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It depends on your permissions and Linux install, but you can often just double-click or run via terminal. Depending on what other games you've run, you may still need to install some libraries. You'll be able to see error messages indicating what libs are missing if you try to run it via terminal. This can help with some of the common issues, especially the most common missing libs:

To my knowledge, chromebooks don't have a standard linux distro on them so they may not to be able to do that sorta thing. But it shouldn't be any tougher for this game than other Unity games.

You just have to make it to the other ship's bridge.

Thanks for the kind words and great video! It looked like the button depth was a bit deeper than you were expecting; I'll have an eye at lowering that.

There's a lot I want to do, but I'm currently working on more VR interactivity in exploration. I like the idea of more VR interactions in battle too, but I don't want too add things that'll frequently slow battle down.

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Unfortunately, it seems Nvidia drivers + the version of Unity used by Cloudbase Prime does not lead to the built-in MSAA for everyone! You *should* be seeing 4x MSAA in Beautiful and 8x MSAA in Fantastic. If that's not the case for you, sorry! Fortunately, you can fix this issue by using application-specific profiles in Nvidia's control panel.

You'll need to install the proprietary nvidia drivers for this to work, as far as I know:

And this Steam forum thread gives an excellent summary of how to use that utility to turn on MSAA for a specific application (in this case: "Cloudbase Prime.x86", but don't put quotes into the actual dialog!)

I'm sorry I didn't notice this issue earlier! My previous Linux test machines did not have this issue.

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Cloudbase Prime mostly works great on Linux, especially when the itch app helpfully warns you about any missing dependencies.  Most of its dependencies are probably already installed or they're obvious enough that you'll be able to google them to get going.

BUT there's a tricky pulseaudio issue that may mess up your sound playback: The version of Unity used by Cloudbase Prime assumes pulseaudio is installed if it finds on your system. If that's not actually the case, then it will fail to play sounds in horrible, game-breaking ways.

The easiest fix for this is to simply install the 32-bit version of pulseaudio by typing this into terminal:
sudo apt-get install pulseaudio:i386

You may need to reboot your machine or mess around with pulseaudio --start if things don't work immediately, but they probably will work immediately!

I've fixed many a bug in a quick next-day update. More importantly, though, I added (potential) evil beards to teleporter clones!

Full change log here:

Feel free to bug me if you want the original jam versions; I didn't like the look of the page with six different downloads on it, but I've got them archived in case anyone wants them. The latest version's seen a fair number of bug/QOL changes, and I recommend the latest version!

There is a bug where the bridge screen can show the inside of the wrong ship if you teleport back and forth enough. I can see that making things pretty confusing. Sorry about that! Warping fixes this issue.

Also, I never added beards to cloned objects :(.

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Uh... that story you got a "sense of" is actually the exact story that was in the game! I appreciate that you'd like me to expand on it further, but I've edited your post to remove spoilers from the game page. I hope you don't mind, and thanks so much for enjoying the game!

Extract all of the zip file's contents somewhere and then double-click on 'I am the captain.exe' (the one with the icon).

Windows has the somewhat odd behavior of displaying a preview of the zip's contents if you double-click on it. You can drag those files out of there and into a folder of your choice, or you can just right click the file and select "Extract All..." instead.