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Generally it is advised to play less than 53 years in one sitting

You just have to click on the game, then any text input is accepted by the game.

Thank you for your visit!


Thanks a lot!

Thanks <3<3<3

Thanks, your comment means a lot!

Oh  boy I sure love RPGs *skip every combat*

Hi, thanks for participating to Game Jam 2091. Can you upload the source code of the game so it can be included in the digital time capsule?

Thoses were glitches I just fixed, you probably played while I was uploading the new version that's why you lose your progress, sorry :/

I wanted to say thank you to everyone participating to the jam. Three entries might not be much but considering this is my first every game jam I still consider it a success.

About the digital time capsule, if your game is playable on the browser don't forget to add an option to download the source code, otherwise I will not be able to add it.

Hi and thank you to everyone who joined the jam. I wasn't expecting that many peoples for my first ever game jam. Good luck and don't forget to have fun! Even though there are no winner for this jam, I will feature some entries on the Museum of Screens, on Twitter and Tumblr

More important, every entry will be part of a digital time capsule and uploaded to the Internet Archive, with the goal to make them available by 2091. Don't think too hard on how a game from 2022 could run on future computers, but uploading the source code to your project would be a plus. 

Thanks again, see you in a week!

Thanks for your message <3
That sounds interesting, I should check it out!

Hi, I made an error while creating the page. The jam is starting on friday, not thursday. Sorry about that.

Hey, sorry but inspect page is a key part of the game :/

Thanks! Sorry I forgot to send it to you I had a super busy day yesterday

Sorry for the lack of response, yeah that should do it! Thanks!

I'm gonna release a demo soon of the game I'm working on, you'll be able to see the levels I designed with your tools.

No problem, for the layers it would be useful specifically for my engine I don't see any use aside from it. To make an ASCII image with more than one color I generate layers on top of each other, each rendered with a different color code. That's why it would be useful to me.

I don't code often theses days but I prototype a lot of levels with your tool, I will show you more once I progressed a bit more.

Hey, thanks for implementing my suggestions, they are super helpful! Since you switched from commentary to a discussion board I wasn't able to read your comment.

I have another suggestion if you don't mind: add layers. It would be very helpful that, for example, I can save the text of each of my layers independently and render it with different color on my custom engine.

Thanks in advance, if you're interested in what I'm doing with this tool I can send you screenshots.

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Thanks, I have a few suggestions that would make my work way easier:

-Something that display the coordinate of the mouse on the canvas

-The ability to import by copy/paste from text. I don't know if it's possible with this engine but it would be so helpful to me

Thanks in advance, I'll let you know if I think of something else.

Okay this is basically what I was looking for for making my ASCII games, I don't need to make a custom level editor anymore, thanks!

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Wow I love this! I hated this minigame in Wario Land 3 as a kid because I didn't get the controls, but when I got the hang of it, it became one of my favorite part. It was such a creative little minigame hidden inside an already brilliant game.

That's awesome, thanks!

It's been raining for quite a while and it doesn't seem to stop. It wouldn't be a problem if water wasn't lethal for you...
Rainy Day is back ! Jump, glide and float in this ASCII-themed platformer where your umbrella is your only defense against the rain!

Play the demo right here:

I'm still working on the engine so your feedbacks are really important. Don't hesitate to comment or report me glitches you encounter. I have big plans for the full game so I hope you'll like the demo!

You can follow me on Twitter ( to stay informed about the development.

Thanks for playing!

I updated the game, tell me if it corrected the glitch.

Okay thanks I understand the problem. It was only tested on Windows so that's my fault :P

I think I can fix this easily. Wait for an update probably later today.

That's super weird! What's your browser and your OS?

Sérendipité, or: The Experience of browsing the web when you're 11 and french.

August 2005, you're browsing the web for quite a while, and now you're about to wander into an unknown territory: an english website. Browse through this website, consume internet content, but be careful on what's you're clicking on !

Play it right now here :

It's a small project I'm quite proud of, and the first game I made based on my personal experience.  Don't forget to leave a comment, I'm curious to read what you're thinking of the game. Thanks for playing !

IMPORTANT NOTE : Hey everyone. I've released and posted here a previous demo for this game about one month ago. This one is a great improvement and very different so I decided to upload it separately. It won't be the case for the next versions of the demo. Sorry if it's kind of redundant.

Paris, 1954
This morning, something happened. Something big. You get the feeling the Police might need your help.
You are detective. It's midnight. Time to work

Play the demo right here :

Featuring :

  • Two new stores
  • Two new ennemies and a brand new boss !
  • The Bureau Of Investigation give you mission to accomplish for money.
  • Way more items and equipment
  • A dog to pet
  • Improved presentation
  • Did I tell you about the dog ?

Thank you for playing ! You can follow me on Twitter ( to stay informed about my future games.

France, 1954. You are a detective.  It's midnight, time to work.
Punch and shoot your way through the corridors of this original dungeon crawler. Fight stranges ennemies, buy and trade items, and if you're tired, go take a coffee. But be careful, at night stranges things can happen.

Play the demo V1.0 right here :

I made this game during the ONE MONTH ONE DEMO project, a self imposed challenge where I release one demo each month during 2020.  The previous demo was 99 Floppy on the Floor ( ).  Share and comment the games, your feedbacks are important, so I know which demo worth making a full game out of it.

Thanks for playing ! Follow me on Twitter to see my future project and/or the moment I become insane :

99 Floppies on the floor

Take one down and pass it around, 98 floppies on the floor.

99 floppies found half buried in various locations. Each are encrypted and locked with password. Gather clues, solves the enigmas and decrypt all the data in this puzzle game taking place entirely on your file browser !

The demo is available here : It contains the first six floppies.

This year I challenged myself to release a game demo each month. I'm starting this january with this demo, it's simple but I'm quite proud of it. I have plans for a lot of other games, but your feedbacks are important, so I know which demo worth making a full game out of it.

Thanks for playing ! You can follow me on Twitter ( to see what game project I'm on next.

Hi, sorry for the delayed answer.

Ok let's say the number are 12 and 15. You need to put them together like this : 1215. Then you can multiply this.
I know the wording is a bit weird, I didn't knew how to express this concept clearly. English is not my main language.

Anyway, thanks for the interest in the game ! Good luck !

Can you be more specific ? You can't open the main zip file ?

Thanks ! I'ill check it out.

Thanks a lot for your comment !

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It's short for "password".

The french text is a famous french song, it's on purpose in french since you don't have to understand it in order to complete the puzzles.

(Thanks for your comment by the way !)