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Well done!

Awesome demo, really wanted to keep playing but I hit the construction wall. Looking forward to more updates

Sorry about the bugs you found, if I was going to develop the game more this would be great feedback. The duplicate weapons shouldn't stack, and I definitely should have either made that weapon not appear again, or to put a "already owned" text somewhere. The unwinnable position one especially sucks, next game jam I'll have to recruit some friends to help playtest before I do my final submission.

Thanks for playing!

I've always been bad at pacman, and I am pretty bad at your game too. Cute game! Where do you get the teleporter?

Very fun game. I really enjoyed running dual shotguns. My only critic was that I thought the "shift between realities" should have worked in every room in some impactful way. Otherwise well done, enjoyed the concept!

This is the note on the game page -

"This game is currently only playable if you have Pygame and python installed, I am currently working on that. If you do, simply put all the contents of the zip file into a folder of some IDE and run it"

I believe the dev had issues getting the project into a playable format for I might take another crack at it getting it to run this week.

Heck yea! So glad you found the easter egg. I also just realized I never even once tested buying the Nothing, glad it didn't break the game ha ha

Definitely innovative, very cool style. It took me a bit to realize the cards had directional movement symbols on them. I was able to figure out mostly everything, except I wasn't able to solve how to deal damage. Even health bars would have added a lot, I possibly was doing damage and didn't realize it.

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Hey klim glad you liked it. For the randomness the pathing through the level, and monster/villager/trap groups that exist in each room, are randomly generated every level. However the corners and the center are always a square shape, as my last  attempted rng design had too many bugs, and I had to revert it down sadly.. but yeah the levels have a few patterns. The world is technically 9 sectors with three different generation scripts that had scaling potential. 

As for the topic of the jam, the interaction with the villagers is the two sides of the same coin. Killing villagers to gain health or sparing them to gain gold. On top of this, the objective of being their hero, but having to kill them to progress sort of helps to express this idea. To be the hero you must also be the villain. Thats what I was aiming for anyway, I found this theme quite difficult to brainstorm. But thanks for playing!

Nice work! I really liked the visuals, feel, music, and animation during the turn based combat. This one is definitely tough, I don't think I'm even close to beating it.

I played this wayy longer than I excepted I would.  I'm a bit mad that I took some dumb risks instead of buying chikkin. Genuinely fun, well done.

Nice job on your first game jam!  I liked the flip dimensions feature, definitely a cool concept in the right direction.

Awesome game, this caught me by surprise. I've been playing a lot of Stellaris so this really hit the spot. 

Well done, that art style is awesome. I wasn't able to reach the end, might try again later in the jam.

Cute game, too bad about the bugs. Would have been fun to see what you were able to make with another 24 hours.

Very fun, I was surprised how much content was in the game. The combat speed up feature was a big plus. Nice work!

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Great job, the boomerang is definitely satisfying, I was trying for combo kills ha ha. Lots of micro polish in this which is awesome. Only thing more I wanted was the difficulty to ramp up.

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Yesss! I really wanted someone to find this ha ha thanks for playing

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Seriously, this was a fun game, the theme really nailed it.

Anymore plans for updates? Also I tried to play it and I couldn't start a game. I was stuck at the traits/name/guild screen. Also the traits ran off the screen for me.

Oh oops! I went a bit wild and rated all the games on a spreadsheet before submitting them. Hopefully I did my other comments in the right place, ha ha oh well

Very fun and cute, had a couple impossible endings but thats okay. I wonder if you had made each keyboard row  higher by a note or two, the game would almost be beautifully musical the whole way through. Anyway glad I played!

That was really fun! I was impressed by how many different anti-virus features you had. Just my thought, but if dying allowed you to start over but upgrade/unlock various things/features, I could see myself playing this in my free time. Great job!

Is using this Wiki-style for gameplay already a genre? If not then you might have invented something incredible. Really creative, and quite enjoyed the writing style for adventure.

I was pleasantly surprised by this! Also the Take A Break feature was a perfect. Well done

Well done! I think I might have played this game the longest so far. I was pretty determined to buy the Win. Definitely a 5 for fun from me.

I see some comments beat me to this, but visually this was completely impressive. 

Low point, falling into a pit that I wasn't able to climb back out of. High Point, falling into a smaller pit with five spiders trying to fight my way out, dying, and watching them eat my body ha ha, very fun

Gotta say, getting really powerful was genuinely satisfying. Though somehow died at wave 19 when I didn't see any enemies, oh well. Great job!

Bonus points for the CapyFact feature!