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Any work around? I just cant afford another laptop right now and every other laser software I have works on this laptop.  I'm wondering if a VM with 3d support would be enough?   None of this is really graphic intensive at all.  Perhaps the requirements should be reconsidered.

Thanks for the quick response. When I ran zadig, all 3 were already listed and set to libusbK. I re-installed them all, but everything is acting exactly the same.

Hello, I just downloaded the latest version on Windows 10 64-bit. I have a LaserDock and it works with their software. Whenever I try to turn on the laser, nothing happens. No matter what I do, it always shows a DAC ID of 0x00dbcb1b, with the light off next to it. Even if I disconnect the LaserDock and launch the app, it still always says this. If I select LaserDock in the drop down, or try changing the DAC index, nothing happens, still showing the same DAC ID with the light off.

Any help appreciated!