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What to do?

A topic by Olpr created Apr 23, 2019 Views: 5,584 Replies: 15
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I have lvl11000 points of corruption, and all my quests require lvl2. Is it possible to level up or this is all for nów in this game ? 


Redownload the game. It was a bug that you wasn't be able to get level 2. Just go to the lectures and it'll start there.

For me it still doesn't work even after i downloaded the new version.

But i have newest version. I downloaded it 2 days ago 

I went to the lecture but still cannot level up.


Fixed, please try to reinstall again

I have tried what you have said but the only thing I can do during the lecture while sitting next to Viki is to look at her pictures, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Have you continued an old save game or start a new game? If you have used an old save there could be uncontrolled behavior. There is also a problem with "the new game" option in game, when you have loaded a save before and use the "exit/start new game" ingame option. Then you have not a new game, you have only a new intro sequence and continue on the loaded game states before. If you want to start a real new game, you need to hardreset the game-engine (close and restart then game).

my game feezes in the library everytime. have reinstalled it.

the same problem. You know if they already fix?

i have an issue, i am at level 2, and i have 200 corruption but it wont go any higher. I do all these things that up corruption. I still cannot go to the night club or purchase the party dress, and it keeps repeating the thing with ash at the cafe. Have i reached the end? whats going on?

200/lvl2 is max atm for Kelly, nightclub and partydress are future projects i think. When you work the last shift at cafe without panties you always get the event with Ash. If you got the final Ash/Kelly Scene you get this each time then. Morgarith invading Ash and Kelly Cosplay with Viki are some of the new stuff in this version. We need to wait for next update now for more content.

I had play it in the last version when Kelly is in 250 in level 2 , ash at level 2 in 400 and viki in 300 in level 1 , when it's come to brenda the last scene was wen you use the fapapp or what it call , talk to Rebecca 2 times and Steve is in 150 in level one i had unlocked everything except the party dress cuz it's says that it's Don't exist in the game right now and i don't know what to do i play on Android and i can remove Kelly pants in the restaurant and the library but don't know what to do nex

I can be just in Kelly and ash dream 

Deleted post

I have Android 7.1.

have you guys played the one on newgrounds it just says highschool of succubus and thats it

thats the version i played