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It was a bug, please redownload the new version and after lectures it'll trigger.

Fixed, please try to reinstall again

Redownload the game. It was a bug that you wasn't be able to get level 2. Just go to the lectures and it'll start there.

Switch to white or red penties if it's freezing

Try to use red/white panties.

What platform are you playing?

Unfortunately I don't know where saves are stored in Android version. I'll try to find em. Android platform is new for me and I'm still learning..

What happened? It might happen cuz of black panties. Try to change to re/white.

We have a discord server:

I think I'll need to post it on itch page too

Hm I will reupload a new version soon, let's see if it will work

I'll fix that and reupload a new versio!

We'll upload a new update soon. It will be fixed there I'm pretty sure.

Hello. You just download the new version and play it using your old saves.

Unfortunately, there is no way to, sorry.

32 or 64 version? Can you attach a screenshot of that bug?

Three is no option to use magic wand yet. You can't click egg or it disappeared?

Other things like toys on lecture will be later as the story progress. but there are problems with blackscreen and idk what happened to newgrounds but the game takes some attempts to load...

Ohhhh... sorry we can't port the game to that OS..

Hm... Did it get disabled at the shop so you can't click on it? If so - reboot the game and try to wear it in the wardrobe if it's not working please send me your save file

C:\Users\you user\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\High School of Succubus\saves on

So you bought the new outfit (tank top and shirt) and it doesn't appear at the wardrobe? 

I have Chrome too and I can download... In download section...

Hello, 16.11 is a date of release, not the version.

Fixed. Today is update day so it will be fixed in a new version, thank you.

Please describe the problem? Did you download the game from There was a bug that download link didn't show up, so if that's a problem just refresh the page.

Refresh the page it will show up.

Patreon is for everyone :3

The time of posting is different so we don't really want to make false promises...

Oh we though no one is really using that blog so we dropped it... You can find changelag on patreon. all patchnotes are there.

Oh, hi! We are working hard to get it as fast as we can but usually we post update in one time. in like 17-18 hours >_>

Hmm... If the chain of events starts when you go to the cafe without bra. The first one is John peeping on Kelly. And other events are triggered when you are in work dress with skirt and with no bra starting working (not washing dishes). 

And clickblock bug is fixed, please redownload the game.

Fixed that bug, thank you... And the next update will be earlier 05.10 cuz of 26th Helloween special.

ohh.. thank you, btw the text duplicates when you get 2 slappes or just one?