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neat little game... I like your spritework and the level of detail in your map-design. The stealth section was a bit wonky since it was hard to see when you're really hidden. sometimes people saw me even though  was standing right in the middle of a bunch of sunflowers. Aside from that part it was very enjoyable.

hey, that's awesome. I saw you had a bit of a problem getting to grips with it. I did in fact include instructions in the game, but I guess it couldn't hurt to give an overview of the controls and mechanics in the game's description. Thanks!

maybe it's a problem with the browser...? I'm using firefox

nope, sorry... Music still fades out when entering my name and doesn't come back, though the sound effects keep playing as intended

haha thanks.... though I think in the end it became more like a cookie clicker - like game than an actual action game ^.^"

Since Harvest Moon is one of my favourites, I HAD to try this. It took me a few moments to get what my objective was, but after that, it was hard to put the game away. Love the farming aesthetics and this frantic gameplay loop. It gets really tense as soon as you have to produce more than 7 of a kind ^.^"

I'm not good at this, but it's fun.... I seem to get boosts on accident, but they still feel awesome!

awesome concept and stylish pixel art. also one hell of a funky groove. I really like to fail at this ^.^"

only problem I seem to have is that after I die I need to refresh the page or I don't hear any music.

also, is there a system to how the dancers move or is it purely random?