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Yes it was ^^

Yes, at least in the music levels that is exactly the point :D (I got the idea from the Rayman Music Levels)
Glad you liked it! :)

I like that there is a lot going on the maze is not static! A little bit confusing but hey definitely makes it interesting ^^

Not bad, i really like the idea but maybe you should either be in control of changing the gravity or (much better i think) it changes much faster and maybe in random time intervals ... I think that would really add some more chaotic aspect, because as it is now, you just stand around for a lot of time waiting for the 30 seconds to pass so that you can go further. 

But anyway, nice idea!

Got 105 Bees :) NOT THE BEES! ^^ 

Loved it, simple but yet some kind of addicting and i like the fast pace of it :)

Really cool, camera is a bit too far away or maybe you could do a better angle. A little bit more feedback for growing flowers would be nice. Liked it!

You are right, the colors are random, but its more about the blocks, cause they create a maze with only one exit, so yeah most of the work was the code for the maze generator and then the tilt movement and the interaction with the bombs... And I am not an expert so of course its not a AAA ^^

My highscore: 1825 :D

Fun game! :)

Definitely put in a lot of work there, the game feels a bit slow (maybe add possibility so skip Texts and faster movement...) but nice job :)

Really like the idea and the design is awesome. I just dont understand why some things work (i think the earthquake fixed the tornado^^) and there could be more content.

Perfect fit for the theme :D

Why is this the top rated!? :D

Html version wont load :(

Cool idea, nice game! After selecting a level I had a bug where my crosshair was stuck inside me. Sometimes I think it is not possible to not fail, but maybe i am just bad ^^ 
I especially like the music and the art style!

Love the theme and the game. Awesome animations! A timer or some kind of Informations about score/mistakes etc. would be nice :) 

Love the effects, nicely done! A bit difficult for me ^^

Its a bit weird but funny and i like the end with the jukebox and dancing :D

Idea is good, of course a lot of bugs that need to be fixed...

The ducks ate my insects, if i saw it right ^^
Fullscreen did not work for me and maybe some option to zoom would be nice. But really good job!

Awesome Game, it would be cool if there is some kind of destruction to emphasis the chaos :)

Its funny, but i think you should add some kind of Knockback when the get to you. Because you only get damage when they touch you, but they will just keep pushing you and during this time you dont get any more damage. Also (because of this) it is quiete easy when you just circle the sword you get more health from killing them than they damage you ^^

But funny and definitely chaotic nontherless :)

Thanks for your review! I will try vignette, thanks for the advice :) 
You probably played endless ... the longer you stay at one position the more enemies spawn in front of you... so yeah you are not allowed to stop long or you have to buy a shield and dash through them ;)

Funny game, liked it. As somebody already mentioned, i agree that taking out the guards should be possible :)  Also maybe you could make the other elephants also start charging objects, I think it would get really chaotic but sounds funny :D

Simple game, but still funny. Its cool that the humans behave not that predictable. 

I absolutly love the art style! Great Job, its tricky and challenging :)

Funny idea, liked it :)

sadly the game does not load for me. 

Very cool idea, saw the ducks too late :D

Liked it, but the camera is a bit slow in my opinion and the enemies sadly despawn sometimes in the middle of the fight when backing a bit of. 

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