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sorry about that! you should now be able to restart after dying by tapping the screen

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Your suggestion is essentially what is already happening, Upgrades become less likely to show up in the shop, and are replaced by the action items you see. this is how the game transitions late-game from providing items like health and other upgrades. The intention is that you transition to manifesting those items at that point, since they become expensive enough that they can’t be afforded anyway

Hi, please click the “multiplayer” button on the title screen. There, you can add players with the “+” button at the bottom, and specify each players’ control inputs. If you are trying to play remotely, you will need to use something like Parsec (Steam Remote Play Together works, but many people have reported it working poorly).

Thank you, I appreciate it! I’m sorry to hear about this issue. it’s on my to-do list to look into.

Hi, I’m sorry to hear this! Do you get the same warning with the 2.0.3 version? Please try both the windowkill-opengl.bat and the windowkill-vulkan.exe files.

it’s only disabled for the max charge orb, and only if you have the “prevent max charge orb” option disabled. the purpose of the change is just to prevent the critical orb from failing to hit any walls

this is my favorite comment

yes, real windows. nothing is faked here

I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but make sure to check the options to make sure what you’re asking for isn’t already implemented

thank you!
there may be some smiley changes in the near future.
there is an ending to the game :)

very nice!


This runs on a heavily modified version of godot, which requires building the engine from source on native hardware. I can look into it, but it was lower priority than finishing it at all. Regardless, it runs perfectly well on WINE, from many people’s reports

thanks so much, means a lot :)

Ok, Scritch has been updated with the following options:

  • overlayTextColor
  • overlayBackgroundColor
  • hideInfoDropdown

Let me know if these work for you, or if you have any other suggestions!

Hi there, sorry for the delay!

These are very good suggestions! I can absolutely add those options :)

For now, you can use custom css to make these changes:

.infoContainer {
    display: none;
.toggleInfo {
    display: none;
#mediaInfo {
    color: blue;

The first block hides the info box below tracks, the second block hides the info button, the third block changes the text color on top of the cover

not at the moment. congrats on finding it :)

i believe you’re the first person to find that :)

it was made in a modified version of godot

then you have more to discover :)

woah, really? you’re the first one to find this! (or at least get that far)

please extract the contents of the .zip somewhere before opening

hi, i’ve fixed this issue with version 1.6

thanks! freeze is not an ability, there is only one ability that uses right click and it doesn’t come from the shop. freeze makes enemies stop moving for a short time after being hit

Hi, looking into this now, this seems to be the exact issue described here:

For now all I can do is show a warning in the Editor when a filename includes ..

Thanks for the report! I’ll look into solving this soon

This is a result of losing focus while an input is held. To un-stick the input you need to press and release the key. You can prevent this altogether by enabling “pause on losing focus” in the settings (Escape)

Happy birthday Dave! Always glad to hear about more great people supporting this community :)

Hi, you have a couple options:

  1. upload the player files to some location on your server, then add an iframe on your page that points to the index.html that you uploaded.

  2. upload the supporting files into the directory your html page exists (or at another location, but you’ll have to update references), and add in the player’s styles, html, and scripts into your page (or vice versa, adding your page’s content into the scritch player’s page)

Done, thanks for the heads up!

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Hey! This sounds really cool, excited to see what comes out of it :)

I’d like to pitch my game Heck Deck: featured the game previously, and it has since received some major updates.


Hi! Apologies for the delay, I missed this thread somehow :( I have noticed loading issues in the past, and have tried my best to resolve all of them. The most recent version added a new safeguard for track load failure, which was pushed in February (Only the online editor was updated), if you used a version of Scritch before that, I’d try it again. In any case, I can’t seem to reproduce the issue myself with your example page. I don’t have an ios device to test on, but desktop and mobile firefox/chrome all work fine. If the issue isn’t resolved with the new version, I have to suspect it’s an issue with (ios?) safari. With your troubleshooting on windows 8.1 firefox, that seems similar to previous loading issues I’ve since resolved (on my end, at least). If that persists, then I’m not sure what the issue may be.

Not sure if this is possible for ios safari, but if you open the browser’s devtools and see any errors as the tracks attempt to load, that may be helpful.

oh, strange! Nice job figuring that out. It may be due to the compression algorithm the desktop version uses, I’ll have to look into it.

Hi! Unfortunately, this won’t work in most cases due to browsers preventing autoplaying audio until after the user interacts with the page.

I’ve updated the editor and player with a new autoplay option, which you can enable by editing the config.json file and adding "autoplay": true and "feature": true to the track you want to start playing on load. On itch, this will only work if you disable “automatically start on page load” in the options, since that provides a button for users to click to load the project, which counts as user interaction for the page. (I haven’t tested this, but I presume it will work)

If that works for your case, feel free to try it out!

That’s really cool! Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad to hear you’ve found it useful!

i picked this up and finished it recently, really really good puzzles. but mostly i wanted to thank you for open-sourcing it! i’ve been wanting to learn godot recently and this ended up being super informative, both for just basic technical solutions and also for organization/interaction conventions. ive been tweaking random parts of it to add/change things i thought would be cool, and it’s been way more helpful than just following a tutorial. much love <3

Thanks so much Corey :) Yeah, a level editor would be cool! I have a bunch of ideas for more level elements as well. If I ever get an urge to update it, I think that’d be fun to look into!

oh, good catch! Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to account for the new track info with the config overwriting feature. I’ve uploaded a new version which should fix the featuring issue, and should now also load in all the other track info (loop count, locked state, preview settings, etc.)

Hi, I’ve made a new update to hopefully make looping more seamless, let me know if it works for you.

The solution is a bit of a workaround, and may not be 100% consistent. a more correct solution requires me to rework the entire audio playback system. I’ll consider it another time