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A member registered Jun 21, 2014

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You can certainly check Add/Remove programs to see the list of installed programs as well as checking Windows updates I believe.

You can also check what runs on startup:

Click Start, run

Type msconfig

You should then be able to see your startup entries, and what is/is not enabled and make desired changes.

You may get a notification that MSConfig was run at next boot-up, but you can just ignore that.

The drive it's currently on is a standard HDD. It is on one of my additional drives, so the access permissions really shouldn't be a factor. Obviously they are though.

I did try running XP SP2 compatibility mode, and did not see any improvement

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Admin access seems to have resolved the major issue.

No idea why that would matter honestly, as it's installed on a secondary drive.

I'm uploading another quick vid to show improvements.

This should be live in about 10 minutes.


Drastic improvement

It is a game called Venture Forth.


They did recently release a couple updates that have resolve the major performance issues. I don't believe it's a Gamemaker title though.

I unplugged both my Wireless mouse and Logitech webcam.

No improvement sadly.

It is a Logitech wireless G602. I've had it for quite some time, and not had any conflicts previously that I am aware of.

No change with the defaults in NVidia control panel. Still slow unfortunately.

I have left Geforce Experience installed for now, as it's the older version (pre 3.x) and I prefer it to the new one that requires a login to connect and download drivers.

Any special tweaks I need to apply here?

The CPU use for the CTHON.exe is 14-15%. This seems a bit high to me since that's 14-15% of the 4 cores. 25% would be monopolizing one.

Memory profile looks ok.

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Just purchased and downloaded from the link on itch.io (V107)

I wonder if the performance issue is related to NVidia cards? I know there's at least one other game I've purchased recently that has similar issues.

I have a performance issue even in the initial menus where you pick your character and difficulty level.

System Specs:

Win 10 pro x64, all updates applied.

Intel i7 940 @ 2.93 Ghz

12Gb Ram

MSI NVidia 970

Here's a short video capture:


Overall, much better gaming experience.

I've got a performance issue too. The version I pulled down was the latest I saw = 1.07.

I wonder if it's NVidia specific? I know of one other game having framerate issues on NVidia.

My PC is a 2009 vintage i7.940 @ 2.93 Ghz

Win 10 Pro x64

12Gb RAM

MSI NVidia 970

1920 x 1080 27" monitor

Response seems slow in the starting selection screens, and movement within the levels is also sluggish.

I've posted a youtube capture:


Note that upload should be complete in about 3 mins. Please let me know if you have any other questions.