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Didn't you quit game dev?

Soooo I thought I made ranking public, and was going to get around to voting for the games eventually, and realized I did not and now I feel bad ;_;...I am SOOOO SORRY PEOPLE

A few people who have signed up for the jam have asked if it would be possibly to get more time, since they're doing 100% custom art for the jam, and after some deliberation, I decided to go for it! So we've added another month to the jam! Get your smut the best it can be, folks!

Is this a dead project??


Congratulations on Being a Runner-Up in the Game Jam!

Congratulations on Being a Runner-Up in the Game Jam!

Congratulations on Winning Third Place in the Game Jam!

Congratulations on winning Second Place in the Game Jam!

Congratulations on Winning First Place in the Game Jam!

I'll be live streaming the judging over on my Twitch Channel starting at 3pm MDT! Hope to see you all there! Prizes will be awarded immediately, and through Discord messages. If you aren't already on my Discord, join!

You're an awesome guy, Berry!!

Hey everyone. I had planned on streaming the games and announcing winners on Oct. 31st (for my birthday) but instead I will be spending the night with my family. So I will do a MUCH earlier stream that day, but the judging of entries will happen on November 1st. Sorry for any inconvenience, everyone. What time on the 1st will be determined by how many entries, and their approximate length.

LTN Games has graciously donated some keys for their paid plugins. First, Second and Third place winners will receive all (or some) of the following plugins:

  • Endless Runner
  • Wayponts
  • Skip Video

Yes, AlaskanEmily, as long as your development on the game takes place within my dates, and fits the theme, go nuts!

Hi Rakuen! Yes, only PC is allowed for the jam. I will add that to the main page to help clarify.