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I am pleased to announce that untitled monkey games is currently in development. We have wrangled a team of monkeys and they have already learned how to form a union. This will halt development for a few months, but hopefully, it will be coming to a Walgreens near you soon.

Swag monk$y | Cute animals, Smiling animals, Happy animals

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Thanks for the kind words! I'd love to incorporate the art-style more into the game at some point! It was our main artist's first 3D game and my second, so there is still much to learn! 

Happy Monkey Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

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Thanks for the feedback! The final cinematic is a bit buggy right now :( I'm going to fix it after voting. This is what happens when you add 30 things the minute before submission lol. And yeah its supposed to be little plastic monkeys like the children's toy monkey in a barrel. 

World's Smallest Barrel of Monkeys: A mini version of the classic game.

Really interesting concept!  

Cool! I hope you continue to work on this idea in the future. 

Thanks! I didn't get to add an intro sequence, but the boxes should get all mixed together after you sort the initial two on the starting table. I'm curious to know if you did that and the event didn't trigger or you missed the ones on the table. I know I gotta make that part clearer, just wondering!

Thanks! Yeah it was my first time trying to figure out 3D audio and I'm definitely gonna try and figure it out for an updated version! 

Really cool! Love the models. My one gripe is no audio with the bricks but great job!


Thanks! I'm curious what specs you have if you don't mind me asking. I wanna try and optimize it after rating so more people can play smoothly!  

Cool vibes!

Wow really funny concept! The scrolling bar at the top is hillarious.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! That's a great insight too! Yeah I'd hate to be the person that looks at all the flagged content :)

Thanks! There's over 300 random audio files right now, which I plan on increasing! 

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Really clever and funny! I love the live-stream parody! 

Really cute concept here! I hope you flush out some bugs and continue work on this!

Really loved the animation! Club penguin gang. 

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Wow. Really powerful use of a typing game. Reminds me of grade school computer class where we had to speed type. Really makes you think about what is truly important.