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Still looking if anyone is interested.

I made this post a few months agoand found a team of people to work with. We have 4 people now and are looking for one more pixel artist to help us with the character and monster art.  Here are a few images of characters and monsters we made so far. We use Unity and the art style is retro Pokemon inspired.

Can you send your art examples?

Thank you for sending your demo. This is a retro style game, so no voice acting. Good luck finding a project.

Hi, I’m a little confused after looking at your profiles. It seems you mostly work based on commission? I’m looking for someone who is interested in a rev share. Also do you have any examples of 16 bit style art you’ve made?

Thanks for sending samples of your music. I already contacted the person who posted before you, but just wanted to say thanks for replying. 

Do you have Discord?

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You can message me on discord

Hi, do you have example art or anything anywhere I could look at? I want to see if your style matches what I'm looking for.

Recently, I've been working on small prototype for a monster collecting RPG game like Pokemon or Dragon Quest Monsters and I'm looking for some people who would want to work on the project with me. I'm planning on finishing the prototype by the end of March/April and then hoping to do an early access release by the end of the year, and a full release by the end of 2024. This will be a revshare if the game launches.

About me:
I work as a senior software engineer at a AAA game studio and have also worked as a level designer in the past. I've worked on 8 games.

About the project:
It's easiest to call it a Pokemon clone, but I have other ideas to build on top of the Pokemon formula like a job system to have players have other goals besides collecting badges and fighting. It's made in Unity and aiming for a SNES/GameBoy Advance aesthetic but I currently using art I bought on twitch.

Looking for:
2D Artist: I want to use tilesets for the locations in the game, so experience making them would be a plus, but not necessary. This person will be responsible for all of the art for the environments, characters and monsters. So you can take the lead on the art style if you want. I'm open to more than one person helping out as an artist.

Needed in the future:

I'm not currently needing help on these parts of the game, but if you are interested in helping out, feel free to reach out. I'll need help with these eventually and don't mind someone joining now if they are okay with only a little bit of work/time to contribute.

Game Designer:

Someone to work on the monster designs, story/quests and help balance the stats/combat.


Someone to help out with programming tasks after the prototype. I'll handle most of the critical systems before the prototype is finished so this person would be working mostly on new features for the game, mission/level scripting, UI and anything else that comes up. C#/Unity experience is nice, but not necessary. If you are completely new to programming, it is also fine to join and I can help you learn.

Hoping to find someone who is interested in making music like the older systems mentioned above.

This looks great, I used your tiny packs in my last prototype here:

I'm going to use these for my new one.

Sorry, the first question was about the bushes. Do the bushes have an animation for being cut?

All 6 main characters are in every pack?

Hello I'm thinking about buying your tiny bundle. I had a few questions.

Do they have animations for when the player cuts them?
Do the animations for each pack use the same main character? Like if I bought this and the fishing pack, is this character also the fishing character?
Do the hearts in your GUI pack fill by half or by 1/4s? For example can they be 1/4 or 3/4 filled?

Hey thanks for answering my question. This is really helpful!

Your game looks awesome. It's a shame there is no mac version. I found your game searching for soccer games, as I'm trying to make a small prototype for learning Unity. Do you have any recommendations for building a dribbling system? I've tried a few things but I'm stuck.