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Thanks for that !

Yes, it is !

The idea is to fight against the choice being made for you

Assuming you're not going to decompile the game, the other ending is found with multiple spacebar presses on the choices screen

Yes, it does - and it is supposed to

Work is continuing on updating this, but it won't be ready until September

Think I've got a few more screenshots of problems as well, so I'll see what I can find

Quite nice ! There are few grammatical/spelling errors though, including, but not exclusive to :

It's all fully released, and there is an Android version too !

Okay, but it certainly looks as though the recharge rate to throw a hat whilst jumping is longer than it takes to fall back down again

How do you get to the next checkpoint ? You can't seem to double transport and the range wont reach the top platform mid-jump

An update for the backgrounds is in progress

Itch Link

The second episode in the trilogy.  Your holiday has been diverted and your initial shock is dealt with by your nemesis in her usual subtle manner,

Itch Link

This is a side story set sometime during your holiday, where your friends believe they've been invited to a private beach party.  Unfortunately, they are very much mistaken

Link in Itch

This is a preview of the last episode in the comedy drama series about a much put-upon secret agent, his kleptomanic nemesis and a diverted holiday.

The visual novel has now been extensively updated 

An update will be coming soon - certainly before the end of April !


With the latest version, I'm getting the following error during play :

AH, good !

Also had a black screen after winning the first battle (after first retry).  This is for the downloadable version

It wasn't actually a crash - just couldn't do anything...

Fair enough - as I said WTC series will be dealt with first.  I need to add some stuff to The Mansion anyway, so it will get done at some point in the future - but most likely not this year

Had the program crash when my health was exactly 0.

I presume you're a Linux user then 😀

It's certainly possible.  However, it will have to wait until after both WTC 1 Redux and WTC 3 are released

A Steam version is now being processed