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"Candle" is there twice in the first column.  Intentional?  EDIT: also "has holes" twice in the third column

Really good, has that "horde autobattler" feel that's popular these days.  Matches are short, making it more roguelike.  Wish I could fullscreen the web version, since the text is small and hard to read.  Downloaded version is fine, tho it hangs if the game loses focus (have to Alt-F4 it... but this is a roguelike, restarting is barely a loss).

Need a new demo video -- the one posted here still calls the game "Agency of Heroes" instead of "Like Heroes."

The odds of failure are pretty low in most circumstances, but maybe that's appropriate for bright superhero game.

  • 1d - 33% success, 0% extra
  • 2d - 56% success,  3% extra
  • 3d - 70% success, 7% extra
  • 4d - 80% success,  13% extra (max without pull nor advantage)
  • 5d - 86% success,  20% extra
  • 6d - 91% success, 26% extra
  • 7d - 94% success, 33% extra  (max with pull or advantage)
  • 8d - 96% success, 40% extra
  • 9d - 97% success, 46% extra
  • 10d - 98% success, 52% extra (max with pull and advantage)

I can use the mouse to look around, sort-of, I see both "foot" lights are green, but WASD doesn't do anything.

I went off in a direction at full thrust to find things... after the second time I noticed the music had looped, I set a timer for five minutes.  It went off, and I still hadn't seen anything change.  How much time are players expected to watch while nothing happens?

The random stopping of motion makes it very difficult to do the platforming parts.  I never know if I'll be able to make a jump each time or if it will stop part-way, despite not holding down the left-arrow or D key steadily.

What is the starting Gap value?

  • It's not clear that dice-sizes are assigned to each aspect; when you say "roll them one after another then assign them" it's unclear if you're assigning each rolled number or each die to an aspect.
  • "choose up to two aspect dice... from above as close as possible."  Does that mean the size of the aspect die, or what the aspect die currently shows?  IE does a d6 showing "2" count as a "6" or a "2" ?
  • "if the age of the magus allows it..."  we only know the magus's apparent age, and how do we know when that age "allows" or forbids things?
  • "when you succeed to fulfil..." how do we know when an aspect is fulfilled?  Is it when that aspect's die size increases past d12 ?

There's good stuff here, just need clearer instructions.

Is there supposed to be text in the grey box at the bottom of the display?  to the left of the "click mouse wheel to continue".

  • The bananas are only useful against fumble 3, fumble 4, and fumble 6 if subject 2 ?
  • The oxygen counter / time limit is a good idea; every game needs an end-condition.  You could use two rows of O to cross off Ø instead of erasing and re-writing a number, since oxygen can't be replenished.
  • "...otherwise you got hit."  what does it mean for a player to get hit?
  • The text says "you are" singular, but the bottom of the fumble table says "you can fight with other crew members."  Is this solo or many players? Can players help or hinder other players? is the oxygen time limit shared with players (Player A turn, Player B turn, is that 2 or 1 units of oxygen spent) ?  How would a player initiate a fight with another player?
  • What does ammo do? Could I plausibly use it as a "Treat" for "Private Rodney" ?  or garnishes to "Cook" the "Alien captives"? Is the Blaster inert without ammo?

Seems to be the case.  After the first crash I was more circumspect with using the LIDAR, which I could do because I remembered the layout from before the crash so I could walk around blind.  Past the first door the level is just so huge I doubt I could keep myself using less than a dozen scans.  I doubt it's your fault, more likely some limitation with either Unity or my video card drivers.

I like it, I wish it didn't crash frequently.  "abnormal program termination" on the command-line is the only error.

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Got it.  It's because I can't see the "ARR" stat unless I'm wielding a bow when I talk to the fletcher.

How do I purchase arrows from the fletcher?  the UI offers "0 units for 0" with left-right arrows, but the left and right keys do not change the offer.

Tidy charming low-rez thing. Eggs 400/400, deaths 0, time 15:00, secrets 0/3 discs 0/3 rank A+.  Restarted once when I ran out of Treibstoff fur Flammenwerfer just wandering around impotently bumping into eggs and monsters. 

On a players's turn, do they move to an adjacent another section, or any another section?  The "start here" suggests adjacency matters.

I'd like a way to get a reminder of what the power-ups do that I have in my inventory.

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Received empty data from 'ScoreBoard.getBoards'. 
Unhandled Exception - TypeError: o_data is null in file at line 678 
Attempted to open Newgrounds Passport without a valid passport_url. Be sure you have called getValidSession() first!.  
Error: request failed with status 403
Resource URL:

Uh, the only thing I could interact with was the dial in the centre, and I just rotated it a few times left, a few right, then a few left, and it opened, saying "thanks for playing."  I don't understand what I did and I don't believe I solved "the puzzles and challenges."

Had to go to the comments to find out about wall-jumping... which I tried already but it fails most of the time since touching a wall makes the figure bounce off it, no longer in contact with the wall a frame after it's possible.  Only way to wall-jump is to jitter against the wall and hope you hit 'J' at the right time.  Very frustrating.

The music loop really makes this a better experience.

It's difficult to make jumps when the left-right motion will stop during jumps, despite holding the keys down the entire time.

so much in only nine megabytes!  I like that the story sort-of answered questions, like there's an answer there just not spelled out for us.  Last fight was hard, I counted sixty shots to end it.

I was a big fan of Sega's Bank Panic.  I don't know if the web version is slower of I've gotten slower.  The re-theme is silly fun.

Am I supposed to be blocked on the first level unless I glitch through the white walls?  The glitch through the wall doesn't work every time so not sure if it's intentional.

Was there supposed to be a video in the empty rectangle shown after the probe launch?

After Q8, it jumps back to Q5.

Should mention the 'R' key sends you back to start of level. I needed that on level 3 when I fell down after turning off the green blocks -- no green blocks means no climbing back to where I fell from.

This is awful and delightful.

Not working in Firefox.  "RenderingCommandBuffer: invalid pass index 2 in DrawMesh" .  Guessing it's Unity's mistake not yours.

Still no art.  Was using Firefox, works in Chromium.  There's an error message about "cross-origin requests" or maybe a null response from, and another generic error message that comes with a stacktrace of monstly anonymous webassembly calls.  

Where is the art?  I see many rooms with ghosts, and easels, but no art in frames.

That one idea on page 18 -- "Fighting as Magical Girls" -- changes how I see story games where the protagonists are expected always to win.

pressing 'shift' I clipped through the floor. oups!

"Shortcuts."  I think you should mention during "Navigating The Maze" that players are supposed not to help each other, else the advantage of "Shortcuts" is superfluous.  But: I feel forcing a party of adventurers not to collaborate is a poor idea -- maybe a shortcut could do something else, like let the next player flip over more than two cards?

Could you explain the "Landmarks" mechanic?  It seems to do nothing if revealed cards are removed from the table, since players don't interact with revealed cards anyways, and it doesn't change the "once a full suit is revealed" mechanic since the face-down cards in that suit remain on the table.

Good idea.  A little buggy, but you built it in three hours.  Only change I'd ask for is to make the "end" tile different from the others so it's clear what the goal is.  Oh and more levels, of course.

Confirmed, no longer get the key prematurely.