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That's super weird! What's your browser and your OS?

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ah sorry! I shoulda said that. running in chrome on os x 10.12. just tried firefox too, same results. here's a quick screenie of how it looks. I do wanna say it's absolutely magical in motion lol

love your first rainy day, though! <3 I'll have to give this a try on my ol' windows lappy later. :)

Okay thanks I understand the problem. It was only tested on Windows so that's my fault :P

I think I can fix this easily. Wait for an update probably later today.

yay! I look forward to it. :) though honestly, through all the shuffling, jittering letters, as I suddenly bust out of nowhere as the "o" was an experience of it's own hehe

I updated the game, tell me if it corrected the glitch.

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everything's running beautifully <3

Yes, the @font-face fixes it for me.