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Wow, this is impressive how long did it take to make?

Thank you!

ya, i had it in testing mode but forgot to put it back sry

Cool game!

sure thanks for playin

ya I forgot to change the timers settings after testing to the correct time rip


ya, I forgot I had the timer set to 10 seconds instead of 3 min lol


thankyou, im not sure why you are getting that

thankyou, I was going to add walls, but I felt like it limited the player on space and functionality

oh, weird I never had that when testing, I think I know what the problem is though.

Also quick question did you listen to the audio, and did it sound like a jumbled mess?

Thankyou, im not sure what you mean? Are you talking about the doors


Ok thankyou, ill take that into consideration on my next game :

(1 edit)


Ya sorry about that, my level design was vary bad, lol, thanks for playing

Ok, ya I agree not seeing the next jump is vary annoying, I just through the level together in a couple minutes that is why its got those little trust falls, Thanks for playing

Ya I agree, I didn't have much level design time so I just through something together, Thanks for playing

Thankyou, ya i was planning on implementing different game modes, 1 of them would be checkpoint game modes, thanks for playing!

Thank you, ya i dont know how you got that screen bug, but ya i quickly through a level together that is why it had jumps that you couldn't see, thanks for playing

ok thankyou, I just found a series that is helping, its called Cherno, It is in C++ but its not bad, Thankyou anyways:

Where did you learn to make your own game engine? I am looking to make one but I am having trouble finding where to start

its a great game i am not dissipated just stating that its not original great job though

oh i must have missed it some how thank you

vary cool game love the art but the paddle speed felt a bit slow great game

its a good game but its not vary origional

i find the control's a bit difficult but its a great game

I don't know how to use the crane definition would be great

fun game but the  keys seem out of place i think it should be left click to shoot and numbers to switch weapon but art was great and it was a fun game

yes i agree with MrJekerman but great job its a fun game

k thank

have fun don"t stress and don"t try to overachieve set a reasonable goal.

is teamwork allowed

its a great game the gravity could be a bit slower its a little hard but it is a great game

plus i loved the game

its not your game its how you set it up in

lol me to

i learned i need to rely on my strength to get past my weaknesses 

i also learned i suck at art lol, but a great programmer