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Aww, sad to hear it got shelved, but I'm glad to see what you're cookin up next <3

congrats on 0.1! always glad to see your cute game n devlog pop up in my feed <3

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Thanks for this useful remark, Jenkins.

Cute lil' game. <3 also, I froze the game by dying out of bounds trying to jump the pit into the metro. woops

AHHHH. just put a solid four-ish hours in, obtained all the trial tickets, and think I've successfully explored everything the demo had to offer. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for the full game!

One question though: is it actually possible (beyond astounding rng) to get the final skillset with the level cap in the demo? I tried so hard and got... uh, not so far.

AHHHH. This game is too cute, and fun to boot! I would love you forever if you made a version for android; this game would be a perfect little distraction on public transit.