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Don't get your hopes up about the DLC, I've had trouble getting it to a state I found would be enjoyable, but my efforts do indeed exist and I'm pretty happy with this direction, so who knows.

Second floor is for when you start a new game plus (load up a completed game save) which gives the ability to change costumes, and the laundry is simply a locked door/back door to outside (not used for anything)

Surprisingly my video on my channel is nearing 30k views, had 2.5k downloads so it was pretty successful in my opinion. I had another 2k downloads before I didn't know how to use this site properly and replaced the download so it's around 4-5k downloads including gamejolt.

In the solitary room where one of the blue keys are (that shuts the door when taken) on the table. Use the lighter to see the number.

It's not quite every puzzle, but should help.


Piano - Combine Handkerchief and Soap and wipe the piano, avoid the Oni that will drop down and then go back and investigate. Looking at the message of the sun and moon the code it is the third number rotating while the second sits still, then the third number passes it only as its equal - only the second and third numbers are used - the third number rotates while the second is the same and then the third is used again only without rotating, then the final number would be what wasn't used.

Shrine - Use the Red Gem to get the Old Key. Take it back after.

Clock Room - The order of the red numbers are based on the dates of the deaths in order.


The lighter can make hidden items shimmer when near them on the shelves in the starting room. The cage room should have its light lit and door closed, then look at the right of the door for the code to the safe.


Head to the attic and get the lighter fluid, then back down to the 1F and into the kitchen and use the lighter, grabbing the rotten meat from the fridge and push the dumbwaiter button to send it to the 2F. Grab the guest room key from the dumb waiter and light bulb from the lamp.

The 2F outside balcony has the code from Jeff for his room box to get powder, as well as the grams needed for the explosive. 1.25 The fireplace can be lit and the doll burned to get the Yellow Gem, and the attic will now have a number etched in you need. The doll is in the North Hall left room (Jeff's Room) and one of its eyes sparkle.

In the North Hall right side door, put the Yellow Gem into the doll there and turn off the light, then take the doll head and replace it with the lightbulb to reveal a hidden door. Back in Jeff's room, use the doll head to reveal the safe and then the code from the attic to open the safe and get the basement key.


Move the shelf to the left of the door to reveal a panel. Use the star screw driver to open it and solve the puzzle (third, first, second) to restore power. Also get the picture book on the shelf and check it for the bookmark.

Use the flathead on the door panel to undo it, then use the bookmark to figure out the door code (red, green, grey, blue)

Use vinegar on the red key from the tub room (drain the tub, push it from the top) to get the iron gate key and proceed down to the basement. Check the disc and follow its pattern to push the portraits correctly (red, yellow, yellow, blue, yellow, red) to get metal stick. Combine it with the disc to get the catacombs key.

In the catacombs grab a bunch of gun powder (you can measure it later in Jeff's room with his scales and what the note said) Combine the powder and gun powder for explosive.

OLD BUILDING (Great to explore and figure out this area on your own)

Medical Room - Push the statue and torch from the exit into the room, gold statue is left, silver right and use the flame on each side and take note of the sides of each shape.

Have fun, just try to ignore my crappy spelling and grammar lol

That was what I was going for, to give the player the freedom to decide. 

Mika was an odd case since in the original she died and became an oni in the basement, so that created ~6 conditions just by the time you reached the basement. The other deaths were actually placeholders but I really liked how they flowed towards the end of development that I kept them. It also burned me out on how buggy her conditions become with all the events that it wore me down trying to fix them.

As for the game, I've tried to work on the DLC and restarted several times from scratch, but I'm just having trouble getting it to a point I like, so I'll probably not release it (sorry) 

On the plus side, I have a first draft design completed of a new horror game which I'm happy with as well as two very early survival horror games and a short oc horror titled Floss. I've also been toying with ideas to start an R version of Ao Oni School Nightmare, but that's just thoughts really. 

I enjoyed this one. I normally hate jump scares but you kept them to a minimum and even had a nice encounter at the end. 

Great game. Always an amazing experience playing your games. 

Push the statue and the torch from the exit area into the medical room. put them on the correct color and push the torch on either block below it.

Sorry, that's a little set back due to the lighting engine that was used, but it was a good trade off. You'll just have to close and reopen the game or load from the menu in game.

Easiest way is to put only one powder on the scales and then fiddle with the weights until it says both are equal. 

Once you know how much a single gunpowder weighs you can then use basic math to measure out what the note on the 2F balcony wants you to measure.

The bug I believe is the same as mentioned below, I recently hotfixed it. Also If you stand in front of the area where you picked up the blue key and then select it from the inventory, you can place the key again to unlock the door.

Oh god, just when I thought I was finally done with the bugs lol. Thanks for the report, I'll look over it in the next day or two. I'm glad you like the game, it means a lot.

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It has some bugs, which I'm in the process of fixing but, the way it works is:

You need to ignore the scream and just enter the basement, but there are conditions to it.

-When you hear Mika scream, checking the second floor in the room will always get her killed
-If you enter the basement after the scream without a) having Anna alive, or b) getting the compression kit, then Mika will die
-If Anna is alive, but you don't get Mika the compression kit, she will survive with Anna's help _but_ die towards the end of the game because of her ankle in an alternate/hidden death (my favorite death)

In short, to save Mika, you need to get her the compression kit for her ankle, which can be found in the left hall bathroom where the hiding spot/toilet is and just continue entering the basement after you hear the scream.

Sorry for the late reply, doubt you're still stuck by now but if you are:

Red Gem goes into the case in the room next to the basement door (undo the panel with the screwdriver). That will get you the key for the Rumpus Room on the third floor of the mansion.

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You need the correct amount of gun powder measured at the scales in the Doll Makers room (North Hall of the Annex)

The amount you need is revealed on the 2F Balcony of the Annex in a note. (through the Dining Room)

It's just a matter of figuring out what each chunk of gunpowder is worth.

Got a full playthrough here without commentary and with both the endings. I had no idea how to open the secret door or what time you get the extra mode though sadly (maybe it's something to do with the cat poster). 

I'm so glad you liked it. The perfect ending involves needing all six character cards as well as the spell. You get a character card for saving a character from a certain predicament.

There's also lots of stuff to discover, such as an unlockable hell mode for finishing hard, alternate costumes for Hiroshi and several cheats (which can be found in a notepad file in the install folder) Also two fun easter eggs are constantly clicking on the bathroom door before you first encounter the Oni as well as an alternate Mika death scene (which is my favorite) in the basement of the Old Building (Save Anna but don't get Mika the compression kit)

I tested the new version and was able to start exploring, so hopefully it's fixed. Thanks for letting me know and don't hesitate to tell me if something else occurs like it.

Okay, it's doing it to me as well., this is odd. Gimme a bit to try and fix it. Thanks for the feedback, I just wish I was informed about this earlier.