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This was a short fun and hilarious game. I like the idea that you have to collect more neanderthals to grow stronger so you can easily beat up those mammoths ( that sounds pretty weird ).

But I just didn't know what to do when I killed all mammoths so I waited until the timer was done where I was then surprised with a score. This was the only thing I kinda found odd.

But overall it is a really nice and clean game :)

I really liked the idea of the companions who fight on your side which have different abilities, that heavily reminds me of the game "The Binding Of Isaac". I can only agree with the others, that the atmosphere was nice and the art style was clean, it is a nice short challenging game.

But I must say that I had a hard time figuring out how to bypass the spikes, or that you have to shoot some enemies more often until they die, I just thought there was some kind of obstacles, a little feedback when you hit an enemy would be great.

But overall it was a nice fun game :)

Would really appreciate you checking out our game!


Thank you! And for the feedback, we are glad that you had fun playing our game. We will definitely insert sound effects into this game, we just did not focus ourselves too much on this during the game jam.

You're welcome.

Really glad you enjoyed it so much and thank you for the kind words!

Thank you so much!

Would be really thankful if you could check out our small stealth game.

Actually played this for a while, since it was so relaxing, the flying feels just right, there are just some minor problems with collisions and sadly no music.

The Character Controller is absolutely amazing and the game looks really good, the only thing missing is a little music or ambiance sound, but other than that, great job

The character felt a bit slippery in the jump n run sections, but the main game mechanic with the small robot buddy felt awesome and was really fun.

Wow, just wow!

enjoyed it doe!

Really fun game, just thought the camera was a bit too zoomed in in the beginning, so you are searching for things to collect for a long time, after the first stage (when you are able to collect houses) the camera distance allowed for a much better vision. After that, the game gets really fun!

Quite a fun game, the controls are really hard at first but after a few tries, they feel very nice. Also really like the modeling and environment.

Really liked the simplistic graphics and great audio work. Just was confused at the beginning, because it took so long for the first Letter to come falling down.

Really fun game, especially liked how over the top the explosion effect is. Had a hard time with the controls at first, but got really into it towards the end, well done!

Most game mechanics like splitting both characters in mid-air and breaking through glass feel absolutely awesome. Just some minor things I would change, for example, the background image of the levels, since sometimes it was really hard to notice what was part of the level and what is just background art.

Really awesome 3D Models and visual effects, also a good feeling of progression as you slowly get stronger. Just would like to change the mouse sensitivity, it felt a bit slow.

Really loved the "character selection" and different abilities of heroes and villains.

Thank you guys, glad to see you also checked out our game.

Thanks dude, we're already playing with the idea of creating a second level after the Game Jam.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback, glad you checked out our game too.

Loved the story behind the game, it would be great if there was more player feedback, like for example a small effect if you hit an enemy or get hit, but other than that, I liked it!

Quite weird but awesome game! Sometimes collisions felt a bit unfair, but since you don´t die instantly upon touching an obstacle, it´s not frustrating. Had fun playing it, well done!

Really awesome game, absolutely loved the combination of 3D environments and 2D monke!

Quite an interesting and crazy game, especially loved the style of the environment

Thank you so much for the nice comment. And about the Folder, we just noticed that through your comment, we totally didn´t realize that it was there (which could be because we worked up to 7 in the morning to upload the game), we´ll definitely fix that in the first Update after the Game Jam ends. Thanks for pointing it out to us.

Thanks for the nice feedback, and yes we will definitely implement that in an Update after the Game Jam.

Great feeling driving physics and really chill atmosphere and gameplay.

Really great atmosphere, actually was scared to death multiple times by the monster. I had some minor problems with the mouse sensitivity and picking up items, but other than that great game!

Really fun game especially enjoyed the voice acting and the absurd style

Thanks so much for checking it out, very nice Video btw!

Thanks for playing our game, and thanks for the honest feedback!

Tanks so much man, glad you liked them. We are currently working on new projects in different game genres, so expect more games in the future!

Hey there, we are really sorry, it´s not working. If you want to, you are very welcome to send us a Twitter DM at:, so we can get this resolved together.

Thank you, we appreciate it! 

Thank you, glad you enjoyed our games dude!

Thank you very much, we really appreciate your kind words. Hope you will enjoy the other games too if you play them.