoyed quite a bit making space ships and backgrounds. I've made animated space ships and I am still making them. At least 50+ will be added more to this page. Check it out:

Space Assets

This looks very beautiful. It gives extremely good vibes. Thank you.

God damn it