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One of the best RLs in my collection!

Great job!


Pretty great

Sign me up Caleb!!!!! - Chris

The auto-mapping looks great!

I'm still around, I'm just not good at keeping on top of itch!

This game will be rock, really looking forward to the demo and feedback stages!

Great stuff!

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Excellent post!  I am extremely excited and can't wait to play it! 






Great job!

Wow.  Just started playing this.  Fantastic job


Very welcome!

Wow!  My goodness this is a tasty roguelike - just loads of flavore.

Dungeons are incredibly well generated and wonderfully decorated.  Combat feels so solid.

I really hope this continues!

Impressive.  You might not be seeing a lot of chatter here, but this is cool stuff.

Roguelike game traditionally have been with no meta proggression to make the game easier.  Getting better at roguelikes games is generally done by learning how to PLAY the game better.

In the last 5 years or so there has been a really large number of games we would call roguelites that use this type of mechanic. 

Its just a shader.  I mean, you probably ripped half of it from someone else right?

I guess I like the new graphics, but the old systems :)

Love this game

OLD school.  In both good and bad ways.  On standard difficulty you will be save scumming each encounter in the beginning, then cheesing your way to victory in the middle and end.  Not as good as the games its trying to mimic from the 90's, particularly  with combat, and the audio is repedative to the point of agony.

However - with all that said - its got a really impressive amount of dungeon maps, and its got a lot of secrets and rewards exploration.  Definitly if you like the wizardy games and those of that ilk then its a good game at the price.  wait for a steam sale if not.

Great job btw - just about to get back  on this.
Happy holidays!

I like the art style a lot, very simple.

I see you ended development.

Shame.  I've just also tried Dugeon Mercenaries and I like them both and think they are great first releases.  Personally I'd take these tile graphics and slide them over the other game and try re-release :)

Still making the game


That looks like it would run a heck of a lot faster than normal parallax backgrounds in godot!

I should give it a go.

Oh, and you made a sale too :)


I missed the notification for this release.


4 more sleeps!

Or perhaps thats 4 more sleepless nights for you :)

Great job on the video!

Cant wait to give it a run, excited.

Great stuff!

Good luck mate.  Its a solid outing to start with, look forward to picking it up though I do wish you had picked a lower entry price at this very early stage.