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ok, I sent you a discord request.

already on a team?

Are you in a team already?

Try with the new files that were uploaded

I'm using Monterrey on a M1, let me check the build's config.

You can download the mac version now:
The Deep Ones by jorgegx00 (

The Deep Ones by jorgegx00 (

This is game is one of the best, I really enjoy this game, is very concise and to the point.

You start the game, fail and try again, very fast paced.

The presentation of this game is one of the best, is very concise, everything feel like it belongs in the game.  I really loved the art in general.

What could be better:

I felt the game needs more variety, more obstacles, enemies etc.

This game has a lot of creativity and I really enjoyed the level design.

What could be better:

More diversity on the game mechanics,  this game has a lot of potencial and I felt that could be expanded.

I have a mac version of the game(native for both intel and m1), but I can't upload now because it was ready after the deadline of the Jam.

Just after the JAM is finish I will update the files so you can play the game.

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you can dodge using [K] on the keyboard or (B) on Xbox controller.

You can use L to make the dialgues go faster(My bad, next time will be the same key used for next line).

You're not clumsey, the enemies are too hard, they attack very fast with little to none anticipation, that's something that should be balanced.
After the Jam finish you can came back and play the updated version of the game,.
Thank you for playing!!

After the JAM is finish I will upload a Mac version of my game.

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This is missing a lot of things, but is a good start,  keep working and making games. You will get better and better over time.

This Jam has a lot of great entries, you can play all of then, and study each game.

This is a great game overal, good concept, a good level design that knows how to play with the main concept(jumping kill's you), and an very original implementation of what a metroidvania can be.

What I think could be better:

  • Some kind of feedback when lossing hearth, I died a lot of times because I forgot about my hearth.
  • Animations, Sounds and Presentation in general, But this is very dificult to have in time for a Jam.
  • When I land on the diferent colors and effect is applied to the player(lossing or gainning hearth), but this doesn't happen when walking over, this limitation makes the games harder, but is agains what normally happen in most games(effects on collition) so is not very intuitive.I didn't get how that works until late in the game, so maybe a mini tutorial explaining that could help

Loved the art style and presentation in general, is one of the best in this Jam. But I didn't really like the level design for some reason, I think it wasn't very intuitive for me or maybe is missing some kind of motivation to continue exploring the game. I will continue playing later after finish with other entries, after that I will have a better feedback for you.

What a great level design!

I got so much fun getting loss and unlocking new paths.

This should  be completed(with more animations, levels and history) into a full game.

Thanks you, I really appreciate your feedback.

The recovery time of the enemies is almost instantaneous, and is something we need to fix for the future, also for the feedback on hits maybe a blood effect or other visual clue should be enough.

about the telegraphing, was something we notice too late, the final boss has a lot of telegraphing in his 3 main attacks,  in one he even make a sound before start. we are going to add more importance to that. Especially with the normal enemies that are the more common fights.

To speed up the dialog boxes you can press [L] on keyboard or (B) on Xbox controller, but there's no clue inside the game of how to, using enter is a better way and more intuitive way.

Thank you again,  this is very useful, I will literally save your comment :-)

Hope you finish the game and have fun!

You should hit those mechanisms

So far is my favorite game of the Jam, you did so much with such a simple concept!

Also you have 10 on theme, your game is the THEME all over the place!

excellent work.

The game is still in development and more levels and features will be added in the future.

Gravity Torn by jorgegx00 (