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No mention of pressing 'F', and I tried it and nothing happened.  I also don't know how to choose one of the two options, since ADSW doesn't move anything and neither does the mouse -- my only option is to hit  'Esc' and quit/restart the game.

(cant include screenshot, "Request To Large" from

The "assist" options are a very good idea for a game still testing, I was able to "infinite jump" to get back to this point quickly for testing.

(1 edit)

Okay! I didn't realize I had to get that close.  I did get further, but got stuck after completing the third mountain -- it asked if I wanted to come home or stay ("press space bar to confirm") and didn't react to any keypresses or mouseclicks.  I could still hit 'esc' to get the menu.  May I make a feature request for save-game, so i needn't do it all in one sitting?

It's the year of our lord 2021 and people are still making Homestuck art.  This is Unity3D trash and yet I'm more fond of this than many visual novels; good jorb.

(using I can't get past the first barrier.  It instructs me to "press left or right mouse button go grab the dark rocks" but clicking does nothing, and aiming at the dark rocks does not change the crosshair to the "grab-able" icon.    Mouse works for starting menu and settings menus.


Ah, so the odds go from 75% no-traitors to 25% with a traitor.

"if there is not a single black card, one die with a score of 4 or more is enough, but if a black card appears, it means that someone has sabotaged the task on purpose, and it is necessary 2 dice with a score of 4 or more."

I do not understand this part.  "a score of 4 or more" on two dice is a (33/36) 92% chance of success, but if there's a saboteur then the test for success is or "a score of 4 or more" 92% again.

Firefox 90.0.1 (64-bit).  Asked it to check for updates and says there's none yet.

error on Firefox:

Invoking error handler due to InvalidStateError: A mutation operation was attempted on a database that did not allow mutations. storeRemoteEntry@

I get stuck under dropped items.  If I thrown an item up and it doesn't break, that can trap me in a confined space.

I should've posted a screenshot right away instead of being vague about it.

I got stuck in a pit with a breakable wall but I hadn't found the projectile yet, had to start the whole thing over.

Difficult to progress.  Seems I lose a hitpoint when I pick up the sword, and lose a hitpoint every time I swing it.  Sometimes I'll lose two hitpoints while standing still.  Is this intentional?

I missed it because I depended on the spellbook.  It shows undiscovered combinations of the symbols as "????" but did not show C-A-N.  I'll have to get pen and paper and double-check.

Confused by a couple things.  More than half of the available upgrades require "Amber", a resource I have not seen after hours of play.  The current "Gather Space" says it requires 20.0K Space, and I have 30.9K but I cannot purchase "Gather Space".

need gold to build a forge, but I can't dig gold ore without improving my tool, which I assume requires a forge.

The "change player position when camera direction changes" is definitely an engine thing, not a design thing.  Level 3 didn't give me an option to restart the level after falling off (through?) the stepping-stones, but if that's unintended then maybe I overlooked something. I'll try again later.

level 1 had the trees to mark off the invisible walls, level 2 does not, and I got confused wandering around bumping into flat spaces.

level 2: the jumping puzzle depends on me jumping "onto" invisible edges of rocks, places where I fall through the rock if I turn the camera.  Trying to jump on/off the moving rock, I'd pass through instead of standing on it (camera at the wrong angle?).  Each re-attempt takes 30 seconds to walk back to the moving rock, and I feel this is a bit much.

level 3: more jumping onto invisible parts of rocks, and falling off or sliding down if I turn the camera.  instant-death if I turn my head to look at the landscape, and death means starting over in level 1. gave up.

Linux version started with music and custom cursor but black screen.  This is how I fixed it:

./AllThatLiesBelow.x86_64 -screen-width 1280 -screen-height 720 -screen-fullscreen 1

If I tried using my full screen size (1920x1080) it wouldn't work.

Don't need to, and some software libraries even forbid you.  For other people who find this thread,  I can leave instructions.  
I had to go to to get the missing for Windows or MacOS.  On Debian (including Ubuntu and Mint) try `apt install libglfw3`  On Redhat (including Fedora and CentOS) try `yum install glfw` No such file or directory

missing from this list of shared libraries:

$ ldd ./a_final_delivery (0x00007ffca883b000) => ./ (0x00007fde57ae6000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007fde5796c000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007fde57782000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007fde57760000)
    /lib64/ (0x00007fde57d4c000) => not found

What's with the pink triangle in every level?

"Congradulatoins, you collected 26 Out of 25 orbs."

Yes, the @font-face fixes it for me.

Seems to use a font I don't have installed (I think you used "consolas") ? Looks very jittery in a non-monospaced font.

is it supposed to move the browser window around when I press up and down?  Extra hard if I can't see the game while I'm playing.

I like it.  Giving attributes double-duty as aptitude for checks and a resource to spend/refresh keeps things simple.

after the "made with Unity" I get music and a blank grey window.  Firefox 72.0.2 (64-bit) , don't know how to get the version of Unity Player

Linux, tho I loaded it up in Chromium 80.0.3987.100 and it's working fine.    Wish I knew how to dig out the software versions of the Unity 3D each browser is using.

When I click "play" the music changes, but the visual display does not, and it doesn't respond to mouse input.  Firefox 72.0.2

Linux version has a list of 61 required libraries that need to be installed. Two that I don't already have are: and

Spacing out the frantic levels with contemplative levels was a superb design choice.  You can introduce new mechanics then throw the player into an arena where they must put what they learned to the test.

Got stuck -- a small item rolled away into a narrow passage after bouncing off something, and out of change-object range.

Took a while to "get it," but it was worth blowing myself up to figure out how these aren't Bomberman64 bombs.

Just tried it on the same hardware with Chromium -- no trouble, and I see the edges of things are fuzzy and glowing a little.  hmm.

Mozilla, nVidia GF106M, driver v390.116 .  Turns out there's a heap of errors written to the console.log, I put them in a pastebin.

Is there a way to eventually dismiss the big pink triangle?  An upgrade in a later level?

I like it.  Asks you to make choices that matter, and there's a terse but meaningful story.

I especially like the "Ivory Crown" mechanic: a most precious boon that can't benefit the holder, and ultimately holds the holder from the most exalted position.  It's a game mechanic that compells the players to negotiate and compromise instead of dictating that players must negotiate.

Not in my spam folder, but I did check my server's logs and there was a message sent on October 5th that came from a and it was  blacklisted by   *shrug* it happens sometimes when you buy a mailing-list service.

Again, I'm at fault for not setting my own alarm.