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Erik Hoyjor

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I had a few issues with the performance but otherwise it was pretty cool. (also I didn't find the music bullshit, maybe because I did not play it for very long, but it worked)

legit as in?

I did make this game for the jam, i just missed the theme and accidentally did the opposite of Diversifiers. The game sprung out from Idle Thumbs 180's airport nightmare story. Unfortunately the story confuses what I am actually trying to do with this one :( I kinda regret having a story in the game.

Very cool setting, though jerky collision with the ball.

How to sail, and the objective is explained on the game's page.

(you can also find win/mac/linux + assets there)

It took some time for me to understand what the rules are, but here is how I got it:

You have to keep the eye away from the legion for 60 seconds and the legion follows you.