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Turn based roguelike with an advanced health system · By Sheriour

Post and Vote on suggestions! Sticky

A topic by ulgrash created Jul 22, 2018 Views: 402 Replies: 35
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Vote on ideas/suggestions!

Post your ideas! 1 idea per post


option to turn off permanent death (some people don't like it). Also, there are bugs. It would be pretty annoying to die because of one and lose everything. It's optional. if someone doesn't like it just don't use it


mark items as "don't sell"


mark items as "top of inventory"

edit actions


order stuff on floor by value or rarity

show hex resist and speed of the target

(1 edit) (+1)

show how many turns your buffs (mage armor, spell shield, haste) will last so that you don't need to click "u" to see. just put a little number above their icon

EDIT: Done

(1 edit) (+1)

messages about you taking damage have different color from enemy taking damage

EDIT: Done

ordering actions by name/cost

(1 edit)

don't show the school of magic of the actions. Instead show the cost of the action or be able to see longer names

EDIT: Done, action sources are no longer visible in hotkeys window

(1 edit)

if u have items in the hotkeys, show how many u have

EDIT: Done

a button to go to the end of the list


button to compare item to the item in second hand

button to take everything in a container/floor below you (except bodies)

scroll to send something to strongbox

pay for stuff with money in strongbox

sleep in a inn to pass time and renew shops

stop rest

toggle spells

open doors from afar with acquire

pinefell dungeon needs treasury at the end

be able to teleport from the world

(1 edit)

a counter for how long the teleport will stay open

EDIT: In Look mode, this was always visible on the description of the Portal

button to take all potions below you/container so that u don't need to select it

everyone always picks up potions. i think?

button to sell every "normal" equip you have

the more enemies around you, the easier u are to hit. because u are distracted/occupied (this is to make it harder to fight a lot of weaklings)

(1 edit)

fireball could destroy web

type power/piercing/duration etc

snow areas ... with yetis!!!

separate skill meditation into 2 skills

1 for max mana another for mana regen

something to spend ridiculous amounts of money on. maybe a castle?

(1 edit)


of different ages and "colors"

baby, young, adult, ancient

some of them live alone. u enter their cave/dungeon/camp and they are the only creature there

a boss/ final challenge

Is anyone else not able to like posts? I’m not able to for some reason 

Is there a reason why no mouse cursor appears? I'm trying to click apply on upgrading my skills and cannot

Shared stash so you can give items to other characters.

Ability to choose starting equipment based on preset funds, would make casters a bit easier to play if you could start with different staves.