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I've fixed many a bug in a quick next-day update. More importantly, though, I added (potential) evil beards to teleporter clones!

Full change log here: http://tyrus.tumblr.com/post/146787273911

Feel free to bug me if you want the original jam versions; I didn't like the look of the page with six different downloads on it, but I've got them archived in case anyone wants them. The latest version's seen a fair number of bug/QOL changes, and I recommend the latest version!

There is a bug where the bridge screen can show the inside of the wrong ship if you teleport back and forth enough. I can see that making things pretty confusing. Sorry about that! Warping fixes this issue.

Also, I never added beards to cloned objects :(.

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Uh... that story you got a "sense of" is actually the exact story that was in the game! I appreciate that you'd like me to expand on it further, but I've edited your post to remove spoilers from the game page. I hope you don't mind, and thanks so much for enjoying the game!

Extract all of the zip file's contents somewhere and then double-click on 'I am the captain.exe' (the one with the icon).

Windows has the somewhat odd behavior of displaying a preview of the zip's contents if you double-click on it. You can drag those files out of there and into a folder of your choice, or you can just right click the file and select "Extract All..." instead.