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Android save file

A topic by TheusMonsoon created Apr 02, 2019 Views: 828 Replies: 5
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Hello, i'm trying to backup my save file from the android version, but i can't find the save file location....where the save file is stored?


Unfortunately I don't know where saves are stored in Android version. I'll try to find em. Android platform is new for me and I'm still learning..

Hello, I have a trouble to find my savegames. I played this game in chome on mac and now I buy and download offline version for mac.  Where I can find savegames on this two versions? Thank you for advice. 

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If you play web based applications, they have no access to your system`s file system. Mostly saving in web based application is doing with cookie´s.

Try "cookies in chrome" on google for more information. Perhaps you can extract savefiles from there? You can try this tool for looking deeper into the cookies. This link is in german language, but you can easy find comparable tools in other languages. Try "analysing cookies" on google.

You can find savegame on mac here ~/.godot/app_userdata/yourgame

or perhaps here ~/.local/share/godot/app_userdata

But in your situation is is easier to start a new game, instead of exporting savefile from a cookie to a mac file.

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Found my saves in my rooted Noxplayer Android-Test-Environment here.


But you have only access there on a rooted Android System. You should be carefully to root your Android. You decrease the security level for your phone, loose any warranties, some other apps can refuse to work and updating your system could be more difficulty.

I will try to find a solution to get access to the saves without rooting by changing the manifest of HOS and try to define there that HOS should store it´s savefiles at a different place where we have access without rooting.

I stopped my tries to change the manifest of HOS for now. You can't open that easy the AndroidManifest.xml. It´s a binary xml format, so you need at least a converter in both directions, if you want to change a textline there. Next problem is the apk package format the AndroidManifest.xml is stored in. You can´t go in there and change some data. You need to decompile the APK file first, then you can make your changes and finaly recompile it back. At some point there is also the need of signing the apk. This is really to much work, for changing some few textlines to allow the app access to external storage. Android is a piece of shit.