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i played a little bit and was having a lot of fun, but sadly my GPU couldn't handle it for some reason. Even in the main/starter screen of the game, my GPU is at 98%. While playing the game it sounds as if my computer is on fire.

 I have played several games with better looking graphics such as Diablo 3, LOL, Overwatch and never had problems.

I also tested to make sure the GPU was working properly with the software "UserBenchmark".

If the performance issue is fixed, i would gladly pay to play this game.


downloaded Castle Constructor Alpha 3.0

windows 10

GPU:   Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB

CPU:   Intel Core i7-6700K

i tried it again. well, it's better than before, that's for sure. that being said, it's still lacking.

suggestions to improve:

1- currently, u just play every card u get at every turn. why? because there is no cost to play a card and when a creature dies, it will eventually go back to your hand. As a result, all the player has to decide is where to put each card. There should be more thinking in a card game

1.1- I think it would be better if there was a "mana" system. Different cards would have different costs, and every turn your mana goes back to full. If you did this, you could either make it so your mana stays the same the entire game OR similar to Hearthstone where players start with 1 mana and every turn their mana increases by 1

1.2- cards used would never go back to the player's hand. unless they used a "ressurect card" or something like that. For this to work, you would need bigger decks

2- if you want players to save their progress/decks, you could just show them a "text/code". the players would then save this text/code in their computers, and when they want to play they just put it inside the game so it knows where they stopped

3- i might have misunderstood, but it didn't show me the description for the cards.

4- i guess you should draw the same amount of cards every turn? until your deck is over. either 1 or 2 cards per turn probably

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everything u said i had already deduced. even without a tutorial/instructions i could deduce the basic. however it didn't work. 

1- i now tried again, and realized i could play creatures on the bottom blue row. the top blue row wasn't "working". it seems if the card touches a square first, u can't place on another. to place a card on the top row u need to draw the card around the bottom row to "enter from the top".

2- not every turn i get a new card. 

3- i never succeded in using the cards life and health. i did try using them on creatures that had suffered damage and intact creatures

4- my cards don't show a tooltip explaining what they do, unlike an image u posted. probably because u didn't upload the latest version. but without explanation of what a card does it's difficult to play

5- i might have found a bug. i clicked on "stack" during enemy turn and the button "back" doesn't work

6- does the game save?

7- when does a match end? specific number of turns? or when soemone reaches a certain score?

8- i don't understand what "stack" does

obs: played as human

hmmm... i have NO idea at all of how to play this game

any plans on adding game to steam?

i'm still waiting for dungeon mercenary with graphics

it's on very early stages

version 0.00000000000000000000000001

i will check it out

and now i'm making my own dungeon crawler :)

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of different ages and "colors"

baby, young, adult, ancient

some of them live alone. u enter their cave/dungeon/camp and they are the only creature there

a boss/ final challenge

something to spend ridiculous amounts of money on. maybe a castle?

separate skill meditation into 2 skills

1 for max mana another for mana regen

snow areas ... with yetis!!!

type power/piercing/duration etc

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fireball could destroy web

the more enemies around you, the easier u are to hit. because u are distracted/occupied (this is to make it harder to fight a lot of weaklings)

button to sell every "normal" equip you have

button to take all potions below you/container so that u don't need to select it

everyone always picks up potions. i think?

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a counter for how long the teleport will stay open

EDIT: In Look mode, this was always visible on the description of the Portal

be able to teleport from the world

pinefell dungeon needs treasury at the end

open doors from afar with acquire

toggle spells

stop rest

sleep in a inn to pass time and renew shops

pay for stuff with money in strongbox

scroll to send something to strongbox

button to take everything in a container/floor below you (except bodies)

button to compare item to the item in second hand

a button to go to the end of the list

(1 edit)

if u have items in the hotkeys, show how many u have

EDIT: Done

(1 edit)

don't show the school of magic of the actions. Instead show the cost of the action or be able to see longer names

EDIT: Done, action sources are no longer visible in hotkeys window

ordering actions by name/cost

(1 edit)

messages about you taking damage have different color from enemy taking damage

EDIT: Done

(1 edit)

show how many turns your buffs (mage armor, spell shield, haste) will last so that you don't need to click "u" to see. just put a little number above their icon

EDIT: Done

show hex resist and speed of the target

order stuff on floor by value or rarity

edit actions

mark items as "top of inventory"

mark items as "don't sell"

option to turn off permanent death (some people don't like it). Also, there are bugs. It would be pretty annoying to die because of one and lose everything. It's optional. if someone doesn't like it just don't use it