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Thank you very much, really enjoyed that video. Also good luck with your career in stand-up comedy, you actually made them laugh quite a lot more than average, so good job on that!

First of all, thank you so so much we truly appreciate this insanely awesome comment you truly made our day. Since you gave Feedback for each game in such detail, we decided to answer you individually:

Tom (Maybe another Life):

Truly amazing feedback, I really had to smile all the way through reading it. For this project, I decided to try Unity HDRP for the first time and wanted to put all my energy into creating an immersive atmosphere, so I'm really happy that you mentioned exactly that! The gravity mechanic on the other hand was also an Idea I was toying around with for years and am really glad how it turned out in this game. And that thing in the back at the beginning is something that I originally put in because I thought nobody would even notice it and it would just be a fun thing where I could tell people in a few years: "hey, but have you ever turned around in the beginning?" but now almost everybody seems to find it. It´s actually just Hamood, in case you don´t know it, look it up on YouTube to further fuel your nightmares ;D

Gregorius (Psychopath):

I really truly appreciate your feedback. It is so nice to hear when someone is finishing your entire game with every ending, this means so much to me, thank you!! Psychopath was a completely different game called “4D-Horror”, but I was not satisfied with the game, so I decided to change it to my likings within 2 weeks, so it definitely has some issues like the Rubix cube puzzle or the door bug, which was shown in Markipliers video, but it is still playable it´s just confusing to the player to insert a code to a door and another door will open (oops). The flashlight delay was actually intentional, I wanted it to feel a bit realistic and not too stiff, but I am sorry if it strained your eyes. Tom played the Stanley Parable game, I (Gregorius) have seen videos of it and I feel absolutely honored that my game gets to be compared to this awesome game. So once again thank you so much for your review, it definitely made my day, and I really appreciate it that you finished every ending of my game because I have seen videos where the players didn´t even finish one end, so to read that you completed the whole game feels very nice!

Andreas (Veinless Property):

I want to say thank you for all the nice words and the Constructive Criticism. I actually 100% agree with your criticism, the Shader is Too harsh and I didn't give the player an option to lessen the effect and I actually wanna make the shader a lot more user-friendly and customizable if I make a game in that style ever again. I actually only read a few of Junji Ito's short stories (and all of Tomie which my game was most inspired by) and I also do agree, it doesn't come close to the horrifying feeling you get while reading one of his stories. None of us were actually that into horror before we made the Competition, but I think after it I actually really got into horror and I would be interested to make another Horror Game in the future! I wanna thank you again for all the nice comments and praise you have given us, It really motivates continuing working on Games and I really hope that we won't disappoint with our future Projects!

We feel really honored by you calling us one of the most promising indie dev teams. We are also planning to post more content in the near future and (hopefully) make Triality Games something big.

Vielen Dank für den Support aus BW ;)

Thank you for the nice feedback! I'm going to give you a hint: The code is somewhere in the house on the top floor, written down on a small piece of paper. Just think about where you would leave Passwords written down on a note laying around in your house and search the place a bit. Good Luck and don´t hesitate to write again if you still have trouble finding the code.

Thank you so much for the compliments! Really glad you enjoyed Veinless Property this much!!

Thank you for your comment, we really wanted to include a tutorial to explain the main mechanic but were sadly out of time.

Thank you very much for your nice feedback, and yes we would have loved to add in a sensitivity slider in the pause menu, but were way too short on time, in the end, we´re definitely going to add that in a future update after the jam.

Thank you, that really means a lot to us!

Thank you very much for the feedback, we really appreciate it
We will definitely add a sensitivity slider to the pause menu once the Jam´s rating time is over

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for your nice comment!

Thank you so much for the compliments! We hope to release a cleaner version of the Game after the Game Jam is done!

Becouse we almost were unable to upload the game becouse time ran out we forgot to put in any control explanation. If you press the Spacebar you should be able to respawn after dying. Sorry for the confusion!

Really liked the dithering aesthetic and riddles a lot. The thing at the was awesome!

Uh, that's really hard to answer for me, I love both games because of different reasons. While Monument Valley is ascetically and gameplay-wise amazing, Stanley Parable totally sells it through the great narration. But I think Monument Valley influenced my games more because since then I tried around a lot with gravity mechanics (also after replaying Super Mario Galaxy)

Thank you so much!!!

It really honors me that you compare my game to two of my favorite games. I absolutely appreciate your comment!

For other games I made, well there aren´t really any, even though I created games for a few years now, I never really finished or released them, but all of my future projects will be released right here on the Triality Games page.

That's weird maybe try out "LOKI" because every code is in capital letters and if you get the code right you will hear a sound.
Or maybe there was a space between at the end of the line?

Thank you for the nice feedback, really appreciate it. The two-minute cooldown was just a way to make sure all NPC´s are back at their original positions, but thanks to your comment we tried around with a one-minute cooldown, and everything seems to be working nicely. This Change will be included in the next Update.

Thanks again for pointing it out to us!

Thanks a lot for the nice comment, we´re currently planning a second level.

Thank you so much, such a compliment coming from you means a lot to us since we already played and loved one of your previous projects a long time ago.

We´re currently planning a second level for the game.

Just rated your game, would also really appreciate if you played ours, we currently have 19 Ratings.

Pretty cool main game mechanic, also really satisfying animations, the only thing that felt a bit annoying were some of the sound effects (because they were really high pitched). But overall really great submission.

This really means a lot to us, thank you so much! We are overwhelmed by your feedback.


Thank you for your nice words, we are happy to hear that our game was challenging!

Also thank you very much for your subscription, this means a lot to us! More games are definitely on their way :)

Here is our game -
We would appreciate it, thank you!

Overall a really nice game and a great concept. Just the movement felt a bit odd (too slow and unresponsive), but other than that, great submission!

This was a really stunning game! The visuals and the effects of the game are pretty good, also the feedback when something happened was nicely done. Had much fun playing it!

Going to check out and rate your game right now!

We also haven´t reached 20 ratings jet, so we would really appreciate if you rated our small stealth game where you play as the whole team as once!

Really fun main game mechanic. Jumping around the Level actually feels awesome!

Going to download and rate your game right now!

Would also really appreciate it if you would check out and rate our small stealth game, we are also hoping to get to 20 Ratings in time.

I think this is a really good foundation for a really interesting and nice game, would love to see more!

Here is our game -

Have fun!

Here is our game -

Have fun!

Thank you!! We are so glad that you had fun playing the game and we still wish you happy gaming! :)

This means a lot to us, thank you so much! We had a blast working on the game and we were working nonstop because each of us always had another idea to implicate into the game, we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished in one week. About the space bar, it actually is a shift key icon, so you should be able to press shift to swim up, but you also can use the space bar as well. Maybe the shift button did not work in the game or it was a bug. But again thank you and for the feedback.

Thank you so much!

Indeed, there a multiple ways to solve the level by using the different abilities of the team. We hope you did in a creative way :)

Thank you so much! 

Thank you! Yes, we were working nonstop and we sadly had to throw away a few ideas.

You can solve the level in different ways, we hope you completed it in a creative way.

We will definitely improve the game by fixing some issues, like the timer or adding some sound effects, etc.

But again thank you :)

Hey, great Idea and really awesome looking game.

Here is the Trailer for our small stealth game "TEAM T.G.A"

Awesome main game mechanic, I really liked that you always need to keep an eye out for both characters at the same time, that gives the game a lot of depth. Also a pretty cool aesthetic and nice story at the beginning!

Hey, going to download and rate your game right now!

Would also really appreciate you, trying our game (we still need 4 more ratings)