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Had no idea what I was getting myself into and sure was glad I found myself into it. It had good pacing and it was simple to learn from the get-go! Keep up the awesome work.

Puzzles were nice, had to think for some of them. The story was entertaining, always was asking myself "okay, where is this going". Enjoyed the setting and the art was funky.

Spent a lot of time wondering where this was going. Really enjoyed the art. A fun experience.

Kind of jumping on this question since it is related to Major Updates and Analytics. I am seeing that my past two Major Updates have significantly less than the our usual DevLog post - but I also think it could be that no one is interested. However, there is no feedback on the moderation end that I can see. Is anywhere on a DevLog that indicates whether it is in process of a manual review, accepted, or rejected? I *thought* I would get emails, but that may have been a different platform. So, is there a way to see that manual review process?

Very enjoyable, keep up the good work!

Thank you for clearing that up. I wasn't confident on the second part (creating a new page) being the right way, but I just wanted to make sure. Appreciate you!

I did read the "READ THIS", and it had a lot to say about *Publishing* and not state transitions. I am more curious about the scoring when a search is requested - does state play a role?

I have a demo that is currently in the state of "In Development". I am about ready to release it. When I first added the game (i.e. Published) it got a huge amount of traffic. My question is, will transitioning a game from the state of "In Development" to "Released" rank the game somewhere similar to when it was first added to - as if it were a new game added? Or, should I add a new page for the full (non-demo) version of my game? If I do that, will that trip any alarms and inadvertently get that listing or myself removed from

We just uploaded an update for our game Eight Hours. 

Eight Hours was lacking personality. So we gave it a chill pill and went ahead with adding some in game tutorials and hints about your equipment. If you pay close attention, you will notice that the game offers some hints as to what is going on.

A lot of feedback from YouTubers was that our entity was not scary. Yeah, it was lame. So we made it spookier by making it sneakier and harder to detect. We also updated some of the animations, death sequences, and damage sequences.

We decided that to get into the groove of the game, you needed more to do. So rather than only capturing EVPs, you can now capture photos and video of the entity. This had been in work since February and we are pretty happy with the results.

Full spectrum camera

This camera will enable you to take photos of spectral incidents. It will also enable you to capture visitations of an entity. Use wisely, it takes a while for the hardware to process what it is “seeing”. Finally, keep in mind that using it interrupts spectral activity.

Night Vision Camera

This is a standard night vision camera. Sometimes still photos are not enough to capture evidence of the supernatural. This is where the infrared of the night vision camera comes in handy. This will be used to capture entity activity in motion. Careful, it does not have the powers of the Full Spectrum Camera, so you are quite vulnerable while using it.

We also added icons for most equipment and items. We also added the following resource: Batteries and Medication.

Hi, just wondering if anybody has an idea of how long major updates for dev logs take to get reviewed. I sort by most recent and major update and the earliest is 11 days from today. I know I posted one about a week ago. Are those reviews done by or trusted community members?

Also, I am pretty sure I hit all the quality guidelines, and if I don't I would love some feedback.

Not sure if you do replays, but we have released an update that should make the game play experience more enjoyable. If you have time, let us know what you think.

Can’t wait to hear what you think. And we get it about the night thing - we won’t even play test at night anymore, not after what happened last time...

Dank, Sie das Spiel gespielt haben (How is our Deutsch? Our best German speaker hasn't spoken "auf Deutsch" in 5 years, and only had 2 years in high school training ;) )

That aside, you have our gratitude for playing the game! And you get applause for being our first streamer/youtuber recording a gameplay video of yourself. Unfortunately, we have no prizes other than pride in calling "First".
As for the lighting issue, that has been a general debate among our teams. See, the light plays a very important role within the game and allowing players to traverse the level in "pitch black" would break the game. However, from what we saw in the video - it seemed to also be an issue with our light switch layout as well as which lights each switch lit up. Your recording of someone (you) playing through the game with zero knowledge of the game and the gameplay has been very helpful and we will soon look for a fix in our next release.

Again - thank you for playing Eight Hours! We acknowledge it is a slower paced game that requires some patience when hunting down EVPs in each of the rooms in the house. Impressively, you are one of our most patient players seen to date.

As you progress there will definitely be entities to encounter - best of luck in your hunting of the paranormal!