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Is the game just an advertisement for leaving ?

game crashes when I jump down the hole: "undefined value in expression" in TreasureCave.js

I remember the original; this is a faithful reproduction with better quality.

Good little idea.  I wish I could say tidy implementation, but: inconsistent framerate (not much of a problem here, the puzzles don't need millisecond timing).  Much bigger is how jumping while carrying a block only works one in three attempts; most of the time my jump is truncated as if the block I'm carrying is blocking my upwards motion.

I really like this idea.  Needs refinement, but ain't that always the way.

* It's jarring to interrupt the game suddenly to show the purchase screen, the player should have some warning the gameplay is about to change modes.  Maybe a progress bar? 
* Speaking of progress, telling us what "wave" we're on while we play would satisfy those of us who like progression.
* Purchase prices are weird, how "common" can be more expensive than "rare" or "legendary," and after wave 6 the gameplay stopped to offer me purchases I could not afford, making the interruption not useful.
* The "return" button on the purchase screen is hidden behind the "View all" "Folow" etc buttons.  That's not a you problem that's Itch.
* The game pauses sometimes, I suspect because it's loading a new sound asset just before playing the sound.  Maybe Godot needs more hints about pre-loading assets.

Doesn't work in Firefox. I see errors about "same origin policy disallows reading the resource at" and lists and

clever, with one "power-up" re-used over and over.  The music changing if you do/dont have the key is a nice touch.

I remember this from the bravebunny website in 2015.  Great music; who made the music for the menu loop and Training levels?

Deserves a #metroidvania tag.

Should've mentioned spacebar to jump, that's useful in the last room.  Final time of 1m26 is "laid back"?  What's the expected time?


Well done!  Solid design that feels like the 8-bit era.  The title bar disappearing when the probe reaches the top of the screen is a minor thing but I noticed it as a thoughtful morsel of UI design.

Final level: I can die and still finish, and the buttons overlap.

I see the healthbar and the inventory pop-in, but the rest of the display is flat black.  In the console I see these error messages repeat:  "RenderingCommandBuffer: shader Hidden/PostProcessing/Lut2DBaker: invalid pass index 2 in DrawMesh" and "warning: 2 FS.syncfs operations in flight at once, probably just doing extra work"

A good take on the hidden-object game.  It's good that the targets are different and in different places when revisiting the same room.  The question-marks appearing on items made things too easy; maybe make that a feature you can purchase at the expense of losing some reward.

For keyboard play, one hand for movement another hand for verbs (jump, shoot, dash, talk, ...).
AWDS and ⇦⇧⇨⇩  are typical for movement, while verbs are keys between them like JKL, BNM, IOP, shift, space.

Was it a conscious choice not to force the player to start over when they get hit?  Because it feels like a cut corner... that made the game better.  I was more into exploring and taking chances knowing I wasn't wasting time.  And that made me feel better about the limited field of view.

alt key was a poor choice for playing in webbrowser -- brings up the browser's own menu panel, taking focus away from the game.  Nice little platformer otherwise.

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Could use instructions for the controls of the game. (ie 'press Z when it tells you to press A', and 'backspace for rewind')

I'm stuck at a part where there's two hazards moving horizontally on tracks: I must follow one to the right, then drop down into the track of another and move left, but the two hazards are in-synch and move at the same speed, so when I can reach the hole to drop down, the second hazard is always between me and the exit.  I thought maybe one moved slower than the other so I just had to wait for my opportunity, but no.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls --
It tools for "game complete."
and the after-game bits are haunting.

Really good! has that gameboy aesthetic without being clunky.

I think I know the game you mean, and this does recreate the experience.  Just needs a little something at the end when you succeed that isn't (just) starting over.

Quaint. This will be a good nostalgia game for some. Hints I could've used:

  • they aren't hexadecimal digits
  • that isn't Jupiter
  • use each number once

Bug? At the left-hand base of every wall there's a blank clickable area that does nothing, and right-clicking describes "A metallic key, looks a bit like the one for my car."

On level 2 it says "Cancel Placement with the Middle Mouse Button".   assumed that would let me remove a block I placed, but nothing happens.  I thought this means I must restart the level if I make a mistake, so I pressed the pause button in the upper-left, chose "sever connection" and got a blank white screen.  Had to reload the webpage.

* The game's playable area is larger than my browser window (1920x1080) which seems excessive.
* hiding instructions on how to play the game behind sand blocks was a weird choice

* Advice for new player reading this: when you tap 'up' to grab a ladder, you will let go and fall on the next keypress, so don't try moving left or right on a ladder just jump immediately
* The grey stuff I'm supposed to avoid (the cloud, the dotted lines on some walls and floors, triangles) should be a different colour from the grey stuff  I'm allowed to touch (ladders, platforms, walls, banding)
* Too often, the thing I'm supposed to jump onto or avoid is off-camera, and I can only guess and fail and memorize all the places where I failed.  Twenty seconds of precision jumping just to jump into the void for another guess is not my idea of fun
* "ten minutes" maybe if you already know all the correct movements

won't start, says it's trying and failing to connect to and

Ah! I started a second game, and at the beginning of the second room there's a pop-up that I missed that tells me this.  I don't know how I missed this.

You forgot an instruction "X - throw rock". 

The brown bag says ""A brown bag with a feature of creating rocks from thin air when the button is pressed" but does not say which button to press to create more rocks.  "X" is not the button; I have no rocks but I am in a puzzle where I must throw rocks at switches.

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On the battleships level, the ball got stuck in a loop.  If I hit ESC to restart the level, this doesn't change the ball's path, so it's still stuck in the loop.

When I talk to Cap't Fisheye, I can't leave, it just re-opens the store interface.

Well done little platformer, a minimetroidvania. I appreciate you following the letter of the 64x64 rule but still tweaking its nose a bit.

Very short. You re-used the switch sprite as decoration, and a switch that can't yet be used makes no sound, so I got confused a few times trying to use a button that wasn't really a button.

Didn't think I'd see a new take on breakout.

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Game locks up when i press 'Q', but music keeps playing. Had to reload the webpage.  Nice little snack for the lowrezjam.

Well done!

Well done.  Not difficult, still engaging.
Why is there a picture for WASDspace controls when the only controls are A-D ?

Uh, one of the clockhands pushed me down under the ground and now I can't exit the level.  Restart?