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I love it, feels janky but the humor was on point and it's rare to see, good job :)

The presentation is incredible. I love the clean art style, and all the animation, everything is smooth and very easy to understand.
I just wished that there was a web version of the game so I wouldn't have to download.
Nonetheless, you did an amazing job and you should be proud :)

Thanks for your message :)

Indeed we realized that there are some situations where the player can't finish the level in some situations, but we didn't have the time to fix this. If you get stuck, you can restart the game and try to get as much coins as possible, this way you will get more dices and have less chances of being stuck :)

The button is supposed to toggle all the sounds on and off. But there is indeed an issue, thanks for pointing it out, I'll look into it :)

Hi, the whole team is very interested in doing an interview! How can we contact you to discuss the details?

Wow you made this Alone? This is really impressive! great job :)

Super cute game with a very nice music :)

The platforming was a bit too tight for my taste, I wished that the game was a bit easier with the controls, other than that it's a very nice concept well executed.

Congrats to the team :)

Hi, you are right, I made a small mistake with the distance detection in the code. I figured out what was the issue 30 minutes after the end of the jam 😅 

I'm happy you enjoyed our game 😄

Hi, indeed I made a small mistake with the distance detection in the code. I figured out what was the issue 30 minutes after the end of the jam 😅 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game 😄

Hi, Thanks a lot for the reply :) 

You are right, there are sometimes issue with the distance detection. I found a way to fix it 30 minutes after the end of the jam 😅

Super good idea with great execution! And the presentation is so well done and smart!

Congrats to the team 👏👏👏

Smart idea well executed with super cute visuals.

The only issue I had is that the character is sliding a bit, so in the last level after a long jump I fell from the platform I landed two times.

One advice: Do a web build next time, it's very easy with Unity and it makes your game much more accessible :) (The only trick is to deactivate the asset compression in the settings otherwise the game doesn't load in

Congrats to the whole team 👏👏👏

Very nice experience! A simple idea executed perfectly! I really felt the dread of being an astronaut stranded in space!

I really like how the game slowly increased in complexity with new elements coming in the level design. The pacing was really good and it made me want to play more :D

The minimalistic visuals work perfectly with the game!

Congrats to the team 👏 

I really liked the settings! I love dogs and sheep and the visuals are really cute :)

I was so sad to squish those poor sheep, I didn't mean to I swear 😱

The only this I would change is to make the line that pushes wolf more distinct from the one that pushes sheep, it took me several levels to understand that they were different, and before I realized it it made me think the wolves were ignoring the dogs.

Congrats to the team! 👏

I really loved the overall vibe of this game! The are and music are really good.

However I had such a hard time navigating, it felt like I could lose a level with one wrong input :(

On top of that, in level 3/4, it's super difficult to navigate because the normal view doesn't show far enough but the zoom is too fast because the map is big. being able to control the zoom (with the mouse wheel for instance) would have made the experience much more pleasant.

Nevertheless, releasing a game in 48h is always a miracle! this is a great work and you should be proud of yourselves :)

A smart idea brilliantly executed!

The balancing is a bit too much on the frustrating side for my taste. Never in my life have I wanted to throw  a grappling hook at the face of a penguin so much. But I pushed through and the final image was well worth the struggle!

Congrats to all the team 👏

Thanks a lot for your comment!

You are perfectly correct, the line is a bit fiddly. I figured out where the problem was 30 minutes after the end of the Jam 😅I fixed it in case we want to make  an improved version after the video for the Jam is released.

I'm very happy that you enjoyed our game!

Merci beaucoup pour ton message, ça fait vraiment plaisir 😳

Aucun d'entre nous n'as fait l'enjmin et d'ailleurs deux d'entre nous n'ont jamais étudié ou travaillé dans le jeu vidéo 😄

Je travaille à Ubisoft en Finlande mais j'ai commencé à faire des jams longtemps avant ça.

On a déjà été relayés avec Sacha grâce à Paisible Après-midi au Fil des Toiles il y a deux ans:

Ce serais vraiment incroyable qu'on y apparaissent encore ! 

En tout cas je suis très heureux que tu ais autant apprécié notre jeu !

I'm very happy that you found the secret, it was a last minute addition and we really liked making it :D

I agree with you, we should have explained that clicking cancels the line, I've seen other people struggling with it,

I'm glad you enjoyed our game :)

The voiceover is impressive and the music super catchy!

I just had a hard time differentiating some colors (the red and brown in the second level) so I got stuck. But thanks to the unlock all button I try the other levels and hear the super cool music :D

The game is a bit rough on the edges, but this was a great idea! Very good work!

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The Gun feels so good to use 😗👌 !

The screen shake is perfectly balanced and the wiggly arm really conveys the feel, just for this the game was enjoyable to toy with!

You didn't have time to finish the game but it's ok! What you've learned this time will make your next game better and the next one even better :)

The mechanics are very well integrated in the fantasy of the game and those visuals are just so good 😲

The polish is exceptional, even up to the page of the game!

This is truly an outstanding game 👏👏👏

Really nice looking game, very well polished!

Fantastic game! It's really smart and the presentation is wonderful!

I'm glad you liked it! And after Mark's videos on accessibility, this is something we pay attention to!
Also I'm happy to see people who also played our entry from 2019 :D

I really like the concept but I really struggle at game when you need the proper timing. Because the piece keep rotating after being launched, it was too hard to me to get it right.

Nevertheless, I had a fun time and I really like the juicy effects that makes the overall experience really enjoyable :)

The game is very well polished and is the pure definition of easy to learn, hard to master!

I struggled a lot on the first level to get the rhythm right (I would always jump a bit too early or a bit too late), but after I got it it was really enjoyable!

Bonus points: I really likes that the each character have another sprite when they are facing back, it's a really nice little touch that does a lot!

Fun concept. Having to move two entitles at the same time is a real mind-twister! 

Great idea for a multiplayer game!

Really nice game, simple to play. This is an astounding work for a solo developer! Well done 👏

My only issue is that I ended up in a negative feedback loop where I didn't own enough houses to produce enough characters to get new house while defending against characters, but again it's an incredible work in only 48 hours!

I really enjoyed the presentation with the pixelated rendering, the catchy music and the overall goofiness! It was fun

Merci beacoup! ça fait super plaisir de voir que des gens qui ont joué à Paisible après midi jouent à notre nouveau jeu!
Je suis content que tu aies apprécié :)

Thanks a lot! We are really happy that you enjoyed the game :)

This game was very creative with it's limitations, and the whole universe is very funny in an abusrd way :D

I also really enjoyed the music, nice and relaxing!

This game is very simple yet effective and fits the theme nicely.

it takes the minimalist fun of Flappy Bird and brings the a whole new dimension! Give it a try!

Hi again, if you want to check our code, everything is in this Github depot, feel free to use any piece of code there: (the code is a bit dirty-but-it-works because of Game Jam).

The specific piece of code that handles the sound and the queue is here :

To answer your questions: the queue doesn't wait for the song compass. it just wait 0.05 seconds before launching the next sound in the queue and your brain is just playing :)

I was planning on doing something that waits for the song compass, but because it was a game jam I decided to go for the easy solution and it was enough to do the trick ^^

More detail on the implementation:

  1. When a sound arrives, the manager checks if the sound source is open (I just used a Boolean as a gate).
  2. If the sound source is open, it plays the sound right away, closes the game (Boolean set to false), and launch a coroutine that will handle the next sound source opening (more on that later). If the sound source is closed, the sound is added to the queue.
  3. The coroutine waits for a fixed time (here it's 0.05 seconds), then there is a piece of code that check if there is something in the queue. If there is, it plays the first sound in the queue, then remove it and launch the coroutine again. If the queue is empty it opens the gate.

Finally after testing we added some details:

  • There is a maximum count in the queue (if a sound arrives and the queue is full, it is ignored). before you could stack a lot of sounds in the queue if you just kept selecting and de-selecting super fast. Problems were that sounds could go on for a long time (that was weird but still funny), and I was afraid that someone could overload the memory with it since the queue was getting bigger and bigger
  • The keys to play were stored in a list. The manager chooses the key to play based on the number of pieces selected (at the time a piece is selected). When the number of key is higher than the number of key in the list, I added a piece of code to repeat the last two keys.

A trivia about the last one: The first version was just repeating everything from the start (it was just a modulo that you can still see commented ^^). It did not sound good so I added the code explain before.

This code actually allows to repeat the next x key (but only ascending, I didn't took the time to write an equation so that it makes "waves", as in up and down). So we played with it a little bit (what if we play the last 3 keys? only the last 1 key?) and then settled on the last 2 keys.

It was quite fascinating to try those different effects and see what would work best, and it can take quite a while to make it make it right (we had to choose fast because Game Jam).

I hope I answered all your questions, and I am sure you can find resources online to help you find what you need!

Hi, I'm one of the creator the game. 

There is indeed an algorithm for the sounds when you select pieces, it's awesome that you noticed it 😄

Our goal was to give a satisfying feeling when players select several pieces. I got inspired by the Zelda games where there is scale when you chain attacks on enemies. It is well explained in this video : 

So first our awesome sound designer exported keys based on the main music's scale. I made a small code piece to play those keys one after the other when shapes are selected.

Then there was a second step: we realized that it sounded bad when several shapes where selected at the same time or very fast. To fix it I added a code that puts sounds in a queue, then the queue release queue every fraction of seconds to make it sound more harmonious. 

I hope I answered all your questions, feel free to ask if you want more details 🙂