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Game was released before the jam began, and has nothing to do with the theme. Disqualified for breaking the rules.

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Absolutely not! It can involve ANY type of family or family dynamic. Something like what you're describing would be fine, so long as it's clear they're some sort of family or family-like unit, and a tradition of that unit is recognized somehow.

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Any questions that come up for the jam will be listed here!

  • Does the MC have to be part of the family?
    • Nope! As long as there is some sort of Family Tradition in the game, it still counts! For example: a hitchhiker who happens to become the family's next...guest works!
  • Does it have to refer to or be a traditional family with a husband, wife and one or more kids? Can I instead do a tribal family structure which an entire village is considered one big family?
    • Absolutely not! It can involve ANY type of family or family dynamic. Something like what you're describing would be fine, so long as it's clear they're some sort of family or family-like unit, and a tradition of that unit is recognized somehow.
  • What does No Fan games really mean?
    • Anything that would be considered NOT public domain (EG: Sonic the Hedgehog, Cloud from FF7, etc). Properties such as the SCP Foundation and the monsters therein are fair game, since they are mostly considered public domain.
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I'll be honest: I rarely check the threads in these things. So, I invite anyone who wishes to join Hawk's Discord server! If you have any questions, or need help with any part of your game (or even find a team) check it out!

Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me.

Unfortunately this game broke rule 4 about assets not being ripped and is DQ'd from winning prizes. 

However, it's still a good game, and will remain in the jam for people to see and play!

Q: How will judging be handled?

A: After the submission period is over, Hawk will post a new thread on the board explaining the process for everyone.

Q: If my game is too big, what should I do?

A: only allows 1GB of compressed game data (and 30GB uncompressed, I believe) to be uploaded without contacting support. If support isn't bale to get back to you in time, then you CAN upload it as an external file.

Just click that link and follow the prompts. Files hosted on other sites are allowed.

Just played this on Steam and LOVED IT. Great work.

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Any questions you may have about the jam or any rules that seem unclear, please ask them here!

Q: If I commission a judge for some assets (art, music, plugins, etc) do I forfeit any prizes?
A: No. If the judge is ONLY being commissioned to provide assets and is NOT actively working on the script (writing) for your project OR is a member of your team, then it's considered the same as purchasing assets from a storefront. The category is judged on the USAGE of the assets, not their QUALITY.

Q: Can I include you or your Hawk in my game?
A: Yes! I'd be flattered. You have 100% permission to use my likeness or use my HawkZombie avatar. But please refrain from including my family members (making ones up is fine, though!). Also, please do not include my original characters from my games or novels without permission. 

If you want to join HawkZombie's official Discord server to talk about the game jam, use this link!

Feel free to join Hawk's Discord (if you already haven't)

I should also mention I just now figured out how to cross the spike trap, and haven't found a lever anywhere.

...What library?! Where the heck is that?

Ok. Now I'm stuck after freeing the vampire. I have no idea where to go or what to do. I gave candy to the magic ball in the attic, and it gave me a code, but that doesn't work on the safe in the basement. The spiders also kill me when I try to put in the code.

I, for the life of me, cannot figure out the dollhouse. Got any hints? PLEASE?!

Also, in 1.02 there are invisible holes in the ground that I haven't been able to figure out where to go.

You CANNOT beat the Water Temple boss in Versions 1.01 & 1.02. The bubbles don't explode upward when you light them on fire. Only in version 1.00. You can import your first save to try and beat the boss.

This is AMAZING! Thank you, Berry ❤️

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The results are now public, and the winners are as follows:

1st Place People's Pick - GARGANTUAN: Part 2 by Kemsyn
2nd Place People's Pick - What Comes Up Must Come... by Knightly44

1st Place Judge's Pick - Necro-Nom-Icon by Nowis-337
2nd Place Judge's Pick - :eternity by BerryItch

Congratulations to the winners!

Judge's Results

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Hello everyone! 

First of all, congrats on getting a game in for the third annual HawkZombie HAWKTOBER Game Jam! That alone is an achievement in and of itself, and is incredibly impressive.

Now, the games will be streamed in groups of five, starting at 6pm MDT on Monday, October 26th, and go until Thursday October 29th. The winners of the people's vote and the judge's choice will be announced live on stream Monday, November 2nd. The day a group is to be played, the order will be randomly chosen at the start of the stream.

The game key giveaways will be given away one per game played (Save the very first one, as there are only 19 games to give away) with the games given away decided randomly.

The following games will be played on these respective days:

Monday, October 26th:
Terror Aboard the Hermes
Ground Zero
What Comes Up Must Come...
Tuesday, October 27th:
Cosmic Fear: The Lurker
Momento Mori
Captain Buck on Planet Arkenshape
Wednesday, October 28th:
Space Guardians
Project Nebulus
Investigating the Deus Mortis Cult
Thursday, October 29th:
The Necro-Nom-Icon
Perceiving Shapes
Advent of the Cosmos
Omnes un manet nox

Just a heads up everyone: When I stream the entries to the Game Jam (Starting Oct. 26th), I will ALSO be giving away a number of games! Right now we have eighteen (!) games with a combined value of $323 CAD to give away, including:

Tesla Vs Lovecraft
Sim City 4 Deluxe
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic I & II
Eagle Island
Blood: Fresh Supply
Atari Vault
Soul Reaver 2
Dear Esther
Golf With Your Friends
Lethal League Blaze
Evoland Legendary Edition
Wacky Wheels
Legacy of Kain: Defiance
F1 2019
One Finger Death Punch 2

Rules and stipulations will be explained during the streams, and all the games will be given as keys to redeem through Steam. A BIG Thank You to Retro for donating most of these!!

If anyone is interested, you can join my Twitch channel Discord to discuss the jam or just hang out.

Hello everyone! Any questions or concerns about the jam can be directed either here, or you can head on over to our Discord (HawkZombie's Twitch discord) to ask away! The most up-to-date info about the jam can usually be found there as well.


Very Haroldy

Didn't you quit game dev?

Is this a dead project??


Congratulations on Being a Runner-Up in the Game Jam!

Congratulations on Being a Runner-Up in the Game Jam!

Congratulations on Winning Third Place in the Game Jam!

Congratulations on winning Second Place in the Game Jam!

Congratulations on Winning First Place in the Game Jam!